Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Golden Alice and Vamp. Desire back in stock, only TWO available!

Hi ladies,

The super, SUPER popular Vampire Desire is BACK IN STOCK.
But there are only TWO pieces available, so snatch em up quick!

I also made a gold version. Here's Golden Alice.
Both of these victorian style necklaces were inspired by ALICE from Twilight.

Honestly, I think my next big thing is Victorian style jewelry. It's hot. But not super crazed out ones, some modest, classy pieces that aren't so OUT THERE that it doesn't wear well with regular outfits. If I can find another good gold tone bail besides leaves, I want to use that instead :X

More earrings in chandelier style up:

And this is what I've been working on for Witchapalooza.
I'm not selling them on here unless if I get special request. It's my Czech glass/Swarovski Flower combo-- a HQCD classic. Goes back a year or so =)

Important General Reminder:
I'm putting my shop on hold starting from Friday, all the way till Sunday. No sales will be made during that time, since I'm selling my pieces at Witchapalooza at the Cal Expo. If there's something you want, you need to get it now, or it might not be available again afterwards!

Email for custom orders/questions:

Night, loves. I have a paper to write, and a circuits prelab to work on, all due tmrw.


grace said...

I love your jewelry!!
You have a lot of talent..I'm so jealous! :]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

whoa, I really like the earrings!

Calia Yang said...

WOW!!! jewelry GALORE!!!! loving the necklaces!!!!

dαnnεεl said...

i love victorian/antique jewelry!!! I think it will just stay hot!! But it's hotter now for sure since there's a vampire thingy going on. I wonder how long it last though? Because twilight saga has 3 more movies to come.

Eva said...

aah i love your jewelry too bad i can't buy any right now...hopefully you make more.

Jamie said...

Ah, Czech glass leaf and Swarovski flower! :D I wore that pair today. (Pink flowers :3) Very cute~!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to start a "Lisa savings account" so I can buy all your jewelry.


I love it all!!