Thursday, August 13, 2009

Achilles & more HeHe Jewelry

So.... meet Achilles:

He's my friend's cat, and my BF and I are taking care of him for a while. He's a year old, and was a stray kitten. He's grown to be super human loving..... quite the attention whore. He's super soft, super cute, and we're all whipped, lol. He loves tummy rubs, is pretty vocal... kind of acts like a dog.

Yes, I'm wearing the blue Cinderella Pearl bracelet (see below!)

He's got this thing for dipping his paw into people glasses and just.. drinking that way, lol.


Today, I was waiting for FEDEX to deliver some stuff... a hand display included. I finally got it! Haha, it looks a little funny because all the fingers are so long and slender compared to a real hand... but it'll make for some beautiful jewelry pictures =)


Butterfly Garden Necklace:

I love the large butterfly. I was going for an earthy theme-- leather string really held the piece together as the symbol for "earth".

Twilight Inspired Threaders:

Whoever gets these should wear them to the new movie coming out later this year! But the red heart represents Bella, and the topaz is Edward. The mismatch... really works, and I love it.

Tahitian-green Celtic Bracelet:

I always loved the tahitian green color-- beautifully deep. I combined the green together with a blue-green SWAROVSKI heart. Topped it off with an antique silver celtic heart bead.

Blue Cinderella Carriage Bracelet:

My inspiration for this piece was the color of Cinderella's dress.

Pink Cinderella Carriage Bracelet:

Clean and girly!

Violet and Fuchsia Garden Bracelet:

Super girly bracelet =). Pearls and pink and violet, woo! Super sparklyness!

A little something for those of you who follow my blog...
If you purchase anything between now and August 15, 2009, let me know you follow my blog, and you'll get FREE SHIPPING on your order! ($3 ish value!) Just let me know that you're a follower.. or just post with your order with the link to the item.
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And... once I get to the 30 follower mark, I'm having a giveaway!
What would YOU GUYS like to see being given away? Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet or Cell Phone/Bag Charm?
Drop me a line, let me know!



Fuyumini ❤ said...

Your designs are so pretty and cute!

Ginny♥ said...

so cute <3
i wish i had paypal!

Lisa said...

I take cash and check at your own risk. Email me:

Ginny♥ said...

I feel like an idiot but I PM-ED && e-mailed you >__<"

Kym said...

hahha my friends cat also thinks he's a dog. he does tricks for treats. hahaha! ;P

Toothfairynotes said...

hahaha the cat is smart! :P


Jamie said...

Achilles is soooo cutee! <3

Ah, pretty shiny jewelry is one of my ultimate weaknesses. *melts* Too bad I just spent nearly $40 on some of your earrings. Perhaps another time when the next paycheck comes along. XD But, your creations are absolutely stunning as always~!

mumuji said...

AWWW that cat is so adoragables! It reminds me of my next door neighbour's cat which is super friendly to anyone too and always rolls on his back begging for a tummy scratch. I love it!
Also the butterfly garden necklace is lovely. I think any piece of your jewellry will make a nice giveaway.

Karen said...

Necklace or a phone charm would be awesome for the giveaway! :D