Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Pretty Sample Bag

A while ago, I had a post about a My Pretty Pink Box that I purchased. I LOVED LOVED that one! A couple days ago, I placed an order for another one, and I can't wait to see what waits for me in that one!
I believe recently, they launched a new product called "My Pretty Sample Bag". You get to choose your samples in this one!

Now, I haven't yet ordered a sample bag, but I plan to, after I get my October Pink Box!
This is a GREAT BUY for all beauty lovers. I'm a huge fake nails junky, so getting these is really worth it for me, as fake nails are already $8 for the Kiss everylasting tips one! The pretty pink box also comes with (last time I got it), a FULL SIZE shampoo, soap, fake eyelashes, masks, avon samples, mineral eyeshadow samples and MORE. It's so, SO worth $11.00 + $5 for S/H!

Check out My Pretty Pink Box.
AND the new My Pretty Sample Bag.



Marie. said...

Every time I plan on ordering one, they go out of stock!

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen one that I really liked yet. Maybe next month!

Angela said...

I was looking at your earrings on your site and noticed that my cartilage earrings are still up xD
nice crown necklace

rae630 said...

Hey, this claw machine place is in Rowland Heights, California, in the Yes Plaza on Fullerton and Colima. Omigod, I dunno if I can tell you how much we spent. I'm so embarrassed. hahahaha

rae630 said...

By the way! I love the new pieces you've been posting. so pretty! nice work! <3 Rina

rae630 said...

hahaha. go study!!! ahhh! new moon necklace!! I'll look out for it!

itzLina said...

you have to post pics of what you get in your box!!! that's the coolest thing i've ever heard of! =D

Thanks for being me first follower lol.