Friday, October 16, 2009

Giant Bracelet Sale, This Weekend Only!

BIG Bracelet sale! Take advantage. Since these bracelets are made with top quality materials, buy them now, and save them for presents in the future!
Help spread the word (either on your blog, Twitter, facebook, whatever...) Comment me with your link, and take an EXTRA $1 off your bracelet! =) Use that image above you like! I pay Photobucket to have unlimited bandwidth =)

New simple bracelet:

On sale for $25!

Don't forget to support Breast Cancer Research!

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Email me for custom orders/questions:

This weekend is FILLED with tons of schoolwork for me, so I won't be blogging! But I'm going to be making FISH phone charms. Keep an eye out on my SHOP for those! I probably won't be updating them here.

Don't forget to check out my SALE section!

Till next time,

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Noriki said...

just dropping by here swtie! the final day is today! and i don't have the cash for this month too lol aint good timing for me xD Hope everything goes smoothly with this sale! <33