Monday, October 12, 2009

Witchapalooza and He Qi Crystal Designs New Work!

Hello Ladies!
FINALLY! I have time to breathe! These past two weeks have been crazy busy with classes, jewelry making, keeping up with orders, etc. Thank you all SO MUCH for your support! And to the readers of my blog-- you guys inspire me to keep writing, keep updating, thank you! I'll be working on all the tags I've missed from many, MANY girls! Thanks so much! I'll definitely be getting around to those!

First, I wanted to talk about Witchapalooza, an even at Sacramento's Cal Expo which I vended at. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for me. All the vendors were so pro! When I first arrived, I looked around and saw how awesome everyone's booth was-- with their tents and tons of decorations, etc. Suddenly, I felt lame. Here I am, a silly college student trying to barge into this life. Then, I realized that most of the people here spend their lives doing business this way-- so to them, this IS their life. Mine is simply not like that, and never will be. I came to a couple of conclusions while I was there:
- Jewelry will always be a HOBBY in my life. However, I realize this will not be my MAIN source of income or happiness, whatever. I'm going to graduate college, find a reputable, full time job, preferably in my field (engineering or engineering management),
- My life doesn't revolve around this, and it never will be able to, unfortunately. I have school, a difficult major, friends, family, etc. Eventually, a career. Please understand that as much as I enjoy doing this, there are other things I need to focus on.
- I price my item so, SO reasonably. Considering all the work that I put into my pieces as well as what materials I use, you are genuinely receiving a worthwhile piece.
Difficult things to finally face-- to realize that jewelry is going to be one part of my life, not my entire life. I simply can't live off of what my jewelry makes, considering my prices, popularity, etc. But I'm still going to continue making and selling, because I love doing it.

Anyway, on to the funs. PIctures!

Here's my booth:


And here are some closeups of my stuff... tonssss of stuff. I've been a busy bee!

Pictures of the gracious ladies who helped me at my booth! They were up at 6:30 in the morning both Sat. and Sun. to help me set up and run the booth! My housemates are simply the best.

^ I'm the one in the middle, as a vampire. I was supposed to be a Geisha. But the roomies and I went to Spirit, and I saw amazing custom fangs, and a beautiful costume, so I couldn't resist!

And a closeup shot:

I'm on the left =). I love how the photo makes me pale-- like a Vamp!

Like my subtle fangs? =) Sorry, I couldn't keep my eyes open against the sun-- this was as big as they were gonna get! Haha
I'm sporting the Golden Alice (which is one of my favs.. and I'm not even a fan of gold!)


I'm currently in the process of uploading a BUNCH of new items for my shop!
Another GIVEAWAY is in the works! Any suggestions for what you want to see given away? I'd love to give a pair of holiday earrings away, BUT many girls don't have piercings :(. What do you think?

Some of the new things you'll see on my site. There are TONS more, but I can't upload them quick enough, haha.

Here's a BRAND NEW Under the Sea necklace!
SWAROVSKI released NEW elements last week. I was so anxious to get them that I had them shipped to me via OVERNIGHT post, haha! I wanted to be the FIRST to get my hands on these FISH! I also have new hearts, new teardrops, all waiting for me to get to!

At only $35, this is SUCH a steal.

I've started a whole new line of UNISEX necklaces, on adjustable leather strings. Strings don't have clasps, but you can tie them at whatever length you want. I'm starting off with the pegasus pendants. The first item I sold at WITCHAPALOOZA was this pendant, to a male! I'm so happy! He's one of the few males customers I've had.

^ Any pendants combos are available for this!
This is also only $15, so ladies, these make wonderful gifts for guy friends for the holidays!

A couple of new bracelets..

And I've made a Bermuda Blue ALICE necklace!

Another HOT seller at Witchapalooza! One of the ladies who I swapped with at the fair wanted a RED heart, and it's HOT HOT HOT. So if you want a RED heart, let me know!

New phone charm! I got the CROWN back in stock! They're $8/each if I purchase them in the US, but I have an overseas supplier who was able to purchase them for cheaper! That way, I can pass on the savings to you all =) This piece is truly royal.

More GOLD earrings!

And my origami butterfly earrings are BACK IN STOCK!

^ Many colors available!

Swarovski Flower/Czech Glass earrings are also back!

This is the last batch I'm doing for a couple weeks. My supplier no longer offers those particularly charming metal links. :(

And a SNEAK PEAK at what kind of items I'm working on!
Victorian, Brass Jewelry. Really unique. Great quality and craftsmanship. I'm a little attached to this particular necklace, so it's not for sale, yet.

Today's Promos (October 12, 2009)
Special Discounts for orders placed and paid for today. Handmade Jewelry Only.
Only one promotion per order, sorry! And promotions do NOT apply to custom orders, sorry!
Let me know you're a reader of my blog!
Email me with your order to qualify!
I will then make a personal listing for your on my site!
Discounts exclude S/H charges unless otherwise noted!

1. Buy any 3 earrings, get the 4th of equal or lesser value FREE.

2. FREE worldwide First Class (no tracking/insurance) shipping for orders over $60

3. Take 5% off your entire order of $75 or more.

4. Buy a necklace, take 50% off any pair of earrings. Excludes sale earrings.

Be sure to check out my new SALE section! LOTS of new stuff on sale!

I'm still in class. I'm updating my blog instead of listening to lecture-- bad me!
See you all later!


Angela said...

your booth looks so nice compared to the expo i went to this weekend.

Calia Yang said...

Glad that you had fun!!! also, i think that it's great that you are able to prioritize and be realistic with what you want to do in your life. it's good to have a hobby especially if you can get a extra money from it (not that engineering is NOT a bad paying job) but it's always nice to have a bit more money to do what you wanna do.

I love all of your outfits and y'all look beautiful! ^_^ your tent was gorgeous and simple. I like that everything was viewable and not hidden or obstructed by other pieces of jewelry. ^_^

i am loving the pieces you created - especially the phone charm and the Bermuda Blue Alice necklace.

Thanks for sharing with us your experience at the expo!!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You're pretty and your booth is nice! I don't know why you're comparing to other people. hehe. That's a good thing that jewelry is a hobby, do your best with engineering! Not many Asian girls go into that field. I'm starting to really love your jewelry pieces now!

Shellie said...

I love your new pieces! I was wondering if you're going to do more double pierced earrings. I know you made one last time but I didn't get the chance to buy one.

Jamie said...

I'm glad you had a great time at Witchapalooza. :)

I love that you know what you want in your life and what's most important to you. You do this because you love it (and it clearly shows!) but you also have other goals and ambitions in life. You're such a hard worker and pretty inspiring too. It makes me want to support you even more. <3

I love the Under the Sea necklace and of course, that purple bracelet haha~

PS. I saw your flyers in Wellman. Very nice. :)

dαnnεεl said...

Wow.. I wish I was in the area, i would definitely come visit you and help you out. Love the teal blue heart on the Alice necklace, it's a gorgeous color. If you have a light pink heart, I could see Rosalie in it. ;)
really really great work, and we know it's just your hobby and you put a lot of love in it. So just enjoy what you did and dont have to worry about others!!
And we are always here to support you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think your booth looks lovely! The jewelry speaks for itself. :)
I've e-mailed you with my order!

Eva said...

I'm loving your gold stuff those earrings are gorgeous!! I'm totally lemming that golden alice necklace sigh...why can't i get paid sooner hahaha

Tammy said...

Congratulations on the booth! I hope it's going well for you :)

I don't think I will be dressing up this year unless I have somewhere to go. Dressing up is so expensive! haha I do like your costume though ^^

k_an said...

Wow...I had NO idea I had comments on my blog! Sorry~ I am a terrible blogger ^_-

To answer your question about curling lashes...I use a Revlon eyelash curler (the gold one), apply mascara, and then use heated curler if needed.

Your Bermuda Blue Alice necklace looks gorgeous! I will check out your site once I get home :)

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

rae630 said...

I think your booth looks FANTASTIC!!! So many goodies! you definitely were a busy bee!!! I love making handmade things and wish that I could make a living off of it, but I am thankful that I finished school and have a steady paying job to fuel my trips to the craftstore. hahaha. Your pieces are soooo well-made, unique, and beautiful. I hope you never stop making jewelry! <3 Rina

Miss K. You said...

Hey Lisa, that is a beautiful vampire look! Glad you got to share your jewelry with more people, including guys. Good luck with your engineering studies.. I will still be looking forward to more of your pieces! :) :)

DSK Steph said...

jewelry fairs are so much fun! I went twice last weekend : )