Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Sale! Asian products + FREE samples while supplies last

Hi Everyone,

The beau and I are moving soon! I was going through my stuff and found a bunch of items, still brand new in package that would benefit from new homes. I am only shipping to the US as international postage prices have doubled in the last few weeks! (sorry!).  If you're international and there's something you REALLY want, get in touch with my anyway and maybe we can work something out if you buy a few items.

If you have any specific questions about these items, please do not hesitate to contact me at  Otherwise, if you're interested in something, PLEASE send me an email at -- I'll put together a total for you and send you a PayPal invoice. All prices in US dollars.

FREE SAMPLES w/ every purchase while supplies last!
Shipping will be $2-$3 USD

Koji Natural Eye Talk - Brand New in Package
3 pcs. available
$9.50 each.

Left: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23 CLICK HERE for description
Right: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream No. 23 CLICK HERE for description
Perfect Cover: $9
Signature Real Complete: $30

Koji Spring Heart Eyelashes with glue, from my trip to Japan last year.

Kiss Me Double Sided Eyelid Tape, 50 pairs, from my trip to Japan last year

Daiso Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask - 80 grams 
4 available

I'll edit this post with availability if anything sells.

Again, PLEASE send me an email at if you see anything you're interested in.
Thanks everyone! It's likely over the weekend I'll add more.


Monday, February 25, 2013

An ode to the origami butterfly

It's time for me to bring back some old favorites!

A customer has requested for the longest time the origami earrings to come back-- so much so, she was sweet enough to send origami papers to my home to inspire me!

Stacey, you are awesome. Without your encouragement I would have never been able to make this batch of origami butterflies.

The process does take a while--
- Papers are cut to size, butterflies folded and glued on day 1. Left to cure overnight.
- Metal wire is placed in the middle of the butterfly, glued, cured overnight.
- Butterflies are coated again, cured overnight.
- Lastly, SWAROVSKI Crystals are added to embellish the butterflies. The earrings are finished with 14K gold filled or sterling silver hook.
Easily, this process spans at least three days-- it's been tough trying to find enough time to work on the steps in batches.

So here are the latest creations -- origami butterfly earrings. These are only a few of what is available.
Only one of each pair is available; so each design is one of a kind!

View the entire origami butterfly collection HERE


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Restock of MOP Dove Earrings! Plus new creations

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are having an awesome Sunday in the US.

First off..
After over a year of being out of stock, our Mother of Pearl Dove Earrings are FINALLY back! There are 3 pairs left before they are out of stock again.

I've had a lot of trouble securing these particular dove beads.  A local  bead shop had stocked them, but hadn't for a quite a while.  I had tried buying from online sources but the quality was really never up to par and those beads got tossed.

My overall obsession as of late has turned to wire wrapped rings. For the longest time I couldn't get a hang of getting them perfectly round, the wires in the right positions.  Lots of practice and wire later, I've grown to really love making rings.  Making each one has been therapeutic, and knowing that you all can custom your size makes me feel more connected to each of you.  Sounds a little lame but very true :)

The little knot ring is a surprisingly cute ring-- super versatile and really, can be worn every day.

Our new little gold heart ring is... simply adorable.
I'm falling in love with minimalist jewelry.
Sometimes, the smallest pieces may have a surprisingly large impact.

Also found cute little shooting star motifs and turned them into a one of a kind pair of earrings:

See the Shooting Star Earrings HERE.

Hope everyone has a beautiful rest of the day and in the week to come. I have major spring cleaning coming due for the site-- reorganization is in the works!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

What the... salve?

My friend from college, Purrincup, suggested that I do a info session on SALVES!
What an awesome idea :)

What is an all-natural salve? What is it made from?
Salves ointments that help sooth body surfaces.  There are all sorts of salves on the market, but the ones I'm referring to here are the all-natural ones, made from a general base of beeswax, butters, oils and infused oils/essential oils.  Commercial salves often consist of synthetic hardeners, fragrances and fillers.  In the last year I've spent learning about hazardous substances at my day job, it's been really eye opening to see exactly what is being used in modern personal care products!

What are salves used for?
Depending on the ingredients used, the uses are endless.  A base of oils and beeswax makes the product inherently moisturizing.  Some salves are used as moisturizers, some for burns, others to sooth irritated skin.

Let's use He Qi Naturals' Vanilla Lavender Multipurpose Salve as an example:

I tried to formulate a multipurpose balm-- kind of a one-balm-addresses-most-common-bothers kinda product.  I MAY consider 1 other formulation in the future but until pen hits paper and oil hits the glass.... that's for another time.

The base of beeswax, shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and grapeseed oil really helps provide moisture and nutrients for your skin. This base allows this product to be excellent for healing cracked elbows/heels.  I added lavender essential oil (in a very small amount, since essential oils are highly concentrated) to help soothe and provide a bit of scent.  Vanilla infused jojoba oil has an aromatherapy benefit to help calm and relax. 

A little goes a long way. There's no need to layer it on-- rub your fingers on the balm, rub onto area to be "treated" and apply as often as you want.  So long as you're not allergic to the ingredients, these products are safe for all skin types!

A few people who have used this balm have noticed the following:
- heat rashes are soothed
- no more dry elbow skin
- excellent as cuticle moisturizer, this size would last forever
- spot moisturizer for certain dry areas of the face throughout the day
- great lip balm

Salves with essential oils like mint and eucalyptus can help alleviate chest aches/pains associated with asthma, coughs, etc.  Yes, salves are quite holistic!  These are products (in their all natural form) that do not cause harm to the body.  No fillers, no weird chemicals. 

I just made a fresh batch of our MultiPurpose salve, which you can get HERE.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions about salves, please don't hesitate to ask!


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Julep Cupid Box Review & A Julep Giveaway!

My latest Nail Polish obsession is.... very much rampant and it's more than likely you will see way too many nail polish posts in the future days to come..

Julep announced its Valentine's Cupid Box (mystery box) promo--
For $19.99 (free shipping if you're a Julep Maven -- join HERE) you are supposed to get $70-$200 worth of nail goodies.

Also, if you end up becoming a Maven, you will get your first box FREE with code FREEBOX. Apply the code during checkout!

My first box (darnit, I'm tempted to order another one... grr... argh... must.. resist...) came relatively quickly-- I've gotten 4 packages from Julep in the last 2 months and they have ALL arrived promptly-- brownie points!

Everything comes in a sturdy package-- red crinkle cut papers lined the box, and the nail polishes were resting in them snugly.  Kratos needed to investigate the second the box was opened...

The entire box came with the following goodies:

 The item in the black box is actually a lip gloss! It's cute, but I may save it for a future giveaway or something ;) It's a cute sparkly pink and I may not be the most suited for the pale pink...

There were 5 nail polishes-- at $14 a pop that's $70 retail + the lip balm, not sure how much that's worth. Worth the $20? Most definitely.

Because I have some similar colors already in my existing collection.. I thought it'd be nice to give those "dupes" away to one of you guys!

This little giveaway includes 2 nail polishes (in Rose & Evangeline.. special edition) and 1 essential cuticle oil. The oil is AWESOME, but I have been using my Vanilla Lavender Salve on my cuticles and it'll  last me a very long time so thought I can pass this one along.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
CLOSED/ Winner has been notified via email.

Also, come check out our new creations on !

Fancy Victorian Bride Earrings

Enjoy! Please share this giveaway!  If you're shopping He Qi for Valentine's-- tomorrow is the last day for US residents to purchase for goodies to arrive in time for Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Recent nail polish obsession & Final Day of our ShopLately sale!

I'm sooo late jumping on the nail polish band wagon!

You see... I have (had?) this huge, huge, nail biting problem.

My whole life, I've NEVER been able to grow up my nails naturally. Magically, this last month I've managed to not massacre my nails.  I think painting them, even when they're short and ugly helps to prevent me from chewing on them. I also prefer shorter nails since I type an insane amount at work and then go home to work some more with my hands; but growing them out enough to look nice is definitely something I've been striving for!

Lack of chewed nails = prettier nails for painting with pretty colors.

With my newly slightly grown nails, I've developed an obsession with nail polish. I stuck with dark red/glitter black for a while but am now trying to explore other options.

So... my question for you is:
What are your favorite BRANDS/COLORS of nail polish? LINK ME in the comments below!
I'm hearing tons of good things about Zoya... so that's what I'll want to try next :)

I've subscribed to the Julep Maven box... and have been pleasantly surprised with their "OXYGEN" product.  I've gotten 2 boxes so far and I think I'm going to have quite the Julep collection...

Here's a quick shot of what I've gotten so far-- 2 of them were purchased for $5 each as add-ons to my first intro box.... and I think I found a coupon code for like 50% off my first box so everything was about $15 for the first box.  The monthly subscription fee is $20, free shipping.

And this was just the Feb. 2013 box I recently got-- CUTE, came with two chocolates.

I don't know how I feel about the Julep top coat. Seems to initially be "dry" to the LIGHT touch in about 2 minutes, and takes another 15-30 minutes to REALLY harden.  I think I'll stick with Seche Vite.

In other news, I'm continuing to hold sales on my ShopLately page!

Today is the LAST DAY I'll be holding a special sale-- with steeply discounted goodies made of antique brass and SWAROVKSI Crystals.

Here are some product highlights:
From left to right:
Antique Bow Necklace
Cherry Blossom Locket Necklace
SWAROVSKI Teardrop and Antique Bow Earrings

Other favorites of mine include:
The little crown necklace at $13.25 it's a steal!

Antique Pink tassel earrings (only 1 pair available)

EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE comes with a FREE bracelet!  I still have a few more left to give away!
And your gift WILL get to you in time for Valentine's day if you are ordering from the United States :)

Please spread the word about this sale! Today is the LAST DAY.

Shop our ShopLately Sale HERE.

Thank you all as always for your support.  For those watching the Super Bowl-- enjoy!
Those of us who aren't football types, have a wonderful Sunday, and don't forget to tell me about your fav. nail polish!