Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UPS makes me want to rage quit on their service. And Renesmee Bracelet!

I'm in an extreme state of angry right now.
I ordered, some new business cards and labels online last week, and picked UPS 2-day delivery. It's guaranteed, two days. And Saturdays don't count. And it's been four, and my package still isn't here.


Despite the fact that I get UPS shipments at LEAST once every two weeks (if not more), and so do my roommates, they somehow can not find our apartment. Come on. Are you serious? This is the THIRD time that it's happened. WHAT WHAT WHAT? So my package was supposed to be delivered Monday night. It was not delivered. I spent 20 minutes on the stupid phone Monday night filing a complaint, and telling them to redeliver Tuesday. At 6 on Tuesday, I called them again, to make sure that they'll be here today. Just spent another half hour on the phone. Usually, UPS is VERY good about keeping up-to-date tracking info on their website. Mine hasn't changed at all, even though it usually says "out for delivery" on the day of delivery.

So I'm sitting here, utterly frustrated and sick of UPS. I paid $30 for 2-day delivery, and it's the third time this is happened. Should I be asking for me money back? What the hell, UPS? What's up? Why do you hate this apartment so much?

Also, don't they have the same guys on the same route, usually? -_-. AAAAARRRGGGGHHH. I'm trying so hard to not just spit out a string of curses at them. LSIJDF:LKSJDF:LKJSDFKJ

It's now Wednesday morning. The package is over 2 days late.They promised to re-deliver today, so it better be here! I WANT MY NEW BUSINESS CARDS!

On a slightly happier note, I made a "Renesmee" bracelet today!
I was going for a simple, cute and classy look at the same time. Although I know Renesmee isn't the simplest gal in the world. Hope you like them =)

Renesmee in Pink:

Renesmee in Purple:

And the ever-so-popular crown necklace is back! Only ONE left! I started out with 5 for this batch =)

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Email me for any questions/custom orders: heqicrystaldesigns@hotmail.com


PS. I'll be posting a Giveaway THURSDAY night! Stay tuned.


Miss K. You said...

Hey Lisa, I hope midterms are going well for you! Wow I can't believe UPS would mess up so badly.. especially when you paid for 2 day shipping. Are you able to get a refund back since they did not complete the services that you paid for? You should definitely try.. or that would be so not fair to you! Very cute bracelets btw :)

Calia Yang said...

love the bracelets! and esp love the crown necklace!!

You should call to get your money back. It's ridiculous that you paid $30 and receiving it more than 2 days later! CRAZY!! I'd be MAD UPSET!!!

Hope they come in soon though!! I guess i gotta be more positive hehehe

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you're entitled to a refund! Hope everything works out!
Love Renesmee in Purple!

Marie. said...

I hate paying for extra and you dont even get the package when they tell you that you will.

I need to make business cards but I totally dont know how or even where to order them from lol.

Stephanie said...

That really sucks! You should def get your money back! Hope you have it by now!

Jamie said...

Good going UPS... it's two days guaranteed. Since they did not live up to their guarantee, you should definitely get a refund; the fault is definitely on them. I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

Ah Renesmee, not too fond of that particular character, but the bracelets are gorgeous! You're definitely giving her more credit than she deserves imo haha. I apologize to any Renesmee fans I may have offended...

xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty jewelries!!! hehehe.

About the UPS.... You should fight for a refund back! After all, UPS cost more than USPS -____- I'm know they're usually good with tracking and shipping their stuff... maybe there's something about the apartment o.O But you should still request a refund.... or at least half of the shipping money back! That's a lot of money you spent on the shipping and yet you didn't get it on the guarantee day... even if you're nice to wait for the next day, like, seriously? COME ON UPS!

Angela said...

definitely try to get a refund. I'd be very mad if I didn't get my package on time. =[
nice new earrings on the site. =]

izumi said...

aaahhh, UPS. they always seem to come at really RANDOM times too. or even if it's a time that makes sense, my schedule just HAPPENS to not let me be at home for that one day. sigh!