Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009!

December 31, 2009

2009 has been a wonderful year for me. Family relationships were good and everyone has been healthy. Friends were great.

In January, I went snowboarding for the first time...

.. and also got my FIRST bone injury-- a cracked rib, lol

Went FISHING (and caught nothing..) for the first time, at the crack of dawn over a beautiful, FREEZING body of water.

And this is just one of my all-time favorite photos of Brian (the bf), and Achilles (bf's roomate's kitty)... cuddling. Yes, Achilles crawled onto Brian by himself. I'm jealous :X

May: Sold my jewelry at UCD's annual Whole Earth Festival. What a blast!
* DARN no photos! I should have taken photos :(

From June-July, the boyfriend and I went to China together for a month. Hopped around Shanghai (where most of my family is), Beijing, XiAn.
Here's a shot from BeiJing:

When I got back in August, I made the decision to really expand my jewelry business, and FINALLY started a blog after YEARS of jewelry making! It was an amazing decision, and a very hard once, since I'm still in school. I've met so many other talented creators on here, as well as some amazing girls! Thanks so much for making this such a wonderful experience =).
The business changed name, from HeHe Productions, to He Qi Crystal Designs. Thanks for all the love and support that helped made this happen!

October... did a craft fair =), with the help of my wonderful housemates:

In December, I went to UTAH... to go snowboarding with Brian's family!

Here's a shot of me (TODAY!) wearing a pair of 14K gold filled earrings I bought at Salt Lake City airport. They're beautiful-- the FIRST pair of earrings I've bought myself in over 2 years!

* I'm wearing tinted Burt's Bee's. Isn't the color stunning?
And my skin is covered in Bare Minerals-- so that's why it looks so smooth, lol.

2010 is going to be another interesting year-- since I'm taking 5 years to graduate, my roomates are going to be gone! Brian's graduating, and I'll have to figure out living arrangements for my 5th year. It's going to be wonderful hearing about friends who take a step out onto the work field, and get their first jobs out of college. I'm so excited for them! Of course, I also hope that HQCD continues to grow with everyone's love and support. Brian and I are building the official HQCD website together (well... mostly Brian. He's better at this).

I wish everyone a prosperous, loving 2010. May we all continue to better ourselves and the world around us.

Best wishes,

If anyone gets SUPER BORED, feel free to browse my crafting history! It's an almost complete album of the work I've done over the years. Details are on the sidebar to the left.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everyone should own a pair of lambie slippers.... and some new jewelry

December 29, 09

My boyfriend's mom got me the BEST SLIPPERS EVER for Christmas. They're the Bath and Body Works Lambie Balllerina Slippers. They're CRAZY soft, and I have small feet (5.5-6), and the size small fits WELL. I'm NEVER gonna go back to other slippers, lol! In fact, I'm gonna buy about 3-4 more pairs of these... stock up while I can! They're also on sale, check out the link! I'm considering buyin $40 worth, and getting the $10 off...

Aside from being SUPER COMFY, they're SO CUTE! AH! Everyone should own a pair. I can't seem to stop raving about them to everyone.

** HINT: I'm gonna be giving away a pair of these for another Giveaway once I get more...

On the note of jewelry..

I got a ton of requests to do another crazy cluster bracelet. Here it is, tada!
It's hard for me to do these, since I kind of run out of patience.. and it ends up taking a couple days to finish :X. Enjoy!

A "Something Blue" bracelet:

And some very unique earrings!

What are you thoughts on these new earrings?
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And email me for questions/comments/custom order:

- Lisa

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Late Merry Christmas! TONS of brand new designs from HQCD!

December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season-- surround yourself with good company and enjoy the season!

What are your plans for celebrating the New Year? I think I'm just going to stay home.... haha :X Not much of a party-er.

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for supporting HQCD! I just started blogging in August, and many of you girls have been so, SO amazing THANK YOU THANK YOU. And for the ladies who have been following HQCD's work for years.... THANK YOU! Where would I be without all your love and support?

I've been spending time with my family, as well as the boyfriend's family, thus lack of updates. But during these couple of weeks, I've been putting together MANY new designs!

The Cinderella Carriage is making a comeback! It's been a while since I've used this in a piece =). The blues reflect Cinderella's dress almost perfectly. It's accented with 6mm crystal AB bicones, so it's super sparkly =)

And here's something I've been waiting to show you.. I got a bunch of silver leaves a couple weeks ago, and finally figured out how to use them...
An asymmetrical necklace, one of the few ones I've made! I really like how it's turned out =)

And a whole series of earrings with this style....

^ My favorite out of the batch!

And a couple of spiral link earrings:

And... another pair of bridal earrings =)

Pretty much everything in this post is one of a kind, so get them quickly!
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And email me for questions/comments/custom inquiries!

** Don't forget to join my giveaway! Details are on the sidebar =). There's still more than a week left to enter!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Back In Cali & Intro of Bridal Collection!

Got back in Cali last night-- sore, tired.
Here's a shot of a big fat bruise I got on my knee from falling all the time learning how to snowboard, more specifically, S-Turn.

My first time snow boarding was earlier this year in February-- and here's some advice: If you ever plan to learn to do something like snowboard, learn as early as possible. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn stuff like this. The falls hurt less, less injuries. Little kids literally BOUNCE, maybe cry, but are generally fine. Adults... our bodies are fully developed, bones are larger so there's more leverage to break bones ah.


Anyway, I've been working on an official HQCD Bridal Collection for a while. I'm thinking AB colors, just because it's amazing shiny. Any thoughts on these?

This is the Bridal SWAROVKSI V Choker Necklace.
It tapers to a V at the center of the collar bones, stunning. Beaded with HUNDREDS of Crystals! Definitely a luxury piece. Also great for prom and formal parties.

You won't find another more beautiful necklace of the same caliber for under $100!

And some Bridal/Formal Earrings:

Questions or Comments? Email me!
Visit my Site HERE.

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who did their holiday shopping with HQCD!

See you in a bit,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HQCD from UTAH! & Packages!

Hellooooo ladies! It's day 4 in Utah, and I'm SO SORE from snowboarding for one day.

It's so, SO snowy here. I've NEVER been in this much snow (being from California...)
Here's a quick shot of the bf and his brother playing in the snow outside our cabin.

Here's the bf, his bother, and their dad ... our creation, LOL

^ The bf's the one in the middle =)

Oh yea, we stopped by Vegas on the way to Utah to transfer flights, and I played on my first slot machines!

oOo check out this snowflake!

Before I left for UTAH, I got these packages from fellow bloggers.

Here's something I ordered from EKI.
Eki's style is very Japanese-y, princessy. I'm personally a less girly girl, so I prefer something simpler. I fell in love with her Alice prints, and ordered one ASAP.

Check out the extra goodies she included!
Her pouches are SO well made. I've been bugging her to make ID holders/wrislets. Goodness, I'd definitely order a couple.

And Eki does have the cutest packaging, and beautiful business cards!

I also did a holiday swap with Jen. She's an HQCD model, and an amazing person. She knew my addiction to false nails, and check out the goodies she sent me! OMG.

I wanted to wear the Revlon ones RIGHT away, BUT I'm snowboarding, so I don't want to risk putting them on and breaking one :X. THANK YOU, Jen!
BTW, that pink nail polish is pretty AWESOME.

And thank you all for the AWESOME response so far, towards the GIVEAWAY!
There's still plenty of time to enter, and details on the sidebar to the left!

I won't be back from vacation till Dec. 21st-- all orders placed between now and then will be delayed till the 21st!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

CLOSED He Qi Crystal Designs Winter 2009 Giveaway!

This giveaway is CLOSED! Thank you all for participating.

December 10, 2009

Hello everyone =)
Thanks for stopping by and supporting HQCD! I really appreciate every single one of you who take the time out of your day to come read this blog :D

This giveaway is basically a reader appreciation giveaway, open to anyone who follows my blog.

Here's the prize:

Prize Pack includes:
1. HQCD Signature "Romance in the Forest" necklace in Purple Vitrail Light
You can get more details on the necklace HERE. A $34 value!
2. NYX Eyeshadows in Apricot and Panic.
3. Victoria's Secret Hydrating Body Lotions in "Pear Glace" and "Love Spell".

Rules of Entry:
- You must be at least 18 years of age, or have parental consent
- Open to residents world wide
- Giveaway begins on December 10, 2009, and ends on January 5, 2010.
Winner will be randomly drawn by after Jan. 5, 2010. 

How to Enter:
- You must be a follower of this blog.
- Earn your first entry by leaving a COMMENT here with you name and email address.
- Earn an additional  entry by spreading the word by writing an blog entry about it, tweeting, facebooking, myspacing, whatever. Make an additional comment with the link to your "spread the word" entry here, again, leaving your name and email. You may earn up to 3 of these kind of entries during the entire giveaway period.

If anything is unclear, or you have any questions, let me know!
- Lisa

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And visit my shop! It's not too late for US customers to place an order for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Finals are over, that means I get to blog! <3 Beauty Additions, Swap, New Jewelry

I've missed you all so! The last week has been NUTS. Lots of studying, and very little of this. BUT, I'm so very thankful to be done (earlier than most of my friends :X).

A couple of friends and I went to the mall today, and I ... spent money, though I'm not supposed to -_-.

Here's what I bought... BAD LISA.

Makeup Forever, Smokey Lash
AHHH. I walked into Sephora, hoping to find a good, MATTE blush. But walked out with the mascara :X. I hope it's amazing! The saleswoman at Sephora RAVED about it, and HER lashes were pretty awesome, so maybe I'll get the same result.

My housemate and I also bought a jacket from Forever21.
THIS, but in RED for me. She got a purple one, but I think she's planning to return it :X

And then... Went to Victoria's Secret to pick up some goodies for the Giveaway I'm gonna be posting, VERY SOON!


She's amazing! I've been wanting a new eyeshadow brush, and this is absolutely perfect. The other brushes are awesome too-- SO SO soft, THANK YOU, Steph!

She also makes AMAZING cookies.... in the cutest packaging :P

And finally... some new pieces. Simple and classy was the theme for this batch.

My favorite (and a lot of friends' favorites, too!)
"Purple Rain"
Only 2 pieces available for now-- should I make these in other colors?

Beaded Balls:

And... A Navette. Something you don't see very often. Same size as a pegasus crystal, so it's a pretty big bling :P

^ One of my top luxury pieces ;)

I've also started gift-wrapping for Christmas!

I'll be back TOMORROW, with details about my new GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned =)

- Lisa

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pretty Big Update + Plans for the Holidays? PICTURE HEAVY!

December 5, 2009
I'm still offering free shipping/bulk discounts for Christmas! It's NOT too late to place an order =). (If you live in the US, that is. If you're international, I suggest you upgrade to PRIORITY/EXPRESS, ask me about it!)

Here are some new things I've been working on:

A pretty awesome bracelet-- a half bangle?
The tubes are sterling silver, and pretty light. Looks super awesome with pretty much anything.

More earrings..

These golden pearl drops are BEAUTIFUL.

Another understated piece, I think.

Cute Necklaces!

These are super cute, made with the larger 14mm hearts-- The pictures do these designs no justice!

And a simple star pendant necklace:

Check out details of the new items HERE.
Email me if you have any questions/comments!

I'm also selling MY BEAUTY DIARY oil blotters in my shop =)


I got all my snowboarding stuff! Here's a shot of the BF putting my bindings on my board for me =)

I've spent over $500 on snowboarding gear over the passed 2 weeks :X. I still need a helmet-- can't wait for UTAH from Dec. 13-20!!! What're you guys doing over break?

And Achilles going "wth are you guys doing? meow"

Talk to you all later!
Hopefully, I'll get to post my Winter Giveaway soon :X