Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Serious Note and Midnight Blue Jewelry, Blast from the Past

It's come to my attention that a couple of my recent, original designs have started to circulate some blogs, and one in particular. I try really hard to create my own style. Even when I'm inspired by something else, I tweak it, mix it up, change the elements to make it truly mine. Please give credits! I really don't care when people make similar jewelry, but plain copying is disturbing and super rude. If you even want to COPY a piece of my jewelry, DO IT, but give proper credits to the creator/inspire-er person, thank you!

I've compiled a list in the side bar of original HQCD work. Felt like it was necessary. Boo. At the very least, it'll make me feel like I've put myself out there.

Okay, Done with that.


A couple days ago, Marie requested dark blue pearls on bows.
Here they are, love!

I've also been in an angel craze recently...
So I made a bracelet in honor of that, using Marie's colors to create the piece.

^ Only ONE available, then waiting list!

And another dark piece, in my signature hearts on hearts style.

Blast from the past.
Wanna see what my first earrings looked like? Don't laugh :(
* Remember, this was years, YEARS ago! And nothing I make looks so crappy anymore, lol!


^ these are actually sorta cute. I wanna bring these back =)

Hope I didn't scare you guys off with these old creations!

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rhaindropz said...

dear.. i knew they envy your creations thats why they were copying your designs.. because they knew your creations were totally unique and always sold out!!!

hugs and kisses..

Jamie said...

It's amazing how elegant your work has become. :D

Ah, dark colors, something I cannot seem to pull off well. :( But, they're gorgeous~!

I wish I had somewhere important to go to so I have a justifiable (har har) reason to buy some new jewelry. XD But, the closest thing is my cousins' wedding... in April gah.

Marie. said...

Yay thank you! If I wore bracelets I'd probably snatch that one up too! I love what you came up with for the dark blue!

I hope in a few years my jewelry will improve! I thought the first pair of earrings from your past stuff was actually really cute!