Wednesday, October 21, 2009

UPS is going to feel my anger, Revised Renesmee, Faerie Drops

It's Wednesday night. My 2nd-day air package from UPS was supposed to be delivered Monday. Now, they're promising to delivery tomorrow, Thursday, 3 days after the "guaranteed" delivery date. I'm angry. Please refer to my previous post for other details, lol. I've spoken to two supervisors, and I'm definitely getting my money back.

I've revised my Renesmee bracelet-- I've changed the toggle! I got new toggles in the mail today.

I think toggles make a pretty big difference in the way a bracelet looks. This one's so cute. LKJSDLKFJSD

I started a "Faerie Drops" earrings line. They're very sparkly and iridescent.
I was inspired by LISA KATE when I saw her post about the faeries! Thanks love, for the inspiration! Go check out her blog! She always has amazing makeup looks =)

I have a paper due tmrw at 3. I need to write it now.


Tammy said...

The tear-shaped crystal on the faerie drop earrings are so cute!

Blair said...

Your creations are gorgeous!!!

Lisa Kate said...

Squee! How beautiful are those?! I love faeries...I bet they would wear those! You are much too talented for one person XD

Calia Yang said...

love the fairy drop earings!!! and the toggle does make a difference! ^_^ *Hugs*

Hopefully you'll get your business cards today and get your money back as well. ^_^ *hugs* HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!

Shar bear said...

Gorgeous creations as always! Thanks again for the speediness in filling my request ^^ Can't wait for them to get here.

Jamie said...

Faerie Drops! So sparkly and shiny and gorgeous. <3

Hope you get your business cards today and do well on your paper. :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Prettyyyyyyyyyy! Yeah, I definitely think every little detail counts for the big picture. hahaha. I'm glad you're getting your money back!

Kym said...

hahaha! i've seen quite a few angry posts about UPS lately... i had a bad experience myself and apparently this happens to a lot of us canadians.. whenever things are shipped by UPS, chances are you will get charged taxes and customs fees. I ordered a pair of boots and i had to pay over $10 just to pick it up! :(

i'll have to order something from you soon Lisa, i'm trying to support all my 'crafty' ladies :)

Marie. said...

I think toggles make a big difference in pieces too! I LOVE the purple version of the bracelet! I hope UPS gets your stuff to you soon!

And thank you for your comment <3. It made me feel better =]

eki said...

what a beautiful bracelets very princess like! <3 love the design!! <3<3