Sunday, July 17, 2011

HQCD Summer 2011 Appreciation Giveaway!

A huge thanks to everyone who has been so patient these last couple of months-- I know I haven't been around as much. I'm trying to get used to a totally different new lifestyle, and I'm afraid it'll take me another 2 months or so before I can get acclimated. I'm also moving to Rancho Cordova next month, so I'm very excited for all these changes in my life. MANY THANK YOUS for all your patience and still supporting me through these times.

I have been arriving at work by 7:30 AM, and going to sleep by 11PM. I would ideally like to sleep by 10PM so I can get 8 solid hours of sleep in (I wake up at 6AM).

I wanted to host an appreciation giveaway-- open to residents WORLD WIDE!

He Qi Crystal Designs Summer 2011 Appreciation Giveaway!

The Swag:
1. HQCD Yellow Jasper and mother of pearl charm (for your phone, purse, backpack, anything!
2. 3 pcs. facial masks
3. full size Cameleon 12-color eyeshadow palette
4. Kose Oil Blotting Sheets
5. Deluxe sample of Prime Time (bareMinerals) primer
6. Acmedica Dual Concealer
7. Eye Charm Fashion Tape (double sided tape for clothing-skin)
8. 2 x samples of He Qi Regen Luxe Clay Facial Mask

Giveaway Rules:
- Must be 18+ or have guardian permission to enter
- Open to residents world wide

ENDS: August 1, 2011
I will pick the winner RANDOMLY after the 1st!

To earn your first entry: leave a comment on this post, with your name, location, and the link of the item you're most likely to purchase from my website
Please make a NEW COMMENT for each additional entry!
For +1 additional entry: be a follower of this blog!
For +1 additional entry: be a follower of my Twitter
For +1 additional entry: be a Facebook fan!
For +1 additional entry: Spread the word about this giveaway, and leave the link here!
For +1 additional entry: Leave a NEW review in my shop for an item you've purchase (reviews from prior to July 17, 2011 do NOT count) (Please only review items you've purchased... how can you review something which you have not purchased?)
For +1 additional entry: Tell me one way in which I can improve He Qi Crystal Designs, something that I can realistically do. 
For +10 additional entries: by making a purchase between now (July 17, 2011) and (August 1, 2011), post your order number here!
For +10 additional entries: 
make a YouTube video spreading the word about this giveaway! be creative =)* Also, you don't have to do all your entries in one day. If you want to spread out your entries, that's fine :)

I also added two new earrings to the website :)

I'm debating if I want a sewing machine-- I want to make pencil cases, wristlets and cat collars. Does anyone have an suggestions for a relatively good beginner's sewing machine for under $100? Links appreciated :D

Thank you, and goodnight!


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

QUICKIE: Work update, so many mother of pearl birdies!

A reallllllllll quick update-- I will make a more detailed one with lots more substance over the weekend :)
Work has started, and it's awesome. I'm surrounded by really amazing people and mentors. More on that later :)

Over the last couple of days, I've made more designs with mother of pearl birds, which I know you are all very fond of!


I also want to do a quick giveaway this weekend, so stay tuned for that!