Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quickie! Teeny Cuff, Sailor Pluto studs + sapphire stars n bows!

Upon request, I have made blue Wee Lil' Stars & Bows!

I also made a simple cuff, just to dangle off the ear. I think it's quite cute =)
These are made with NON sterling silver wire, but the guage is thicker so it'll be stronger =)

I really, REALLY like how this turned out <3

Some Sailor Pluto studs. These were modeled after her human form-- not her Sailor form... I used to have these in a smaller size in my shop, but I realized how perfect it was to continue the Sailor Moon collection!

Super classic, even though the reference is Sailor Moon ;)

Okay, that's all for tonight!
Sorry for the late responses as of late, people are moving in/out of the apartment so I'm a little more occupied.

- Lisa


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quick Update: Cuffs!

Thank you for answering my previous question regarding packaging!
Just a general note: I do offer separate boxes upon YOUR request. It says on the website there's an extra charge, but generally, if it's not over like.... 5 boxes, I won't charge =)

Also, Pauline: I have a tiny wrist, maybe 6 inches around? The pixie cuff still fits me because I can bend the wire to make it fit =)

For those of you who haven't seen yet, I've restocked some feather masquerade earrings, as well as the popular crowns/pearls & plumeria keepsake. See them HERE. Very limited amount of all earrings, so get em while you can.

Also made some CUFF earrings, as per your request.
ALL of the cuffs are HANDMADE-- using sterling silver wire, which is why they are a little pricier than other solid cuffs you may have seen around. All the components (stud, chains, etc) are also sterling silver-- so everything is high quality.

They're adjustable-- but please be gentle. Sterling silver is not the hardest wire. This makes them bendable and hold their shape relatively well, but they may not withstand things such as being stepped on, etc.

Please keep in mind that because every single cuff is hand made, they may not be the same size-- I try to make these as uniform as possible, but there CAN be very, VERY slight inconsistencies, should NOT be an issue.

So here they are!
They're quite simple for now. I've been really busy these last few days preparing for move in/ move out -- leases here end August 31, so it's quite chaotic. I plan to make very elaborate ones later ;)

See them HERE.

- Lisa


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Input on Packaging Tuxedo Mask and Wee Lil Stars n Bows

I recently received a feedback that said:
could have wrapped the item a bit better...and left the samples out of the gift box

Because I take every feedback to heart (I am constantly striving to improve), I want to know:
1. Does it bother you that I put samples into the gift box of the item? If this is an issue I'll stop doing it starting from orders I'm doing today. I think I'll start packaging them separately anyway. I just thought it was a cute surprise to open your gift box, and a see a little something else, as well! But let me know, I'm completely flexible.

2. Is my packaging crappy? I stopped using bubble wrap because:
    a. it's fricken terrible for the environment, kills tons of animals when it gets thrown away
    b. the boxes I buy are plenty sturdy enough to withstand at least 13 oz-- which is generally the max weight for small jewelry packages.
If you deem it necessary and have found that your packages are DAMAGED during shipment, you need to personally let me know! Send me an email! If you want to request bubble wrap for your item, I can do that, just leave me a note in the comments section during checkout. This was the first person who has ever brought this up, so I want to address it.
I used to use POLY BUBBLE-lined bags-- they didn't cost much more (maybe a couple of cents, which I don't worry about at all), but... plastic is much harder to biodegrade than paper, and I try to do my part for the environment, at least what I can. So let me know!

If you have something to tell me that you don't want to comment here, you can email me: Your input is GREATLY appreciated!!

All right, on to the jewelry stuff =)

I made a tuxedo mask necklace last night!
I grew up watching sailor moon, and still watch sailor moon on Veoh whenever I'm making jewelry. I seem to not be able to get tired of it!

Most of the gals I knew had a tiny crush on Tuxedo Mask, haha. Me included.

The necklace designed in his honor:

Handmade polymer clay rose, black mask, AB star =)
If you want it in sterling silver, I can do that, as well!
See it HERE.

And some Wee Lil' Stars & Bows Earrings!

These are less than $10, which makes them wonderful gifts for anyone =)
They also make great stocking stuffers for the holidays ;).
Yes, I plan on making these a permanent part of the collection.

- Lisa


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pixie Vine Cuff Bracelet-- one of a kind!

My friend recently got a job at the winery-- this piece came to me really randomly, and I was inspired by that. I initially wanted to do a grapevine piece, but ended up with this.... COLORS are purely.... feminine, and pixie like =)

It took me a good many hours, but I have to say that I absolutely ADORE the final result.

Tons of wires and crystals later... I present to you the Pixie Vine Cuff bracelet =)
I feel confident in that this is a truly unique piece. Won't see anything like it anywhere else =)

Lots of detailed & meticulous craftsmanship in this one =)

The ends are SPIRALed!

With a 2.5 inch heart connector

A delicious close-up:

There's a mix of faceted rounds, bicones, freswater pearls, metal roses and heart beads. Includes some small butterflies.

A back view:

You can find more details on it HERE.
I don't ever plan to replicate it... since it's so unique and wrapped that it's pretty much impossible to do so even if I wanted to.

- Lisa


Monday, August 23, 2010

Angels, Everyday Classics, Celtic

Jen's Feather Earrings are SOLD OUT for now, sorry! I'll have more in stock in about 2 weeks time. Thank you for your patience an understanding =)

I added to my angel series (finally got more mother of pearl wings...)

Enjoy them!

Some new Celtic earrings!
And new additions to the Everyday Classic series. I can't possibly stress just how beautiful these White Gold plated hooks are! Such simple and classic pieces.

A closeup of the hook design, accented with Cubic Zirconia!

I also wanted to do my FIRST youtube contest... SOON.!

- Lisa


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jen's Feather earrings, IN STOCK

Hello all~!
A quick update to let you know, Jen's Feather Earrings are IN STOCK.
Please get them QUICK. I only have 8 pairs, and 3 of those are already reserved... so 5 pairs left?

They are lower in price than the original ones because I downgraded the GOLD LINKS-- many of you expressed that you were not interested in gold filled links as this doesn't make the piece look any different. The hooks are STILL gold filled!

I am also working on a BUNCH of new designs-- watch out for that!

- Lisa


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winner, Replies to YOU, + embedded updates!

Thanks to everyone who gave their input last post! I'm going to take your feedback and try to work on those--
I thought I'd do this post a little differently and incorporate my updates + replies to your comments! =)

London's-beauty : Thanks for always dropping by, love! I have done anklets before, wayyyyyyyy back in the day. I will try to make more cuffs in the future =)

D : Thank you for leaving a comment! I stuck to making ONLY sterling silver jewelry for the LONGEST time because I thought I personally couldn't pull off gold-- a fellow jewelry artisan introduced me to the beauty of gold (thanks, STEPH!) and I have been in LOVE. I wear gold earrings all the time now. Lesson learned: you can pull anything off-- just try it. What's there to lose? =)

The Little Dust PrincessThanks!

KIMB! : I've always been an earrings kinda gal-- so it's always hard for me to make necklaces! I'll try to work with my limited necklace skills and see what I can do =)

Elana: YOU are a mind-reader. I've been planning this collection for a while, including using some AWESOME Negamoon (spelling?) charms that I designed myself, and I'm trying to get them cast in sterling silver. I'm so excited for this!! You can be sure these will be unique and super cute :D

Shiseiten : I'll definitely try to come up with more necklaces. The only issue I have with necklaces is that I like to be unique, I hate it when I see people make pendants out of crystals, but I know a lot of people like that-- however, I feel like other jewelry artisans already covered this ground many times over :X. I definitely have a gold/red necklace in the works for the holidays!

Anna : Hi Anna! It's always good to hear from a Soompier!
I made a new phone charm today =)

and thought about you =). I'll have more coming!

Susan: Have you seen the mother of pearl birdie earrings? I wish to make more earrings with these little cuties :D. I will keep a look out for fleur de lis and celtic designs-- I've stayed a bit away from celtic sterling silver items because they tend to be pricier. 

Michelle: Hello Michelle! It's good to hear from you! I PROMISE that I will make some cuffs for the holiday season! Do you have any colors/shapes you'd like to see? Email me!

Kittin : Will do! It seems a consensus that people would like to see more necklaces =)

Jamie: Hello my love. Whenever I think of card captor, I think hearts and wings, lol. I'll try to make some more plain pearl bracelets soon! I'm thinking of coming up with a series of to quality, thick-chained sterling silver charm bracelets-- what do you think?

lee_lena : A while back, I had some moon+heart black/red designs, I'll try to make some necklaces with those combos, hope you'll pick one up ;)

Rachel : I do have bows and star coming, as well as charms! 

KittyBonkers: I make a set of Angelic earrings today!

As well as a cartilage earring version:

Were these what you had in mind? =)
Also, I'll definitely pair up with the wings with other color crystals as well :D

vanity-fashionista: I'll try to make some exclusive gift sets for the holidays! That is an excellent idea =). It's not too complicated to wire-wrap earrings, it just takes time and patience. I notice that you like wire wrapped work!

mint: Hmm... I'm not quite familiar with the term "party jewelry"-- do you mean something a bit fancier?

Anna: Anna, you're getting and HQCD Addict mirror with your next purchase! REMIND ME when you place your next order! I made some BAT earrings in honor of Halloween :D

They come with a special goodie bag..

heehee! I think it'll be fun. I'll be adding more to the Halloween collection, maybe cats, too!
I haven't tried the clamp yet, I haven't been pressing powder, I've been making jewelry these passed few days, and catching up on orders!
Woman, you are a hurricane of ideas!

Rena: Candy corn jewelry just sounds so cute.. .I'll have to see if I can make it with polymer clay :D

I'll also have more angelic necklaces =)

CHEECHUN™: CHEEEEEEe!! Me too. lol 

Crystal.S: Babe, your new site looks fricken amazing. I haven't gotten a chance to personally tell you yet :(. I made some angelic earrings today!

~Lisa : Whenever I think of those shapes, I think of the japanese hime style-- I LOVE that style. You'll see a bit of that in every piece, thought now like... crazy, haha!

MissPukku : Thank you!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven: SWEEEEEEEt. What's his punishment if he doesn't get them for you?

Haha, just kidding ;)

contests and such: I'm on a wing binge, too! I think these certain motifs overwhelm the jewelry world in waves-- it's very in at the moment =)

Emmeline L.: Have you seen the PEGASUS necklace, or GOLD necklace? They are both double stranded. I tend to not make many of these because they are pricey, and take hours, even days to complete!

lixuehui2yueh: Thank you! Everyone seems to like the volcanic threaders =) When I design the winter collection, I'll keep in mind your ideas!

Anyway... I wanted to thank you all for coming by, I randomly chose a winner, congrats, 
lee_lena!! Your small little thank you prize is as follows:

A cookie mirror, some earrings + a He Qi Eyeshadow in "Plum", one of the more popular colors ^^.
If you could email your address, that'd be great!

I also customized a rockstar bracelet:

I hope this post hasn't been too confusing, haha :X
Thought I'd try something new!

Anyway, HQCD's blog has been live for a year now, and I'd love to host another giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

- Lisa


Monday, August 16, 2010

A couple of new pieces of jewelry =) & Your Thoughts!

I got some new supplies in, and have already put together a few pieces.
The actual designs for these have been determined long ago, and finally, the parts are here!

I found these ADORABLE wing charms, and they took 3 weeks to arrive-- they're slightly smaller than I'd hoped, but they make the perfect cute and dainty necklace.

This one is called "angelic"

And some Princess Royalty earrings:

^ these came out much cuter than I'd thought they would :X

Cosmic Circle of Love earrings:

Volcano Starburst threaders:

Another color combo of the My Galactic Romance:

I want to hear from YOU. What do you want to see more of? Specifics, please! Also, I'm starting to get ready for the holidays-- any special holiday items you'd like to see?
Everyone who answers gets a chance to win some HQCD goodies. Winner will be announced in next post ;)

- Lisa


Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Earrings, GIVEAWAY Winner!

I made some new earrings =).

Also, winner of the 500-follower giveaway is....
Please email me your shipping address!

Anyway, just a super quick post. I need to get back to working! Amazingly, I'm still working on orders from the beginning of August. I know you guys are getting impatient, but hang in there with me! I promise I'll get your jewelry out to you as soon as I can!

- Lisa


Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Earrings, Eyeshadows & Promo

** I am waiting for some materials to come in. Due to the huge influx of orders I received 1-2 weeks ago, I have run out of a lot of items. If you're wondering about the status of your order, please don't hesitate to give me an email (

I will be announcing the GIVEAWAY winner soon! I need some time to go through all the entries =)

I made some new earrings these passed two days...

New Eye Shadows!

Promotion applicable on orders placed between 8.12.2010 - 8.14.2010
Get a FREE Mineral Eye Shadow (loose pigment) of your choice with all orders over $80 USD!
Include your choice of eyeshadow in the comments section during checkout =)

- Lisa