Friday, August 14, 2009

Modeled Pic & New Pieces

Only 3 more followers to go before I have another giveaway!! Keep em' followers coming!
I really appreciate everyone who has left comments, emailed, etc. THANK YOU, LOVES!

I wanted to show you guys SHIRLEY wearing a necklace that she ordered.... last year? 2008 ish? Shirley's been a long time customer, and she's ordered a lot of jewelry from me.

In this photo, Shirley's wearing a giant advant-garde pendant in "crystal golden shadow".

Thanks, Shirley, for the pic!

Some new stuff!

This necklace is my new fav. LOTS of sparkle. Beautiful color combo. It's a giant plus that the chain I've put on it is VERY sturdy. Great for a careless person like me.

I'm gonna be making LOTS of jewelry between now and when classes start in mid September... it's sort of likely that things will slow down a lot more next month.

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

the second pictures of the earrings were the one Gloria was wearing right?
so cute<3
and the necklace is adorable~
you have such a gift!
i remember my attempts at making jewelry,
complete diasters.

Lisa said...

Gloria's actually wearing a very similar STYLE, but hers have blue SWAROVSKI hearts instead of the moon and star =)

Anonymous said...
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Jamie said...

I just had a total Becky Bloomwood moment when I saw the pumpkin carriage and star/moon earrings. :o

Must. Resist. ...for now. XD

Lisa said...

You like earrings the best out of all the jewelries, eh? ;)

f.sarah said...

i am new to ur blog n i became a new follower now!
why? because i want u to have that giveaway very soon, as ur stuff are great n i wanna win!!!