Friday, October 02, 2009

Swap w/ Ezziebell Jewelry

I recently did a swap with Ezzie.

We did necklace/ring swaps. Beautifully wrapped ring.
Something that I noticed though-- I'm deathly allergic to base metal, so make sure when you get a ring, and you're allergic, please ask Ezzie to make sure she uses sterling silver wire =)

Thanks, Ezzie!


Calia Yang said...

very very cute!!!

jess ♥ said...

they're gorgeous!

Angela said...

love the necklace because purple is one of my favorite color

Ezziebell Jewelry said...

hi Lisa....

ur so sweet to post the swap!!! :) I'm soooooo sorry about the ring!!!! It's weird cause on the spool it says sterling silver and there's nothing about it being base metal!!!! :( I'm gonna have to look for better wire!!!! :) thank u again!!!!