Monday, August 31, 2009

Winners of Giveaway #2 and My latest creation!

Congrats to DINA(phone charm & little freebies) and CARINE (bracelet & little freebies)! They're the winners of my second giveaway! I've given both of you guys emails! Yayyyyyy!

Info about Giveaway #3... COMING SOON. I'm not waiting till I get 100 followers. I'm dying to give more things away. Keep your eye on my blog for more info! I'll probably post info about it on Sept. 2 -- my 21st birthday!

And what I made today.....

OH GOD! Over two hours of patience! I have NO IDEA when I'll be patient enough to attempt another. But it's truly an amazing piece. LOTS of love went into this. I'm very proud of it. I've tried making this a couple months back, but gave up. The beads were giving me a headache. I'm really happy that I've finally managed to finish this.
See details HERE.

What's coming soon?....... bridal combs :P

temporary website: HERE

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trouble With Blog / New Bracelet

Is anyone having problems with this blog? I've gotten 3 emails that people either
a. can't comment
b. can't link to posts

I'm sorry for the trouble :(
I've recently changed my URL, so I think blogger is confused. I'm not sure what's going on.... if anyone has any more trouble, please drop me a line! I'll probably get a new wordpress blog AFTER I get my official site up. Thanks for hanging here with me through this transition.

You guys are going to be seeing A LOT more of these side-hole hearts and pearl bracelets!
What I made today:

Yep. =)

- Lisa

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Large Update! He Qi Crystal Designs

There's a big update on my website HERE. Today's post focuses on the pieces that I'm most proud of =).

Purse/Phone Charm!

What I love about this: Extremely versatile-- the color matches ANYTHING. Really shiny heart. Classy pearls and bicones.

Flower Earrings

I love Czech leaves. Matching them up with the SWAROVSKI flowers really makes beautiful designs.

Every SWAROVSKI jewelry artisan has a "signature" heart necklace, and I think I've found mine.

Crystal and pearls are a classic. You can see modeled pix on the website link above.

More heart earrings:

I love antique silver heart links! Depending on how you guys like these, I'll order more, any requests for other colors?

Purple Heart Bracelet:

The hearts are a great addition. I'm going to be doing more of these in other colors soon. I'm out of bracelet findings... I've made so many bracelets recently. This particular piece is ONE OF A KIND. FOLLOWER SPECIAL: Get this bracelet + Free gift for only $20 SHIPPED! Email me to claim!

I also have more necklaces/earrings up on my site. Too many to post here.


Friday, August 28, 2009

New He Qi Crystal Designs work

Just some new things to share with you all.
Also, please note HeHe Productions has a new name: He Qi Crystal Designs!
The URL link to my blog has changed, also. Please bear with me as I go through these changes.

Most of the things in this post are under $20, go check them out at:
E-Mail me if you have any questions:

Thanks for your time, loves =)

- Lisa
Oh, and I've been having some problems with my COMMENTS, but that's fixed now-- sorry about that!

HeHe Productions is now He Qi Crystal Designs!

Big news!
I've finalized on a new name!

Introducing...... He Qi Crystal Designs! It can be shortened to HQ Crystal Designs.
He Qi is my Chinese name =)
Currently, I'm working on a new logo/website-- stay tuned!

Thank you all for supporting HeHe Productions in the passed three years, I hope you continue supporting HQ Crystal Designs! Many new promotions will be up on THIS BLOG after I get everything settled. I'm giving it two months =).

Please hang in there with me-- I know this process can be annoying-- broken links/photos, etc. Thank you for understanding!


PS. I have a whole new collection coming up. Hint... some more new TWILIGHT stuff =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rina's Package & back in stock items

Today, I came home from my parents' and found a GIANT package waiting for me... it's from RINA.

I found Rina's blog randomly browsing blogger about 2 weeks ago, and fell in love with the sock piggies that she makes. I asked her if she wanted to do a swap, and she agreed! She even included a bunch of ultra awesome goodies in my package! More than I ever expected.

Here are her amazing piggies:

Rina, thanks so much! These are amazingly cute. I'm going to put the blue on in my bf's room, lol =)

And she even included this:

Apple scented hand cream! I have one right now, and I LOVE IT. She's a mindreader.
Anyway, go check out her BLOG. She's also having a handbag giveaway right now!!!

* I have a little something else coming for you in the mail... watch for it!

And one of the ladies who ordered the CROWN necklace was kind enough to take an appreciation photo =)

Beautiful, thank you!

And this necklace is BACK IN STOCK! Thank you to those who waited!

Get it HERE.

A little treat for today...

Is ON SALE for $25 shipped ONLY! Drop me an email if you're interested:
See the full description and extra photos HERE.

I'm too tired to make things today, more will be up tomorrow!

See ya,

Once I get to 100 followers, I'm having another giveaway! Bigger things this time... necklace!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First Pearl Necklace & HeHe SPECIAL! & China ripped me off

I'm bumming around at my parents' place right now. It's weird how we grow up, go to college... and suddenly, home doesn't feel as homey? I don't know :\

Anyway.. I spend today doing this....

I was inspired by DSK Steph to try my hand at pearlies-- so here it is!
MY FIRST PEARL NECKLACE! It's in the same style as my bracelets, with the pendant in the middle to give it a little something extra.

More pix: ONE, TWO , THREE
What do you guys think? Plain pearl necklaces go for $80 at Macy's, and this piece is going for $52. Check it out HERE. These photos really don't do the necklace any justice.
SPECIAL for reader of my blog: GET THIS FOR $50 SHIPPED! Drop me an email if you're interested! (

And a new necklace-- I got these "branch" sideways bails for the flat briollete

HeHe Special!!!!!

Now.. I really want this bracelet to go to someone. So I'm offering it for $28 shipped for the first person who gets it. EMAIL ME! It's an awesome deal! Link to description HERE.

I also want to clearance some things on here:

BLUE beaded Hello Kitty SWAROVSKI Charm for $22 shipped!

PINK beaded SWAROVSKI purse charm for $22 shipped!

Fuchsia beaded SWAROVSKI heart charm for $22 shipped! I can make this into a necklace!!

On a completely sort of separate note.... China ripped me off. I was there in June/July, walked into a beads store, and purchased some "Swarovski" bicone beads. I opened them today... and WTF they're different sizes. WTF. They're FAKE Swarovskis! At least I didn't spend too much on them? DON'T BUY SWAROVSKI FROM CHINA, UNLESS IF ITS DIRECTLY FROM SWAROVSKI CO.!!!

Okay, see you all later,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Achilles is Cute & new earrings + DISCOUNT!

I can't get enough of this cat. WHY IS HE SO CUTE? He's eating treats from my hand :: giant smile::

Moonlight is my absolute favorite SWAROVSKI color, so here's a moonlight version of the heart earrings:

And a purple AB version, which seems to be popular =)

^ Daylight takes amazing photos, dontcha think?

Special discount for people who read my blog:
$3 FLAT WORLD WIDE SHIPPING + 5% off your entire order!
Just EMAIL ME ( the LINKS to the items you want on my official website: between now and August 31, and I'll take the discount off for you & then send you a bill via PayPal. PayPal only please! MUST BE A FOLLOWER! Questions? EMAIL ME!
ALSO, get free facial masks with EVERY order! Let me know you want some masks when you email me. As as usual, comes with other freebies =)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Work

I'm going to visit my parents for the next three days, so it's a bit unlikely that I post anything new.... but I might bring some of my stuff home... so we'll see.

I'm really in love with these bracelets now. They're unique and blingy! GET THEM NOW!! :D

And started a whole new line of earrings!
Kinda matches the bracelets.. ish? DISCOUNT if you buy both a bracelet and a pair of earrings! EMAIL ME to ask me about it!

Enjoy your Sunday,
- Lisa

PS. JOIN THE GIVEAWAY! I almost have enough people to give away 2 prizes! And there will be little prizes with the main prizes (not pictured!)

School starts next month for me. That means I'm going to try to pump out as much jewelry as I possible can before that time, because you won't see me much when classes actually start. My major is really intensive, and I really need to focus or else I'll fail a class -_-. Thanks loves.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

HeHe Productions New Work & More on the Future

Hello Ladies,

I got my ELF haul! $76 worth of stuff for $19. Dang, what a deal.
Ladies who order through my website, and mention that you follow my blog will get ELF freebies! Everything I ordered was from their STUDIO line, so its pretty good stuff. Free stuff if you order over $50! Make sure you remind me though!

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!
I really love having these giveaways.. I think I'm going to have another one RIGHT after this, lol.
And can you believe this? 52 followers in 2 weeks? I LOVE YOU GUYS, thank you for the support.

Also, I'm still in need of help for new names for my quickly-officializing business. Some idea-inspiring words I got from one of my models.. "Cherry on top, The afterglow, Luminous, The Final Touch, Lustrous, Glistening Rock, Sugar Cube"

I was being nerdy... and thought to myself... MAN how funny would it be if I named my new business "BME Designs"? It would mean... "Designs by a BioMedical Engineer".

Here are some new work:
I got A LOT of requests for different colored starfish, so here they are!

I'm getting a little tired of simple necklaces, even though that's what a lot of you guys prefer-- but really, so many people have simple SWAROVSKI pendants necklaces up for sale that this makes me feel "common". And by so many people... I mean... google it, and you'll see like 2039482309 of the same "heart on chain" or "starfish on chain" necklace. So I'm probably going to stop this for a while, and continue making beaded balls and stuff. It takes longer for these beaded necklaces, but I feel more proud of stuff like that.... does that make sense?

Starfish crystal AB will be back soon, sorry for the wait.

^ I love this one. I've already started Christmas shopping for my girlfriends, and it inspired me to think about winter, which brought about this particular design and color scheme. I love winter

^ this particular charm is on sale, clearance, whatever you want to call it, so this is a great chance to get it.

I caved in to you guys and made 1 last final hearts/crown necklace. Except this one is 18 inches instead of 16 inches.. I think it looks better this way.

And introducing my pride and joy...

Ive always enjoyed making bracelets, but this has GOT to be one of the most beautiful things I've EVER made. When I made the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Charm braclets in this "style" (charm dangle in the middle of a string of pearls/crystals), I was instantly prompted (by myself) to make more in a similar style. This is something that I've never explored before. Sorry, I don't make plain pearl bracelets because.. that's not me.. I like things a bit more busy, lol. But yea, anyway, stunning, stunning looking. So classy.
I really enjoy making bracelets in this style because I honestly don't see it anywhere. It's takes about twice as work as a regular bracelet because you have to string the pearls on two separate strings instead of one continues wire. It's something that I'd wear. And it's a little more blingy than a regular pearl bracelet-- not that I have anything against pearl bracelets!!! But you can buy a pearl bracelet anywhere :P. You can't find this just anywhere!

OMG, and look here,

LOL. I got my hand display. HAHAH. It's so long and skinny. But I guess it takes nice pics?

I leave you today with a picture of me wearing my wedding dangle earrings... I want to go to a wedding.

Don't forget to visit my site!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Vote for Leah B!

Vote for LeahB for AZ's next top model here:

Her Videos:

Things to look out for on the weekend & days coming up
pink/green twist bracelet
pearl w/ swarovski heart bracelets
Super blinged out crown necklace
cell phone/purse charms

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

- Lisa

Legal Issues Rant & HeHe's Future

As a jewelry artisan, I'd like to always think that no one else does what I do. Not the case.
I used to be really concerned about my work and how others imitate or whatnot, but I've come to understand that those who enjoy my work for what they are will always keep coming back, or spreading the word, whatever it is.

Ever since entering the world of blog two weeks ago, I've stumbled upon lots of jewelry makers' blogs. I've seen pieces that look identical, pieces that look similar. At first, you wonder, "are people copying each other?" and "can people press charges?" Though this may be the case, it's a hard one to argue. I've been selling my handmade jewelry online since 2005 on Soompi Forums, and I've seen numerous imitations of my exact design. At first, I was kind of angry, but I've taken a few law classes since then, and have learned about about trademark, copyrights, etc.

SWAROVSKI Crystallized elements in of themselves are identical. By choosing to work in such a field, people must understand that OF COURSE, even though they thought up of a special combination of crystals, others have the same viewpoint, same idea. Ideas can NOT be copyrighted. How many SWAROVSKI jewelry artists have HEARTS on their necklaces? Who gets to sue whom? We end up with one giant mess. Of course, the way an artist puts together a piece is a major factor with SWAROVSKI creations-- order of beads, color, other materials used, etc. And often with these crystals, it's very easy to create similar pieces among different artists. This is why I've always tried to differentiate myself from other artisans by mixing materials-- using charm / polymer clay mixed in with SWAROVSKI to set myself apart. I used to focus purely on expressing the beauty of the crystals-- but came to realize that so many other artists already have the same idea. What now?

How many SWAROVSKI jewelry makers use starfish in their jewelry? How about hearts? Teardrops? Cosmics? Snowflakes? And the newly popular Pegasus wing? How many people combine these beads in similar and identical ways? Who brings the legal battle to whom? I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it's useless for us little artisans to battle it out with each other. If we were petty about everything we make, us jewelry bloggers would already have tons of issues with each other.

I took a law/copyrights class last quarter, and had lots of interesting discussions regarding these issues with my professor, and ex private practice lawyer specializing in small claims court cases. I asked for his expertise on what I do, and how I can protect myself. There are very few ways. You can try to prove that you came up with the idea first-- but what if the "offender" came up with the idea on his own? NO ONE has the copyright, then, and it's a free-for-all. Firstly, it's very difficult to prove whose "original" idea something is. And strangely, "ideas" can't be copyrighted. For instance, my beaded turtles have no copyright because a turtle is an idea-- and there's a real life court case that revolved around such an issue, and was dismissed. In said case, a jewelry piece of a bumblebee was the issue of debate-- both artists had almost identical bumblebees in their designs, yet no one won. They ended up paying tons of money to both lose. In order to claim something as yours, you need to prove, somehow, that you came up with the idea, FIRST. So if we go back to the example of the SWAROVSKI heart necklace, TECHNICALLY, Swarovski can sue whoever decides to put a SWAROVSKI heart on a chain, since they already sell such a similar piece. But this doesn't happen.

Artists are not required to register their work, but yet can still copyright it. But with so many people in the world, so many ideas, so many similar/different points of views, we're bound to meet someone who thinks the way we do, enjoy the same things. So, I've decided that getting angry or annoyed at being copied is kind of pointless. And it's entirely possible that two people come up with very similar ideas at the same time, or a while apart, and have no idea about it until something accidentally comes up so that they meet. What then?

And what if, what if.... a larger, more popular company was the one who unknowingly did the copying, but accuses the smaller, less popular company of copying, though no one was at fault? The blame game sucks! Will more people support the larger company? Where's the justice? See, there isn't a surefire way to approach this....

BUT I will say this: When you guys see a piece that I've made, and you have seen it somewhere else, please kindly drop me an email letting me know. I NEVER purposely copy another artist's work, and that's the way it should be for everyone (though it's not, and that's reality). But at least I'm trying to do my part. Honestly, I don't have enough eyes to check whether or not I'm infringing when I make something, so I need your help. For those of you who sell small-scale on a blog or whatever, if you think I'm copying your products or whatnot, you gotta let me know-- I don't spend my life on my laptop, browsing the internet for similar designs or whatever. Especially since SWAROVSKI has a lot of "popular" elements like hearts, starfish, whatever, similar designs are bound to happen. I've come to accept that, and don't really care anymore. I'm doing what I love, and so are you. But don't take advantage of me.


So ... yea. I've been wanting to say something like that for a while now, ever since I matured a bit realized what all this SWAROVSKI jewelry stuff was about. I never had a jewelry blog, so now, this is a perfect place to say it.

What do you guys think about these small business legal battles?
Sorry, I just blah-ed all that stuff out without going back and editing, so I apologize if something sounds a bit unclear. And I'm not angry or anything, just... giving up on caring about legal stuff, and just focus on making awesome stuff.
** Edit, oh yea, did I mention I've felt guilty forever because I've made 2 "knock-offs" in "career"? Found out too late. I'm going to research customs very carefully from now on.

HeHe's Future

I'm in the process of getting my official business and resell licenses. The timing is kinda crappy because I have 2 more years of college... but this is something I really want to do, so I'm going for it, finally. That means I do have to charge CA residents the tax, though. Sorry :\. Also, HeHe is getting a name change, a new logo, and a new website. I need some help with new names..
I named my products "hehe productions" because "he" is my last name, and what I make are my "productions". I want something more mainstream and "timeless". Any ideas?
My real name is Qi He, and I go by Lisa. Qi is pronounced "Chi". SO, I was thinking ChiHe Designs? I don't know, lol. I'm kinda lost. But funnily, I do have an idea for a logo in mind, and I have a contractor who wants to make it happen for me, once I decide on my new name. I also have my domain & server stuff figured out. ALL I NEED IS A NAME! HELP!

So I guess I'll just leave you for today, with a couple of new pieces:

Pretty baroque dangle!

Dragonfly dangles!

18mm SWAROVSKI Crystal heart. FREE for the person who leaves a THOUGHTFUL reply to this post! Leave me your email in your comment for me to contact you if you believe you had a great response to my blog today. If many of you leave thoughtful comments, free small gifts for everyone!

- Lisa

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leah B's HEHE PRODUCTIONS YouTube & Giveaway!

Hey guys! Giveaway is from now till August 31-- the more who enter, the more I give away!

And here's LEAH B's HeHe Accessories review!

She's a super sweet chick, and I'm very honored to have her model my jewelry:

^ Leah B's wearing a one-of-a-kind SWAROVSKI Crystal cross in grey/black AB.

^ She's wearing a pair of plaid bow earrings =)

Isn't she gorgeous? =)
PLEASE, vote for her for AZ's next top model, here >
^ You can vote once a day, everyday! Lets show her our support! ^_^

I leave you today with a custom piece for a friend:

Beautiful "silk" starfish-- kinda champagne color =)

And a new piece, I LOVE THIS!

And some custom orders:

Thank you guys for all your support!
- Lisa