Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tired, but .... here are the earrings you've been waiting for

I'm really tired :\
This week had been filled with lots of hw and studying, and on top of that, planning our Harry Potter theme party which will be Sat. night. Hopefully it goes well. I'm making golden snitch macarons... I really hope they turn out good so they'll be worth all the trouble :X

Anyway, I posted a sneak peak of some of these earrings on Twitter, and received very positive responses. Only ONE of each pair available!

Anyway, these babies got some love on twitter:

^ This one's my fav. out of the batch. Very detailed, so dainty, and its all sterling silver :)

And two simple pairs:

Sorry for the lack of excitement. I'm exhausted. I'm going to be catching up on order tmrw! I keep getting things out of stock, so you guys had to wait a bit longer to get your orders-- I'm so sorry :( Thank you all for your patience and love. Goonight!

- Lisa



Penelope said...

Gorgeous earrings! Especially love the first one!

About the RMK Face Powder EX, can't say for certain that it's great for pore coverage. I had pretty large pores around the nose area too, until a couple of weeks ago. Then I changed my skincare routine and the pores went alot smaller. The powder certainly helped to conceal pores, and help give a more flawless look. But I don't want to say for certain that it covers large pores unless I'm 100% sure. (I don't want to mislead anybody)!

London's-beauty said...

the first earrings looked like a cute face from the dashboard :P

London's-beauty said...
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Saving Capulet said...

oh wow, those earrings are just divine!

missy joey said...

fell in love with dove earrings. really lovely piece you've made there, Lisa!

Amanda said...

They all look great but I'm really in love with the first pair! Do they come in silver, too? :)

izumi said...

wow, the first two are absolutely stunning. LOVE IT! i wish i had money right now, hahah :X 'cause i'd totally have to splurge.