Monday, February 27, 2012

Cuff Bracelet, Cameo Ring, Bollywood Necklace, Clover Earrings & gift for you :)

I have some new creations to share with you!

First off, I came across these lovely, edgy feather cuff bracelets and could not help but to bring them to you:

The come in antique brass and bright silver finish!

I also brought back my Silver Clover abd Teardrop dangles:

And the two pieces that I am SUPER excited about...

^ This piece was inspired by Bollywood. Colorful, bright, intense colors. Lots of wire-wrap, time and love went into this necklace, which is long (36") so it can double as a multi-stranded necklace!

This Victorian Inspired Cameo Ring is.. tied for favorite in this batch of creations. I've been on a Victorian kick lately (as you will see with a new creation... not jewelry related... which I will reveal in the next couple of months as I continue to perfect it...)... and this embodies the essence of the Victorian women:

Classy. I've hunted for the perfect cameo bead; turns out this was the hardest part for creating these rings. There are TONS of sellers who sell low quality, fuzzy cameos! Dislike. I purchased from many sellers before coming across on that is quality, with an extremely clear and crisp silhouette. Enjoy!

For everyone who places an order between now and Mar 1, 2012, you will receive a sample of He Qi's Bath Tea! Please leave a note in the comments section during checkout that you are a reader of my blog, and that you'd like a satchet of bath tea with your order :) Limit one per customer while supplies last! No minimum order required :)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calla Lily Lariat Necklace, earrings + winner of Matcha Sugar Scrub sample!

Happy almost-Friday!

Thank you all for sharing what you'd do with $1000, there are some interesting answers! Congrats to Joanne-- you've scored a sample of the Matcha Sugar Scrub! Do email me with your full name & shipping addy to claim your prize :D

So I've been taking a break from the beauty products and getting back on my jewelry kick...

I've been hoarding these Calla Lily findings for so long, today I finally found inspiration and used them to create a LARIAT necklace!!

I'm actually quite proud of this creation; many customer in the past have asked for more lariats.... well, here is the first in a long time! I hope I've made you proud :)

Close up of the adorable lilies:

And of course.. some earrings to match :)

I do love this set as it's so simple and classy; lilies are timeless! The owners of these pieces will notice that they are made to last :) The calla lilies on the earrings are slightly bigger than those used on the necklace piece.

I took the vintage SWAROVSKI crystal hearts I got a while back and married them to wavy pearls for a fun dangle for any outfit:

Yes, I do have different color combinations for those who are looking for bright options!

As I continue with my jewelry adventures this week, I found myself nostalgically yearning for Sailor Moon when I came across this video:

Did I mention that Lara is an extremely talented musician? She makes me miss my piano.

Anyway, as a tribute to miss Sailor V, I created the following:

The colors are SO Sailor Venus, I just could resist but to name them after her :)

Finally, I created SWAROVSKI Bridal Clusters today; it was the most random creation of the day, but the mood was right:

I hope you've enjoyed the goodies today! Please visit my website if see anything you're interested in; He Qi makes unique, lasting gifts for loved ones! I appreciate the time you've taken out of the day to stop by.. please say "hi" by leaving a comment below!



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lip Balm Winner; Matcha Mint Sugar Scrub?!

A huge thanks to everyone who keep coming by to read my little going-ons! Many of you shared what He Qi goodies you were interested in; thank you so much for your input! I actually ended up entering everyone who left a comment at all, regardless if it related to the question :D

Congrats to and  Tina Y. & Shiseiten; you guys have both scored a tube of He Qi's Matcha Mint Lip Balm! Please email me with your full name and shipping address :)

In other news, my obsession with bath and beauty products continues. I have so much in the pipeline, I don't have enough time to experiment and play with all the things I want to!

Please welcome the release of the Matcha Mint Sugar Scrub!

I've been using this scrub for my hands and face, and I love how fresh and mildly sweet it smells, as well as how soft and smooth it leaves my skin. Winter also is a time for chronic dry skin for myself, and this helps my moisturizer work better.

I have samples available HERE.

These mini sugar scrubs make WONDERFUL wedding/bachelorette party favors!! 

I am giving away 1 sample of the Matcha Mint Sugar scrub:

If you'd like a chance to receive a free sample of the Matcha Mint Sugar Scrub, please comment below in this post:
What would you do if you came across $1000 this instant? No strings attached, use your imagination to answer this :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Excuse to Bake, Bath Salt Winner + Matcha Mint Lip Balm Launch + Giveaway :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
I don't care for Holidays much (because every day is a holiday, and I more than half serious about this), except for that I get an excuse to bake.

Last night, I made these sugar cookies w/ tinted Vanilla frosting, decorated with sugar pearls + other sprinkles.

For the most part they were simple, I got a little impatient with decorating towards the end, haha.
Today, I brought them to work to share with the office :) There's truly few things better than sharing something homemade.

Last week, I had the pleasure of customizing some little cuffs for Annie's wedding:

Thank you, Annie, for letting me be a part of your big day!

I am also excited to show off these cute sterling silver resin flower studs:

^ I have my own pair in cream, and I've been wearing it to work, with lots of positive feedback :D

The mint blue and deep purple are lovely, as well.

Last post, I asked for creative ways that you are eco-friendly in your daily life. Everyone had great inputs, and the random winner of the Grapefruit Bergamot bath salts is:  Paula 
Congrats! Please email me your full name and shipping address to receive your sample!

I'm pretty stoked to be announcing the new formula and packaging for my CLAY FACIALS:

They're in little foil pouches now, and 1 pouch lasts 3 uses. I have decided to go with 1 universally beneficial formula instead of many different types. Please read more about it in the listing!

And last, but definitely not least, I am SUPER duper excited to be introducing my Matcha Mint Lip Balm!
Conceptually, Matcha Mint is quite unique; I thought long and hard about the most beneficial ingredients, and everything I make is created with a purpose.

I was fortunate to have received tons of feedback on the prototype version of the balm. With your suggestions, I was able to improve the formula. The result is a quality lip balm that many of you have been a part of.

Lip balms are individually packed in biodegradable glassine bags, and comes with a description card and sealed, ready for gift giving.

I am giving away 2 full-sized lip balms to fellow readers!
All you have to do to qualify for a chance to win is to leave a comment to this post with a link to an item you're most likely to purchase in my SHOP, as well as your location (country is fine).

Thanks for dropping by; don't forget to spread the word about this mini giveaway! I will announce the winner in my next post :)

I hope you all have a great rest of the day. Happy Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bath Tea Winners.. Bath SALTS (and one to give away) + Cluster Earrings!

Thanks to those who shared their scents with me last post!
 Elana &   Annie !!
^ Ladies, please email me with your full name and shipping addresses so that I can ship your bath teas to you :)

Also, today is the day I release.... dun dun dun...


They come in charming Spanish bottles that you can re-use or refill when empty.
I don't believe in using synthetic/harmful ingredients in my products. No fillers. No preservatives. No parabens, phthalates. Cruelty free (tested on happy volunteers). You'll always get natural, wholesome products with genuine essential oils with aromatherapy benefits. I am quite sensitive myself so I often can not use store bought products.

I am also providing SAMPLE of all home made bath/body products. I understand how subjective bath/body can be, and I want you to be able to try a small amount before purchasing the full size!
And yes, these bags ARE biodegradable, so please make sure you use the salts within 2 months of purchase or transfer them into another container.

I also made little bicone clusters!
My girlfriend and I are collaborating on a high-end line, and these are our results. The idea is to provide simply, but extremely well made, durable and high quality jewelry.


They're made to last.

And these are my favorite. I have a pair for myself that I've been wearing to work with my navy blue outfits:

Love love love.

Now  I would love to give away a free Bath Salt sample to someone...
Leave me a note below with at least 1 way you attempt to be environmentally aware aside from recycling :)

Looking forward to writing again,


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Introducing.. BATH TEA! + FREE satchet for 2 lucky readers :)

I've been dabbling in bath and beauty.

And by dabbling, I mean... I've been kind of obsessed. Learning, experimenting, failing, testing. It's always a fun process. I guess I'm still a scientist at heart. :\ Or artist. Or those in hand in hand, who knows.

I've been obsessed with lip balms, solid perfumes, bath salts, bath teas.

My decision was to launch bath teas first, as I think I've finalized the blend.


I spent a lot of time researching these herbs/flowers, and have picked a blend that contains the highest quality ingredients sourced from all around the world. Please visit the LISTING to read the full details! The tea bags also consist of dead sea bath salts to help detox your body.

He Qi is moving towards becoming socially responsible-- by that, I mean, buying from suppliers in the US, supporting fellow artists, etc. I am moving all my printing business to a local print shop; and I will be letterpressing some earring cards and sheets, but this will be quite a new concept in the handmade jewelry industry (according to research I've done so far... which is pretty extensive).  This will essentially result in higher quality goods for everyone; and a clearer conscience to boot. I will blog more about this concept as I actually carry out these actions. But yeah, I'm really excited about this, and I think more artists should join the movement!!! If you are a fellow crafter and need ideas for eco-friendly packaging, don't hesitate to send me an email!

Back to Bath Teas...
They are all individually packaged in huge biodegradable tea bags.

And each teabag is then packaged in a biodegradable, customized glassine bag:

It helps keep the scent contained and satchet clean from its environment... and just makes the product look and feel better overall. Each satchet is ready for gift giving, and would made wonderful bridesmaid gifts!

To seal each bag, there is a stickers listing all the ingredients and a link to the website :)

Anyway, I am giving away a free satchet of this bath tea to TWO readers. If you're interested, all you have to do is leave a comment below with your favorite NATURAL scent that you would consider wearing as a perfume.

You can also now order SAMPLES of bath/beauty items! Visit this section to order 1 satchet of bath tea if you're unsure about getting the full set :)
I completely understand that these products are highly subjective, so... before you get the full products, please order a sample :) This section will come in especially handy when the Solid Perfumes launch... maybe in a few months :)

I'm off-- please don't forget to leave your comment below for a shot at winning some bath tea!