Sunday, August 28, 2011

New goodies + Life update!

I do apologize for my lack of posts-- I see more coming, since I'm officially DONE moving to my new apartment now, yay! And now begins the process of putting everything away :X

Brian and I are trying to get Kratos and Loki leash trained (it'll just make traveling and... pretty much everything easier) ... so here are a few photos from our adventure this morning :)

Loki got himself stuck in the bush. Dad had to help him out, while Kratos watched, lol.

And these are just random shots of them from the week..:

Loki always has this.... stupid look on his face. lol

Why are paws so cute?

And some goodies I've been working on, all available HERE.

(Loki sees you...)

All pouches are still "prototypes".... so they're going for much lower than regular :)
Pouches are generally pretty easy to start with for beginning sewing, I think. Once I have more expertise, I wil l start dabbling into other things :)

I will be back with more news mid-week ish :)

Talk to you soon!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kitties, Baggies, Baggie Winner!

Dun dun dun.... So the winner of the green floral pouch from last post is...Jewelz!
Congrats! Please email me your full name & shipping address :)

Okay so first.. I've never shown you a video of my kittens. I'm a little sad, because I should have filmed them more when they were both super tiny. They're almost 7 pounds now! Very heavy for being only 4.5 months old.

And I also made new pouches over the course of the last week:

This bag ^ got out-of-hand big. It can fit ... too much:

^ and that's not.. really half full, lol.

All up for sale on the website for super cheap since these are just for fun and practice :)

I'll end this post with a photo of how much Brian and I love the kitties:

keke, look at Kratos' glowy eyes. DEVIL CAT (jk jk) Yes, we (and by that, I mean mostly Brian..) built them steps to play on (shelves from IKEA). Heights build confident and social cats, and we are dedicated to making our kitties happy. And yes, they have big scratchers and all that jazz. More giant cat tress to come in the future, when Brian and I move in together and we have more room.

Okaiiiiii bye!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Goodies + Sewn Goodies : GIVEAWAY! :)

SooOOoOOoO I was able to get a surprising about of crafting done :) I was able to make more earrings:

And... a couple of pouches that I am happy enough to put up for sale..... the prices are so low because these are "prototypes" and are not "perfect".

The first is a little rectangle pouch:

Perfect for gals who want to store their pads on the go (keeps it separated in your purse from all the other stuff), or for some small  travel.
I AM GIVING THIS POUCH AWAY TO ONE READER-- just comment on this post with any SEWING projects you'd like to see in the future :), yes, it's that easy. My plan for the future goes away from pouches-- I've also sewn cat collars for my cats, and I'm thinking of making wristlets, pencil cases, brush rolls-- and you can tell me what else :)

And... the first pouch up for sale is this boxy pouch:

Okay, that's it for today. Talk to you soon.

ooOo also, look what's back in stock:

A variation of the Rockstar Angel cuff set :)

And eye candy, a custom set for Joanne: