Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trouble With Blog / New Bracelet

Is anyone having problems with this blog? I've gotten 3 emails that people either
a. can't comment
b. can't link to posts

I'm sorry for the trouble :(
I've recently changed my URL, so I think blogger is confused. I'm not sure what's going on.... if anyone has any more trouble, please drop me a line! I'll probably get a new wordpress blog AFTER I get my official site up. Thanks for hanging here with me through this transition.

You guys are going to be seeing A LOT more of these side-hole hearts and pearl bracelets!
What I made today:

Yep. =)

- Lisa


Eugenia said...

i couldnt comment for awhile!!

azn_denny said...

Wow You should make more of those bracelets! THEY ARE SOOOOO ADORABLE AND PRETTY!

I just love pearls! Thanks dear