Sunday, March 28, 2010

GWP & New Necklace =)

If you've purchased from HQCD in the past, you know I always include little surprises with your order. It's been this way every since I started selling online, which was early 2000's on Soompi Forums. I've been doing this forever, and it's my way of thanking you for shopping with me =)

For those of you who have followed my blog a while, you know I like to post up some of the things I'm giving away, just so people can have an idea of what they may get.

Since October, it's been mainly BEAUTY freebies (samples, full sized products whenever possible, like when I had my CVS haul, I gave 95% of those items away!).

Here's the most recent Gift with Purchase I put together:

I'm going back to what I originally gave out before the beauty gifts--- yummy Asian snacks and candies-- I hope you enjoy! This is my favorite type of store-bought somewhat "instant" milk tea-- except is actually has a teabag, which I love. I love LOVE tea! I prefer plain green/oolong, no sugar or cream, but milk tea is a close second favorite =)

New, "Butterfly Dreamin' Necklace":

^ Yes, it is also available in gold, thought I haven't made it yet, and the colors of the flowers and bicone dangles are 100% customizable.

Spring Quarter starts tomorrow, and I need to do my taxes... :X. Yes, those were two very random thoughts that had nothing to do with each other. And this Spring Break was... well, hours and hours of FFXIII with Brian. We've been taking turns, lol.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday night, and beginning of the week to come!

That's it for this quick update, see you all soon!

- Lisa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tons of new earrings =)

I've been trying to slow down and enjoy my spring break, so I haven't really had the chance to make many new things :X I HAVE been ordering a bunch of new, cute supplies though =). In honor of these new supplies and not having been very productive all week, I went on a jewelry binge today =)

Most of the metal parts are top quality materials, imported from Korea. Always solid sterling silver or gold plated over brass, and completely nickel free.

Speaking of nickel.....
I found out that I had a nickel allergy the bad way. Nickel in jewelry is generally a bad sign-- it's just not a precious metal. My ex gave me a promise ring (an expensive one, I must add) many years ago and the part where the band touched my finger turned black, rashed, and virtually started rotting away. Alas, looked up where the ring was purchased, and it said that jewelry "may contain trace amount of nickel". :\. Lesson learned: do your research when you buy jewelry.

New things on my website. You can get yourselves some HERE. =)

I've been getting a lot of attention from wearing these cute dress earrings:

And goodness, these beautiful butterflies are seriously to die for.

How cute are the mirrors? :X

And restocked on some old favorites =)

Recent Custom Orders:

Enjoy your Sunday, all! Talk to you soon :D

Thinking about starting a rewards program soon... $1 = 1 point, and you can redeem your points for stuff later on? Thoughts? The only thing that would be a little hard to do would be keeping track, but I'm sure I can manage =)

- Lisa
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Macaron fail, new pieces, winner of mystery earrings =)

.... a couple of my girlfriends from class and I were talking about some things. We're all the same major and it's fricken' TOUGH. We've jokingly (or even half-seriously) decided that if we all fail at being engineers, we'll get together and open a bakery, haha.

And I love baking, so it'll work out perfectly.... :X

I tried to bake French Macarons (not macaroons...) today, lol. They're very hard to bake, but I wanted to try, anyway.

So... I sort of failed at creating the "feet" that all macarons have... and failed at keeping the crust from cracking, BUT overall, they were still delicious despite being ugly. I'm definitely going to be trying again.

This is what macarons are supposed to look like:

Notice the smooth top, and "feet" on the bottom part, or inside parts of the sandwich cookies.

And during MY baking process, hhaaa


After baking (ugly, I know :\)

Packed away to give away to friends I'll be seeing tomorrow =)

BTW, for those SWAROVSKI Crystal addicts, there are LENSES you can get with crystals in them! INTENSE. Read more HERE.

I know these have been out for a while, but I just came across the link again today and felt like sharing =)

New to HQCD today,

Restock my Blue Morpho butterflies =). A popular piece :D

More origami butterfly earrings:

And some randoms =).

Gasp, a non-SWAROVSKI piece. This one's special, I'm saving is for someone ;).
Made of genuine shell.

Get your HQCD HERE.

Congrats hana to for winning a pair of mystery earrings! If you can email me your full name/shipping address, that would be great =) :D

That's it for now, talk to you all later!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Provence Dragonfly, Achilles Clip, mystery earrings giveaway =)

Introducing NEW SWAROVSKI Crystal Spring/Summer 2010 Innovations, including a NEW Wing pendant-- you're the first to see it on this blog =)

Say hello to Provence Dragonfly:

Features NEW SWAROVSKI Crystal Innovations: Wing pendant in PROVENCE Lavender, also a new SWAROVSKI color just added last week!
It does look a little more blue in photos, but the color is more tanzanite in real life =). Contains a very generous sprinkling of STERLING SILVER stardust beads, pearls, and crystals on a sterling silver chain. ONE OF A KIND! More info HERE.

Cute Heart Chandliers:

Finally got around to taking a NEW photo of these Moonlight Heart Chandeliers =)

BTW, I had to share..
This is Achilles, he's about 1.5 yrs old now. He's Brian's roomate's cat, but I'm in love with him. When he's happily being pet.. he looks like this:

Ahh, too cute for words! I love this kitteh :D

Today was the first day of Spring Break, and I went to watch Shutter Island with Brian-- then we watched some Chuck, lounged around, and after this I'm about to go play some FFXIII. I plan for this to be a relaxing break, filled with lots of jewelry making. Anyone have special plans for break?

Mystery Earrings Giveaway:
I'm doing a QUICK giveaway to people who follow and read this blog =) Winner will be announced in my next blog entry :D... so I can announce it tomorrow... or two days from now..... So get your thoughts in quickly. The prize will be a mystery pair of earrings. Open to residents worldwide, as usual.
Just post a comment to the answer of this question:
What do you love most about Spring?
Do NOT leave your email, your entry will be tossed. Check back here to see if you've won.
Ended, thanks for participating!

As always, you can purchase He Qi Crystal Designs jewelry HERE.
* Don't forget to check out the promos on the sidebar! Remember my monthly reader appreciation giveaways ;)

Will be posting again soon,
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Done with Finals! Check here to see if you won those earrings ;)

Over a week since I've last blogged-- I've locked myself down this week to study for finals. Finally done, YAY! But also because of this, orders have been backed up a bit--- thank you all SO MUCH for your patience and understanding!

BTW, thanks to everyone who shared their favorite ice cream flavors with me =)
Congrats to Jeri for being the random winner of the ribbon earrings from the previous post! Jeri, if you can email me with your full name and shipping address, that'd be awesome!

Some new things I've made this week =)

Firstly, a custom order:

Tidbit about gold:
Did you know many implantable bio-medical devices including nano particles/carriers are made of GOLD (just like the gold in the gold-filled jewelry that I make :D)? This is because gold is a neutral metal and has no harmful effects on the body. Our bodies don't reject the gold the way we reject (or be allergic to) other metals! Surgical steel is another great alternative for people who have metal allergies-- my only gripe about them is that it's usually very dark and unattractive :X. I think I'll stick with gold :D

The famous Mother of Pearl DOVE earrings are back. It's harder and harder to find these doves in stock, so grab them while you can!

I also wanted to quickly shed some light on some older pieces that I think deserve some extra attention ;)

All of the following pieces are available in my shop HERE.
You might have to go back a page or so through each category to find them =)

These beaded balls have been a long-time staple of mine:

They're very unique-- usually we see the rhinestone encrusted balls-- but the rhinestones on those fall off. You won't have to worry about that issue with these. I AM, however, trying to get my hands on some SWAROVSKI fireballs-- MUCH better quality than rhinestone balls =)

One of my favorite, most versatile every-day bracelets:

So, SO classic.

Faerie drops, I think, are some of the most under-rated items in my shop. These are pure crystal, no other stones or pearls. Shiny, beautiful, very dainty, the perfect length =)

I first started making origami butterfly earrings at the beginning of last year-- they were my top seller at the UCD Whole Earth Festival.

Beautiful, classy earrings:

Bridal Clusters:

You don't need to be a bride to wear these beauties, though!

Since my last post on threaders, I've gotten a few emails regarding how to wear threaders. Since I want to keep my products in their newest condition, I won't model mine. Here's a photo from Google on how to wear threader earrings.

Okay, that's it for now. I have tons of NEW Spring/Summer 2010 SWAROVSKI Innovations to show you guys-- see the newest stuff here! =)

Visit my shop HERE.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Necklace, Threaders GALORE, + Chance to score some free earrings =)

I saw this made-by-Swarovski black rose 2 months ago... stashed it and never really figured out what I wanted to do with it till a few days ago:

It's a longer necklace, and not yet for sale because I need to take some better photos. Fits right over the head.

I got tons of threaders today, so I went threader crazy and made a bunch of these:

They're my disco ball earrings. SWAROVSKI Crystals are priced not only by size, but also by how many facets (or cuts) a crystal has. The more facets, the more expensive a crystal. This is one of the few crystals of this size that is as expensive as some larger crystals I've used. So yes, they're slightly pricey for its simplicity, but I promise they're beautiful. I've seen them on hooks (much cheaper) for a higher price, so I think you'll enjoy these =)

SWAROVSKI also JUST released their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and of course, I've gotten my hands on some already:

Introducing Ceramic Mosaic Faceted Round beads from SWAROVSKI.

And also made some heart threaders:

Another Alice Bracelet:

And Paris Necklace:

Want to win a free pair of these?

Leave a comment on this post with your answer to this question:
What's your favorite Cold Stone Ice Cream Creation?
And if you've never had Cold Stone, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
(Brian suggested it)

Legal Terms/Conditions:
Open to residents world wide. One entry/person. Ends March 14, 2010. Winner will be announced in next blog post-- CHECK BACK HERE to see if you've won ;)Winner will be randomly drawn =)

And totally not jewelry related, I wanted to share a video with you all-- it was for a project for my biotransport class- the goal was to teach diffusion to 2nd/3rd graders. Have fun watching! Heehee =)

As always, you can get your HQCD Jewelry by clicking HERE.


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