Thursday, October 08, 2009

Last day to shop before shop is paused for the weekend and new pieces =)

FRIDAY, October 9th, will be the last day to shop before my shop is paused for the weekend.
This is because I'll be vending for an event called WITCHAPALOOZA, and I don't know which pieces will sell/not. So if there's something you want, GRAB IT, NOW! Especially the one-of-a-kind stuff! The most popular stuff recently is my "Alice" collection of necklaces, as well as my hearts on hearts earrings, go check those out at my SHOP. As of 10:24 PM pacific time, E-Crater (host of my website) is down for maintenance! I'm not sure when it'll be back up :\

Email me ( if you have any questions or special requests!

This was a crazy week for me. SO much homework! I don't remember the last time I had so much homework! Haha. So, I'm glad that's over. I don't have class Fridays this quarter =). Tomorrow is dedicated to making jewelry like crazy, and I'm going to make TONS of origami butterfly earrings!

Meanwhile, I leave you with this, as I go fold some more butterflies.

I'm continuing my "Alice" necklace collection with this piece, Classic Alice:

More Victorian styles coming soon! They've been ordered, and I'm just waiting for them to come in =)

And an entirely one-of-a-kind piece:

This features a 14mm SWAROVSKI heart in crystal AB, and a gold hammertone outline curvy heart. The combo works well together! Comes on a 18-inch 14K gold filled chain. This one's for the gold lovers! Sorry for the leaf bail, again. I'm working on finding other bails. Only ONE piece available!

And the popular hearts on hearts earrings, in HELIO!

These are the regular (10mm) hearts on hearts, not the large 14mm ones.

I am also SUPER excited, because SWAROVSKI released NEW elements, including FISH and new colors!!! I've ordered those the MOMENT they were released, and you'll see them early next week! I'm first to get in on the new stuff! :D :D :D CAN NOT WAIT.


xoladiihoneyxo said...

do you have any 16mm crystal? you should order some 18k gold =] hehe.

Celina said...

the double hearts with the gold chain is so pretty! i also really like your helio creation, so different and elegant!

Calia Yang said...

totally heart the classic alice necklace!! super cute!

audrey said...

oh thank you very much<3, i'm so touched that you let me a comment :) i'm so happy that you like my first creation^^
your new designs are wonderful especially the one with the gold heart, so so pretty :)
have a really nice day (or night, don't know what time is it in the USA haha^^)

Stephanie said...

good luck at witchapalooza!

Tammy said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for commenting, Scottish Folds are my favorite cats!

You jewellery designs are cute :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

please accept the Hottest Female Blogger Award. Why? Because you update your blog ever so often with stunning jewelry pieces! =D

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I've tagged you on my latest blog post!