Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Happenings!

Hello world!  We're still alive and well.  The last few months have been a whirlwind of personal activity.

One of the most exciting being... Brian and I adopted a dog!

Meet Frey:

She's approx. 10 months-1 year old, and we adopted her from the Sacramento County shelter.  Overall lovely gal.  Since she was taken in by the shelter as a stray, no history or anything, so all training is starting anew, and that has kept us quite busy!

Our days go something like this:
5 - 5:15 AM I get up, walk or jog the dog till 6 - 6:15.  She gets water, goes in kennel (we are crate training her) while I'm getting ready for work.  At 6:50 we go to the backyard, she does her business and we play some games until 7:05.  Leave for work.  Either Brian or I come back during lunch to give her another play session, and then we back for good around 5, and she gets her second walk, at least half hour.  She's learning to walk on a leash for the first time.  She has great innate manners, definitely needs rules, boundaries & limitations.  The idea is that if we can fulfill her dog needs first (exercise, discipline, affection), we can then fulfill our human needs of having an awesome companion.  So far, a little difficult because she's older and has already formed some opinions, but we are being patient and going to obedience classes starting next Sunday.

The cats are adjusting well to the dog.  Dog really wants to play with kitties, but kitties are definitely way less enthused.  But the entire pack (humans, felines and canine) can all be in the same room and nap together, so I'm calling this one a win.

In other news, He Qi had the opportunity through The Artisan Group to submit a jewelry piece to be considered for use on the Vampire Diaries.... and crazy enough, the piece was used on Season 5, Episode 2!!! CRAZY. AWESOME.  Never though this could happen!

See the necklace HERE

Our most recent earrings HERE:
These are one of a kind, never to be dupped! 

And lastly, we JUST listed our 2013 Mystery Box:
Just in time for the Holidays!

Thanks to all who continue to drop by.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!