Saturday, January 29, 2011

Necklace Winner! New Cuff Earrings, Earrings :)

Congrats, Clover  if you can email me your full name & shipping address, that'll be great :)

I have also made another pair of Valentine's Special Earrings:
14mm Heart Dangles
Available in Crystal Silver Night, Amethyst, Crystal AB, Rose and Heliotrope.

And two new cuff sets :)

Thank you for your patience, everyone! Happy Sunday :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Interesting day.

I generally have a very mundane life. Nothing out of the ordinary really happens to me.

Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 was an interesting day. It was so interesting, I felt the need to dedicate a single post to 

Started my day by sleeping at 1:30 AM, waking up at 6:30 to start an homework assignment due at 10 AM.
Class was over at 2, got home around 2:30. Got on the phone with my gf, and we were talking about going to the Japanese Market to buy some sushi to make rolls tonight. Got home, played with the Yorkie for a bit. Around 2:45, decided it was time to go the market. Searched for my keys. Searched some more for my keys. My keys which have everything on them, including mini cards, car keys, house key, mail box key. All gone. And I have no idea where I put them. I always leave them on the floor when I get home, and I'm relatively sure that I had them in the house, but who knows?

At about 3:30, in the middle of my hunt for my keys, I wandered into the bathroom, and discovered a long turd on my bathroom rug-- thanks, dog.

At about 4, I was ready to declare them officially lost. Called my landlord to get backup keys. Made plans to go back home (1.5 hours away from my apartment) to pick up the spare car keys. My awesome friend was willing to let me borrow her Prius to go home.

8:30 PM: driving on the highway, slight fog, happily chatting away with my friend who was kind enough to keep me company on the drive. Got pulled over. I had been speeding and had not realized it. My first moving violation since I started driving! CRAP, I'm retarded.

It's now 12:14 AM, and I'm home!
No sign of keys. But it's okay, because I have my backup, etc, all here.

Looking back, the whole day was kind of funny. 
People: when things like this happen, take it lightly, laugh at it, don't stress, it'll shorten your life! 

Good night loves :) I will be working on orders from Jan. 21-now all day tomorrow!


Monday, January 24, 2011

OOdles of goodies, Quick Giveaway :)

Hi everyone!
Oh my, I've been busy busy busy! Valentine's Day is rolling around quickly, and I've been working hard getting all my materials in for He Qi Valentine's specials.

This year, I'm focusing my efforts on making all Valentine Special pieces very affordable, but simple and classic, made with absolutely the BEST sterling silver (imported from Italy, that's why it took so long to get everything). Here are some pieces, all priced under $30 (with FREE world wide shipping!)

And some other jewelry, not necessarily made specifically for Valentine's Day:

^ This piece features genuine quartz gemstones!


I will have crown and pearl stud earrings coming later tonight. I won't be updating it on here, but it'll be posted on my website.

And to answer a question I get pretty frequently:
If you see a piece on my blog, but no longer see it on my website, YES that means its sold out, sorry! You can try to send me an email to inquire about my plans for restocking if you'd like :)

Also... I wanted to do a quick giveaway in celebration of having reached 600 followers on my blog!
The prize will be a surprise necklace from the He Qi collection. You have until Friday, Jan. 28, 2011 to enter. Please come back here to find out if you've won :)
- Must be a follower of this blog
- Must be 18+ or have guardian permission to enter
- Open to residents world wide

To earn your first entry: leave a comment on this post, with your name, location, and the link of the item you're most likely to purchase from my website

Please make a NEW COMMENT for each additional entry!
For +1 additional entry: tell someone else about He Qi Crystal Designs: I can't check you on this, so I'll take your word for it :)
For +1 additional entry: be a follower of my Twitter
For +1 additional entry: be a Facebook fan!
For +1 additional entry: Spread the word about this giveaway, and leave the link here!
For +1 additional entry: Leave a NEW review in my shop for an item you've purchase (reviews from prior to Jan. 24, 2011 do NOT count) (Please only review items you've purchased... how can you review something which you have not purchased?)
For +5 additional entries: by making a purchase between now (Jan 24. 2011 and Jan. 28, 2011, post your order number here!
For +5 additional entries: make a youtube video spreading the word about this giveaway! be creative =)