Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 and....

... hope you'd enjoy joining this quick giveaway I'm having in celebration of the beginning of a new year!

The rules are simple:
1. Be a follower of this blog
2. 18 or older, or have permission from guardian
Each participant can have a maximum of 1 entry.
Answer the following question:
- How would you like to improve yourself in 2011? Or, what are some personal goals in the upcoming year? The question is meant to be open ended =)
Giveaway winner will be announced on Jan. 3, 2010! Come back here to check if you've won :)
Sorry all, I got swamped with things I needed to take care off. Will announce winner Jan 5, 2010-- during the night!
You may enter up till that time.

For instance, I would personally like to get my first job after graduation (June 2011!), get back into tip-top shape (physically), and kick my senior project's ass. Interpersonally, I'd like to walk away from college with life long friends.

The Prize:
A SURPRISE bracelet from me-- it'll be 7 inches-- if the winner needs a different size, let me know!

Now... I thought it would be fun to do a quick "hit or miss" list of 2010.... regarding HQCD of course!

MISSES: The items that I personally liked, which FAILED, epically. Don't worry, I'm not offended, but it's just interesting to look back on what worked, and what didn't =)

I thought this item would be more popular:

But it's not!

Cluster Cascades... definitely not as popular as I'd hoped-- perhaps because this style is too "common"?

Geez, what a flop:

I personally loved these, but they NEVER SOLD.

Epic fail:

Too cutesy, eh?

Another flop:

I thought it was edgy and hot at the same time. :[


Floral Radiances were a hit!

I personally considered stopping this item due to how long it took to make, but... the customer feedback has been great, so I'm keeping it a permanent part of my collection!

Jen's Feather earrings were a big hit!

I did NOT expect these earrings to be so popular- I'm happy because I have more of an idea of what you guys like :)

Loved by many:

Surprising hit:

poly clay flower studs! Inspired by Sailor Jupitor =)-- this was NOT a surprising hit :)

All right, I was surprised. I didn't think cuff sets would be so popular, but they are! You'll definitely see more of these in 2011.

Earrings beloved by many:

Calla series were a HITTTTT!

^ Not these EXACT ones, but the general idea is the same :)

Things you can expect from HQCD in 2011:
- Improved customer service-- I AM ALWAYS TRYING TO BE BETTER!
More of earrings like this:

- More one-of-a-kind designs-- one copy in the world!
- Pearl necklaces, like:

- More feather earrings :)
- A greater selection of anklets, bracelets, necklaces ... and cuff earrings :)
- BETTER giveaways!

Lastly, HAPPY 2011, everyone! Hold your dear ones close, be appreciative of life, and live it to the fullest. Be open to becoming a better person, grow and prosper. I wish you all good health, tons of happiness and lots of good food in the year to come.

I leave you with one of the first batches of macarons I've attempted in 2010:


Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Earrings & Charms + Update!

Hello everyone! I know I haven't updated much, sorry about that. This holdiay season, I've really been trying to wind down, relax, and spend some time with family and loved ones-- I hope you've all had the opportunity to spend the Holidays the way you wanted!

I made some new charms:

and some new earrings-- I love these.
I strung a bunch of cube shaped metal thingies onto round rings and made a "chain"... kinda... except with cubes all over them. Tedious, yes. But well worth the time. It took 2 hours to put together these two pairs.

Just one of each pair available!
I'll be visiting Vegas from Jan 7 - 9, and I'll be customizing a pair of the cube earrings for myself :D... depending on what I decide to wear :)

What are your plans for the New Year? I plan to stay hangout with Brian, probably watch some Naruto, play some bass/guitar/ and Rockband on the PS3.

Also, I'll be holding my 600 follower giveaway very soon, as soon as I get all the goodies together.

BTW, here's a quick shot of our falling gingerbread "mansion" HAHA


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Giveaway Winner~

Hello Everyone, Merry Christmas!

I promised that I'll announce the giveaway winner.. so here it is..

Please email me your full name & shipping address.
Also, I decided that you are free to take the double stranded pegasus necklace as your gift, or just receive a $55 credit to to pick your own prize-- whatever you prefer!

I also wanted to choose a surprise 3 other winners!
Congrats to: yukiko ~Lisa Blair
You guys have each won a $20 gift certificate to -- please email me so I can email you your special coupons!

Hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas!