Monday, August 31, 2009

Winners of Giveaway #2 and My latest creation!

Congrats to DINA(phone charm & little freebies) and CARINE (bracelet & little freebies)! They're the winners of my second giveaway! I've given both of you guys emails! Yayyyyyy!

Info about Giveaway #3... COMING SOON. I'm not waiting till I get 100 followers. I'm dying to give more things away. Keep your eye on my blog for more info! I'll probably post info about it on Sept. 2 -- my 21st birthday!

And what I made today.....

OH GOD! Over two hours of patience! I have NO IDEA when I'll be patient enough to attempt another. But it's truly an amazing piece. LOTS of love went into this. I'm very proud of it. I've tried making this a couple months back, but gave up. The beads were giving me a headache. I'm really happy that I've finally managed to finish this.
See details HERE.

What's coming soon?....... bridal combs :P

temporary website: HERE


a.z.♥ said...

AAaaahhh that's so pretty! By the way I have a post up about the earrings that I got from you :)

Jamie said...

You can really tell a lot of care and attention was put into that piece. :o I love how much love and patience you put into your work; it makes me want to support you more and more. :) Congratulations on its completion!

And happy early birthday in case I don't say it later! <3