Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First Pearl Necklace & HeHe SPECIAL! & China ripped me off

I'm bumming around at my parents' place right now. It's weird how we grow up, go to college... and suddenly, home doesn't feel as homey? I don't know :\

Anyway.. I spend today doing this....

I was inspired by DSK Steph to try my hand at pearlies-- so here it is!
MY FIRST PEARL NECKLACE! It's in the same style as my bracelets, with the pendant in the middle to give it a little something extra.

More pix: ONE, TWO , THREE
What do you guys think? Plain pearl necklaces go for $80 at Macy's, and this piece is going for $52. Check it out HERE. These photos really don't do the necklace any justice.
SPECIAL for reader of my blog: GET THIS FOR $50 SHIPPED! Drop me an email if you're interested! (hehe.productions@hotmail.com)

And a new necklace-- I got these "branch" sideways bails for the flat briollete

HeHe Special!!!!!

Now.. I really want this bracelet to go to someone. So I'm offering it for $28 shipped for the first person who gets it. EMAIL ME! It's an awesome deal! Link to description HERE.

I also want to clearance some things on here:

BLUE beaded Hello Kitty SWAROVSKI Charm for $22 shipped!

PINK beaded SWAROVSKI purse charm for $22 shipped!

Fuchsia beaded SWAROVSKI heart charm for $22 shipped! I can make this into a necklace!!

On a completely sort of separate note.... China ripped me off. I was there in June/July, walked into a beads store, and purchased some "Swarovski" bicone beads. I opened them today... and WTF they're different sizes. WTF. They're FAKE Swarovskis! At least I didn't spend too much on them? DON'T BUY SWAROVSKI FROM CHINA, UNLESS IF ITS DIRECTLY FROM SWAROVSKI CO.!!!

Okay, see you all later,

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