Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rina's Package & back in stock items

Today, I came home from my parents' and found a GIANT package waiting for me... it's from RINA.

I found Rina's blog randomly browsing blogger about 2 weeks ago, and fell in love with the sock piggies that she makes. I asked her if she wanted to do a swap, and she agreed! She even included a bunch of ultra awesome goodies in my package! More than I ever expected.

Here are her amazing piggies:

Rina, thanks so much! These are amazingly cute. I'm going to put the blue on in my bf's room, lol =)

And she even included this:

Apple scented hand cream! I have one right now, and I LOVE IT. She's a mindreader.
Anyway, go check out her BLOG. She's also having a handbag giveaway right now!!!

* I have a little something else coming for you in the mail... watch for it!

And one of the ladies who ordered the CROWN necklace was kind enough to take an appreciation photo =)

Beautiful, thank you!

And this necklace is BACK IN STOCK! Thank you to those who waited!

Get it HERE.

A little treat for today...

Is ON SALE for $25 shipped ONLY! Drop me an email if you're interested:
See the full description and extra photos HERE.

I'm too tired to make things today, more will be up tomorrow!

See ya,

Once I get to 100 followers, I'm having another giveaway! Bigger things this time... necklace!

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Stephanie said...

the necklace with the card is beautiful!