Saturday, October 03, 2009

HQCD Signature Hearts with Wings, hawt new necklaces and bracelets , about the upcoming week

I know I've been tagged 4x for various awards, and I'm SO SORRY that I still haven't gotten to them. I don't like half-assing, so I want to actually sit down and take the time to fill them out. I have WITCHAPALOOZA on Oct 10-11, and I'll be vending, so this entire week is completely dedicated to making jewelry and doing homework, which I seem to have tons of. So I'll get to it AFTER Witchapalooza.

Witchapalooza Info
If you guys want to come out and meet me (which I'd love, and be honored if you did), Witchapalooza is taking place Oct. 10-11 at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA. If you live in the area, stop by for some fun, magic and jewelry! I'll be vending both days. And I'll be in costume, so it'll be pretty awesome. Entrance fee is only $5! And there will be food and entertainment. I'm not quite sure how much parking is-- but bring some friends, and split it up! Anyone who visits me and read my blog will get 10% off their purchase!

I'm making jewelry like CRAZY to prepare for this event. I have a 10x10 booth, and I need to FILL IT UP!

More gold! I actually really love the pink/gold combo.
Only ONE pair available!

And some more SIGNATURE jewelry that I came up with!
Hearts with Wings! Inspired by the Claddagh ring, actually. It's weird, because the Claddagh has hands instead of wings, but... this lead to me thinking wings. Random.

^ this also comes in other colors, upon request! Moonlight is also available on my site. I love moonlight, because it matches absolutely everything. I personally wear my moonlight hearts and bows earrings everyday!

A purple bracelet, for those who don't like pearls.
The one downside of using purely SWAROVKSI Crystals is that the price is a little higher. Pearls of the same size are a little cheaper than bicone cuts. But this is beautiful, so who cares.
I used the new XILION shape that replaced the bicone for the purple crystals. It has more facets, and shines more. The moonlight bicones are still the old bicones.

Shirley asked me to make something for her prom, which is next year.
She specifically asked me to make a triple layered necklace for her, and maybe also a bracelet/earrings/ring. Her featured stones are these large 18mm SWAROVSKI polygons in smoked topaz. This is only the second time these crystals have been featured in my work-- but gotta say they're very classy. Shirley, perhaps this can be your bracelet? ;)

ANDDDDD I found these STUNNING antique silver links last week. Aren't they AMAZINGLY HAWT?! I paired them up with a big 18mm HELIO heart. And it's so, SO sexy.
There are only TWO of these available. This has a vampy feel to it, dontcha think? I'm gonna wear a similar piece with my vamp outfit for witchapalooza.

I will be pausing my E-Crater site on Oct 10-11. If you want to buy anything, NOW is the time. I'm going to be selling everything at WITCHAPALOOZA and I can NOT guarantee that the item you want will still be in stock! EVERYTHING that you see on my site (handmade jewelry wise, not beauty products) will be sold at the fair, so don't wait!

Visit my SHOP.
And email me for and questions/custom requests.



wuzzyangel said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I usually do sheet masks 2x a week. But I know some gals who use them everyday! And the swear by it! LOL! I don't do it as often, cuz of time or I forget!

BTW very nice pieces you have here! :)

Marie. said...

OMG! That Topaz bracelet and the last necklace is so freakin nice!!!

I'm totally going to try to go to the event! I'm curious to see what it'll be like and of course I'll be stopping by your booth! Any idea where I can find you? Or will it be random when you get there?

Anonymous said...

you are really talented, i love your jewelry designs that are really creative :) so beautiful^^
good luck for all!

Angela said...

i wish i could go to cali...
really like your last necklace.

Jamie said...

I love the Hearts with Wings! <3 It's so irresistible, maybe I'll spoil myself a tiny bit for my 19th birthday. xD

rhaindropz said...

im in love with the pink earrings (heart with wings!!!) i loved it!!!

Sherry said...

Thanks for the comment~! Hiya! You have some unique jewelry here~ I think i'll be browsing around.. hehe ^_^