Friday, October 02, 2009

History of Pearls/Bows, Starfish Unite, Angels, Dragonflies and Necklaces

I'm positive that everyone who reads this blog has seen the ever so popular pearl-bow jewelry combo. Forever21 used to have TONSSSS of them... some still do. Now they're more into "couture" jewelry, involving crowns and pearls, etc.

I feel like I've watched this pearl and bows phenomenon unfold.

When I first started jewelry making soph. year of high school in 2004, my first couple of pieces were fabric ribbons with pearl dangles. Why? It was probably the most popular "fob" fashion at that time. The trend still hasn't died-- but the US has really taken a liking to the pearl/bow combination. Every jewelry maker I personally know have their own pearl/bows. And I'm here to bring mine back. I thought a new trend would come in, but really, this is so cute that people will love it for a long time. MOST of Betsey Johnson's brand of earrings (which are cute, but no offense, crappy quality and pricey for what you get, if you love Betsey, don't kill me!) have ribbons and spheres incorporated into them

What do you guys think will be the next big trend in jewelry?

I wanted these to sort of match my signature ball and bow earrings seen here:

So my pearls and bows look like this:

^ These are pretty much available in any color, drop me an email if you want anything. And at $9.50 a pair, they're top quality affordable, and versatile.

More work done today,

^ It's been MONTTTTTHSSSSSSS since I've made a starfish/heart combo. I WAS going to make a pair of earrings out of these starfish (STARFISH UNITE!!) but I accidentally ordered only 1... so I decided to pair it with a purple heart crystal. ONLY ONE available!

Wing-ed beauties..

Beaded Balls Necklace:

^ I saw these at Macy's a while back. GOD. $80 a necklace, for STERLING SILVER. This one is GOLD FILLED for $30. Equally good, I promise you! Macy's also has my beaded puffy hearts, also for $80. I'm going to make another PINK heart up soon, and it'll be around $40.

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Stephanie said...

Love your bows! Not sure what the next trend will be, but I am liking the chains and ribbons style. That would be my best guess.

You are a master beader! That's seriously a great price for that necklace!

Calia Yang said...

OMG just totally gorgeous!!! i love the starfish/heart one!!!! and the heart/moon - so cute!!!

Marie. said...

I think wings should be next! Its super hard to find crown charms!

I love your version of pearls and bows! I have yet to discover mine!

And I think Betsey Johnson jewelry is a rip off. I seriously dont get what all the hype is about! My friend was oohing and ahhing at everything in the store and I was like "uh... I dont get it" lol.

Anonymous said...

I love the beaded ball necklace!!

rhaindropz said...

woah.. i rally envy your creativity =) hahaha.. hugs and kisses.. rhain