Friday, October 23, 2009

Oodles of Cookies and New work!

Aside from making jewelry, I also love baking. Cheesecake, cake, brownies, cookies, etc. My next goal = biscotti. The only problem with baking is that it takes a lot of time-- something I don't have a lot of, unfortunately. One of the things I want to do when I grow up and retire is just stay home and be an amazing housewife. I know, it's so stereotypical or whatever, but I think that kind of life is pretty awesome, actually. My two cents!

Here's what I baked today.
Now, I said I liked baking, never said anything about being able to decorate properly. I'm one of the worst artists you'll EVER meet in your life, lol. I never sketch out any of jewelry designs either.

Sugar cookies in the shape of cats in honor of Halloween, and my famous Oatmeal Heath cookies (the boyfriend's fav.).
I apologize for the crappy photos >.< The lighting in the kitchen is terrible.

If I could send cookies to all the lovely ladies (and gents!) who order jewelry from me, I totally would! Maybe I'll make some mini cookies and box them up all cute and offer them for certain orders .... hhhhmmmmmmmm......

I don't have class Fridays, so I was able to catch up on many of the blogs I've missed out on. I think this entire quarter in general is going to be just as crazy as it has been. Sigh.

I made an emerald/bermuda blue mix Rosalie today:

A funky bracelet. mmm. This is sort of a random design o_O. It sort of follows my moon/heart bracelet style with the three clusters, but not exactly.

And new earrings:

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- Lisa


Angela said...

nice bracelet =]
yum cookies!

Miss K. You said...

Hey Lisa, this is totally random but I just had a chat with my friend Kristen.. and she said she met you. This world is getting even more smaller! haha I actually really like cooking, but as for baking I have only made a ton of cupcakes. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a good housewife :) it's a good thing. Anyways, I finally got home today to open my package.. <3 the necklace so much! I will definitely post it up and take some modeling pics for your giveaway :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

hehe, your cookies look amazing for Halloween actually! I like the idea of boxing them up and sending it to whomever order from you. You can always go to Micheal's Craft Store to get those favor boxes. lol. It's usually in the wedding section but who cares! They have cute boxes c[=

Anonymous said...

I love baking too!!
The Rosalie necklace is gorg!
P.S. Photos are soon to come!

Marie. said...

I love the flower earrings. OMG I'm seriously addicted to your jewelry!

I use to go to culinary school for baking and pastry... I miss baking! I havent baked a cake in like, five years lol. I'm going to be baking cookies for Martin's grad gift, I hope they come out decent haha.

rae630 said...

coooooooookie!!!! heehee. love the funky bracelet! <3 Rina

Jamie said...

Omg, aside from pretty shiny jewelry, I have a weakness for freshly baked goods. XD I think my friends and I are baking sugar cookies next week for Halloween too!

I used to bake a lot during high school since it was such a stress reliever and gooey, straight-from-the-oven chocochip cookies just made everything better. XD

Oh, wow. Usually not into gold jewelry, but the first pair of earrings is absolutely gorgeous. :o