Friday, October 02, 2009

Julu Jewelry

Also did another swap with STEPH from Julu Jewelry!

^ OMG. She sent TEAAAAAAA I LOVE TEA! Steph, you're a mindreader!!
Her packaging is also so pro yet cute, it's to die for!

I just HAVE to write a little blurb about these earrings... they're gorgeous. I'm honestly, seriously, NOT a fan of gold, but this piece has been nagging at my for a while before I decided to sum up the courage to ask Steph for it. It's so, SO pretty.

Steph if you're reading this, I think black hearts on gold leaves will be hawt, too!

Go visit her! She has a sophisticated yet cute style <3


Calia Yang said...

there are fab and i'm not a fan of gold either. love the packaging!

Stephanie said...

You are too kind! I need to post soon, the pics are already in my camera. Great idea, I do have black hearts but need to get more leaves, lol! I only ordered 3, poor me.

rhaindropz said...

i ♥ it too hun =)