Saturday, August 22, 2009

HeHe Productions New Work & More on the Future

Hello Ladies,

I got my ELF haul! $76 worth of stuff for $19. Dang, what a deal.
Ladies who order through my website, and mention that you follow my blog will get ELF freebies! Everything I ordered was from their STUDIO line, so its pretty good stuff. Free stuff if you order over $50! Make sure you remind me though!

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!
I really love having these giveaways.. I think I'm going to have another one RIGHT after this, lol.
And can you believe this? 52 followers in 2 weeks? I LOVE YOU GUYS, thank you for the support.

Also, I'm still in need of help for new names for my quickly-officializing business. Some idea-inspiring words I got from one of my models.. "Cherry on top, The afterglow, Luminous, The Final Touch, Lustrous, Glistening Rock, Sugar Cube"

I was being nerdy... and thought to myself... MAN how funny would it be if I named my new business "BME Designs"? It would mean... "Designs by a BioMedical Engineer".

Here are some new work:
I got A LOT of requests for different colored starfish, so here they are!

I'm getting a little tired of simple necklaces, even though that's what a lot of you guys prefer-- but really, so many people have simple SWAROVSKI pendants necklaces up for sale that this makes me feel "common". And by so many people... I mean... google it, and you'll see like 2039482309 of the same "heart on chain" or "starfish on chain" necklace. So I'm probably going to stop this for a while, and continue making beaded balls and stuff. It takes longer for these beaded necklaces, but I feel more proud of stuff like that.... does that make sense?

Starfish crystal AB will be back soon, sorry for the wait.

^ I love this one. I've already started Christmas shopping for my girlfriends, and it inspired me to think about winter, which brought about this particular design and color scheme. I love winter

^ this particular charm is on sale, clearance, whatever you want to call it, so this is a great chance to get it.

I caved in to you guys and made 1 last final hearts/crown necklace. Except this one is 18 inches instead of 16 inches.. I think it looks better this way.

And introducing my pride and joy...

Ive always enjoyed making bracelets, but this has GOT to be one of the most beautiful things I've EVER made. When I made the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Charm braclets in this "style" (charm dangle in the middle of a string of pearls/crystals), I was instantly prompted (by myself) to make more in a similar style. This is something that I've never explored before. Sorry, I don't make plain pearl bracelets because.. that's not me.. I like things a bit more busy, lol. But yea, anyway, stunning, stunning looking. So classy.
I really enjoy making bracelets in this style because I honestly don't see it anywhere. It's takes about twice as work as a regular bracelet because you have to string the pearls on two separate strings instead of one continues wire. It's something that I'd wear. And it's a little more blingy than a regular pearl bracelet-- not that I have anything against pearl bracelets!!! But you can buy a pearl bracelet anywhere :P. You can't find this just anywhere!

OMG, and look here,

LOL. I got my hand display. HAHAH. It's so long and skinny. But I guess it takes nice pics?

I leave you today with a picture of me wearing my wedding dangle earrings... I want to go to a wedding.

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DonDon said...

i love the winter necklace! It's so sparkly and like snow! I like winter and snow, but hate the cold!