Thursday, October 22, 2009

He Qi Crystal Designs New Moon Giveaway CLOSED

THIS Giveaway ended on Nov. 6, 2009!
Winner have been randomly drawn as ANNA 
I will email you! Congrats :D

Get more details on the necklace HERE.
And earrings HERE.

Why am I ending this giveaway so early?
A: Because I want ample time for this item to ship, so it gets to the winner in time for the new movie coming out late November!

How to Enter: 
1. Be a follower of my blog. I don't believe you need a blog to follow, just click the follow button.
2. Spread the word about my giveaway on your blog, Facebook, MySpace,Twitter, Soompi, wherever.
3. Comment THIS POST with the link to your "spread the word" entry, as well as your name and email.
^ Doing the above three steps will grant you 1 entry. If you'd like more chances to win, please keep reading!

To earn additional entries:
- Earn 1 additional entry for sending me MODELED photos of yourself wearing my handmade jewelry. Max. of 2 additional entries for this method.
- Earn 1 additional entry for every extra "spread the word" entry you provide me with. For example, Twitter + your Blog = 2 entries. Max of getting 3 additional entries this way!
- Spread the word constantly throughout the giveaway (max of once every 3 days), get an additional entry! Max of getting 3 additional entries this way.
- Visit my SHOP, and tell me: which one of these pieces are you MOST LIKELY to purchase and why? Max of 1 additional entry.

Perhaps I'll add more ways for you to get additional entries later on...! Keep your eyes on this post!

Official Rules of Entry:
- Open to residents worldwide.
- Winner will be randomly drawn sometime on Nov. 7, 2009.
- Prizes will be mailed to winner via FIRST CLASS service. Seller is not responsible for lost packages!

** IF I get more than 100 entries, I will definitely add another winner to the lot!
:: Hint: Bracelets!::

Don't forget to visit my SHOP.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at:
And let me know if there's something that's unclear, or if I have typos or something.

Good luck!
- Lisa


Anonymous said...

Great giveaway, Lisa!
I've retweeted on Twitter!

Angela said...

Angela Yuen

Christopher said...

Hurray for giveaways! :D
Chris C.

Katy Wilko said...

Great giveaway!
I've tweeted about it here:

Shellie said...

Hi Lisa! =) my fav piece and the one I'm most likely to purchase is the HQCD Signature SWAROVSKI hearts on Bows: Heliotrope because it'd be great to match my Helio necklace with earrings!

I've spread the word about your giveaway via my blog

Angela said...

i blogged about your giveaway here


Jamie said...

Not too big of a fan of Twilight but that necklace is still gorgeous, and I can't pass at a chance of winning free stuff. :)
^ I thought more people would see it that way instead of putting it in its own post. XD
^ I have been eyeing this piece as of late. It just looks so unbelievably classy and beautiful. I can't believe it's only $30. I'd buy it because the more new bracelets you create, the more I seem to fall in love with pearls and bracelets in general. Oh, and also because it's purple. :)


xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow, great giveaway! I've tried the Clinique's mascara and it's great! I love it. =]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Hey Lisa!

Here's my post for the giveaway =]

By the way, when exactly is it ending? o.O

xoladiihoneyxo said...

nevermind! I saw the answer on the side bar.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. yeah, I just noticed that... NOW. hahaha. No, thank YOU for holding the giveaway ;] hehe.

Karen said...

I mentioned you on my Twitter and blog! :)

The piece I'd most likely purchase from your shop is Classy Heart Purse Dangle because I love the mix of swarovski crystals and pearls. It look add such a nice touch to my phone! :)


Lilly said...

Thanks for this great giveaway!!

I spread the word on Facebook:

Thanks a lot.

Eliane T.
eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

Lilly said...

I would buy the Royal Crown Earrings for my sister. She loves crown ^^ and these earrings are really cute!

Eliane T.
eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

jess ♥ said...

omg, amazing giveaway i'm a massive fan of the twilight saga and you're jewelry ^_^

so, i've blogged about the giveaway here and i'm a follower.
enter me please :}


jess ♥ said...

this is my favourite piece ^^
Signature Alice Necklace: Bermuda Blue

its such a gorgeous colour and its inspired by Alice! :) xx

thanks for the giveaway


Eva said...

i just tweeted it!!


Dina (XYYan) said...

i've been following your blog..
i posted on my side bar:

i tweeted:

i would love to have HQCD's Signature SWAROVSKI TSN: Keys and Hearts, i just love everything with key on it.. =)

Iyah said...

Follow your blog - check!

Spread the word - check
- (side bar)
- twitter -
- The piece I will most likely to purchase is the: Hello Kitty Charm w/ Swarovski Heart: Kitty Climbing Tower.

I am a big fan of hello kitty! ^_^ plus I'm always adding charms on my phone :)

Mizz Snape said...

Your blog - followed.
Spread the word: I tweeted here


Mizz Snape said...

Something I would be very inclined to buy from your shop is the Golden Alice necklace. First of all, I'm currently obsessed with any A/B Swarovski. Second of all, I simply adore the gorgeous, dainty detailing on the chain. Very pretty, wearable and classic = win in my dictionary :]

Angela said...

picture with your beautiful cartilage earrings =]

just wondering.. are you ever going to make your helio tsn necklaces anymore?

Angela Yuen

Pauline said...

Pauline L.

I would most likely buy the Alice necklace in Bermuda Blue (Helio preferred though!) cause the vintage-ish charm stands out to me and all your comments about how helio can look blue and black just pulls me in. [blue is my favorite color! and i think blue and black looks stunning!]

Exquisite Steals said...
Have tweeted about your amazing giveaways.

Golden Alice, Victorian Style SWAROVSKI Heart Necklace is one of my many favourites from your stunning colleections!I'm all about casual and comfy when it comes to my clothing.And I always like to add eye-catching accessories to spice up my outfit of the day.And this lovely necklace would be it!So humble looking yet so many inner potential that shines inside and out.=P

Stella Yeap

rhaindropz said...

hi hun..

i twit about it:

i spread it in my blogger:

i spread it in my multiply:

Rhania Escueta

and im your 75th follower!!!

fave pieces:

earring: Swarovski Moonlight Heart Dangle Earrings (this is simple but elegant)

bracelet: Pink Heart and Pearls Bracelet (i loved the color combination)

ring: Black and Pink beaded Swarovski Crystal Ring (w-o-w --> how did you so this? i'll be like a princess when i wore this super loved it!!! )

necklace: Simple Flat Briolette Necklace (it's simplicity and elegance really caught my attention)

charms: Swarovski Hearts Phone/Purse Charm (girly!!! and cute!!! --can't keep my eyes on it)

thank you so much! i love them all!
you really have such a creative hands =)(haha can i borrow them =) lol)

hugs and kisses! keep up the good work!!!


Evil Angel said...

I follow you. Wow this is gorgeous!

I posted in my sidebar about the giveaway.


I would definatly buy the Vampire Desire necklace, I love the simplicity of the design and the classic style. It very elegant!

adin_22 said...

I'm a follower:D

posted here(sidebar):

The Hello Kitty Charm w/ Swarovski Heart: Kitty Climbing Tower is so cute!!!


contests and such said...

I am a follower.
I posted about your giveaway here.
I would most likely buy the Classic Alice, SWAROVSKI Baroque Necklace. It is so elegant!
Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I am a follower..

lovestoread0708 at yahoo dot com

Shar bear said...
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Calia Yang said...

Hey Lisa! gorgeous giveaway!!

already a follower and posted about your giveaway on my blog here:

Calia Yang

Calia Yang said...

oh also twitted about your giveaway here:

And I would most likely buy the Romance in the Forest necklace and the Swarovski Heart and Moon Necklace (i'm torn between the 2)! hehehe

Anonymous said...

OMG ITS THE NEW MOON NECKLACE!!!! I've been dying to buy it when I saw it (love the contrast between the red and black) but didn't have the money and now I have a chance at winning it??? AWESOME!!!

1. I'm a follower

2. Blogger:


3. Hannah (

Will spread the word on twitter every 3 days ^^

As soon as I get some extra money I am so buying...NOOO WHY ARE THE DOVE ONES WHICH JEN MODELED NO LONGER HERE??? T___T

In that case, I will buy SWAROVSKI Hearts on Heart Earrings: Emerald because I had my eye on that for a long time too. I love the color <3 Its very rich and frankly its cuz I have a really gorgy blouse of that shade too so it'll match well :3

I also originally wanted the skull flag earrings but I guess its gone already too.... The woes of being a poor college student T____T

Miss K. You said...

Hey Lisa, this is perfect timing for me to show off pics of the necklace ;)

1. I am a follower (of course)!
2. Posted about the giveaway on my blog:

3. I also have a few modeled pics.. I know there's more than 2 pics but I needed to show how gorgeous the necklace is! Sorry if they are not model quality =\

4. I also tweeted about the giveaway:

5. I am most likely to buy the Fancy Cut Alice in Crystal AB necklace next.. it looks so gorgeous, almost magical. I especially like the cut and all the piece reflects.

SMORES said...

Betty Qi




Jamie said...

Blogged about you again at my LJ. :)

Jodi said...

Thanks for this giveaway. Luv your blog! :)

1. I'm a follower of your blog!

2. Your shop is beautiful and the piece I would most likely buy is the Little SWAROVSKI Briolette Dangles! They just speak to me! They are so sweet and probably would become a signature piece of mine.

JodiMof3 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!

I blogged about you on my LJ :)

Item most likely to buy:
Classic Alice, Baroque Necklace

I just love how amazing and simplistic it looks. ^_^ Not to mention that it's very practical for every day wear or for special occasions.

Anna Lam


Anna said...

Hey Lisa!

I blogged about you on my LJ :)

item i'd most likely buy:
Classic Alice Baroque necklace

It's such a breath taking piece. So elegant and simplistic, I love it. :) Good for every day wear or for a special occasion. ^_^

Anna Lam

helenyang said...

Your creations are so pretty!

I'm a follower on twitter and on your blog.

I'd love to buy HQCD Signature SWAROVSKI Bracelet: Starfish when I get some money. The color is perfect!

Helen- helen yang 31 at gmail (no spaces)

Sarah L. said...
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Gabriela said...

I wrote about your giveaway on my blog: (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

My name is Gabriela and my email: glcaleirbag(at)gmail(dot)com

Gabriela said...

I retweeted:


Gabriela said...

I visited your shop and I like a lot the SWAROVSKI Crystal Necklace Under the sea. It`s so cute!


Jennifer said...

Hey. Great giveaway!



The piece I would most likely buy is the SWAROVSKI Heart and Moon Necklace.

SL said...

name: Shirvin


tweeted :}}

thanks for doing giveaways <3

SavingDiva said...


savingforhome at gmail dot com

Angela said...

i posted about your giveaway again =]

Jessy said...

Hi..i have spread the word.


Shar bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
大小姐 said...

hi! thanks for the giveaway!

I have retwitted your giveaway (twitter = jeahh)


Claire's Blog said...

Hello !
I love your Giveaway ! So many cute things in your has been hard to choose one but I prefer the Purple SWAROVSKI Angels Earrings.

I spoke about your giveaway on my blog
My email is
My name is Claire.

Claire's Blog said...

Hello !
I love your Giveaway ! So many cute things in your has been hard to choose one but I prefer the Purple SWAROVSKI Angels Earrings.

I spoke about your giveaway on my blog
My email is
My name is Claire.

Ľubaša said...

I follow your blog.
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Ľubaša said...

I spread the word about... on twitter
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Ľubaša said...

I like Dark Helix Love SWAROVSKI bracelet. Its easily wearable because of it is dark and has only one color.
lubaska dot com at gmail dot com

JENNIFER said...

I'm following your blog!

I twittered about this:

My email is jennpoon (at) yahoo (dot) com

The piece I would be most likely to buy is the Simple and Clean Swarovski Baroque Necklace. Its such a simple and breathtaking piece! Plus at $26, its a great deal!

Angela said...


I blogged about your giveaway here

Angela said...

2nd entry

Id most likely to purchase
SWAROVSKI Jet Hearts with Wings because I really love the wings on there.

Angela said...

3rd entry

i also twitted about this

~Lisa said...

1st Entry

Name: Lisa

[Follow me too?]

~Lisa said...

2nd Entry
I've tweeted along as blogged about this giveaway!



[2 additional Entries]

~Lisa said...

3rd Entry

I'd most likey purchase the HQCD Signature SWAROVSKI TSN: Helio Butterfly because it is so unique and beautiful

ze German: Maria said...


i'm your 215th follower *yay*

i wrote about your giveaway on my blog: but to get an additional entry i also tweeted about it: where i'm also following you (username herchenm)

since i'm an earring addict i found it really difficult to choose from your collection, but i think it'd go and buy those ones: cuz i live in the UK and love the queen :D

so that's 3 entries for me? :D


cornelio03 said...

I'm a follower. Would love to buy the Platinum Princess in Purple Swarovski Pearls & Cluster bracelet if I had extra cash.

cornelio03 said...

I'm a follower. Would love to buy the Platinum Princess in Purple Swarovski Pearls & Cluster bracelet if I had extra cash.

luckyfinds said...

i follow and posted this contest at

visited your website and had my eyes set on Long Victoria Necklace with Cubic Zirconia


Yim said...

Yay for giveaways! I haven't bought a necklace from you yet but I've been saving up for my next purchase cause I loved the first one so much. I don't have a blog but I wanted to leave a nice comment anyways.

Huguette E. said...

Great giveaway!

~ I'm a follower.

~ Tweet:


Huguette E. said...

I like the earrings, in particular the SWAROVSKI Jet Hearts with Wings because they could be worn with anything.

Huguette E. said...

daily tweet

Halifax said...

I blogged here

Already a follower, email in my profile

Halifax said...


Halifax said...

I'd love to get myself a Passionate Moonlight Necklace, gotta save for it first

pippirose said...

Great giveaway--beautiful necklace!
I now follow your blog.
I tweeted about this giveaway:
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

pippirose said...

I'm most likely to purchase the
Little SWAROVSKI Heart Dangles: Aquamarine. I love hearts, and the blue is just lovely!

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Curtney said...

I'd get a Signature Alice Necklace: Bermuda Blue. Love its radiant colour.

I follow your blog and posted this contest at

Name: curtney
curtneysison at gmail dot com