Monday, October 18, 2010

4 brand new pcs, including WILD HEART pendant necklace!

Hi Everyone!

I've been studying a lot this passed week-- I had a midterm today! I'll be catching up on orders in the next few days-- THANK YOU everyone, for your patience! When your order ships, you should get a shipping confirmation email which includes your tracking/customs number.

Anyway, here are a some new pieces I've been working on-- some I've had around since Friday, but haven't had a chance to post till today.

I don't do pendant necklaces often, so please advantage of what I'm offering here:

It's a WILD HEART pendant necklace-- on a GOLD FILLED chain, which is why it's a bit pricey. It's NOT a cheap-o piece of jewelry! Keep that in mind when shopping please ;) Only ONE.

And A HELIOS STAR pair of earrings-- I believe one of YOUR inspired this piece! You suggested stars & the Helios pendant, so that's what I did. It IS a pricey piece of jewelry, but I think you'll like it, and find it worth it.

Definitely more showy. Did I mention these are ONE OF A KIND? I'll never make another pair like it in the future =)

And I really, REALLY like the next two pairs of earrings I'm going to post...

Here are some Romantic Pear Drops, made with these beautiful vintage cream rose beads--- ahhh! Beautiful. They come with SOLID 14K gold filled kidney wires-- I think these will probably last you the rest of your life if you take care of em well!

And Fuchsia Flowers & Briolette Drops Earrings:

I love the fancy-cut briolette. So many facets, so shiny! This is another one of those quality pieces that will last you a VERY long time.

That's it for now! I know I haven't been posting as much since school started :X
Remember to do your Holiday shopping early, for my sake AND yours since I want to make sure you get your items in on time.

Also, if you guys go to the FB fan page, and check out the giveaway, there's a 5% off $40 or more coupon code hidden somewhere (not really hidden if you read the caption :P) Visit HERE.

- Lisa



xoladiihoneyxo said...

ohhhhh =]

Best of luck to get straight A's! I know you've been studying hard core lately! (well, all the time!)

Kittin said...

the first two pieces look awesome. sadly i'm on a budget for now... x.x hopefully there are more ooak pieces a little later on! =] good luck on your midterms

Tammy said...

The helios star necklace is so pretty! <3

Calia Yang said...

Hope you get an A on your exam!! ^_^ GO LISA GO!!!

loving these pieces - always so gorgeous!

London's-beauty said...

good luck!!! wow the gold filled wires <3 it's tempting

yumiko said...

do well in school and i'm excited to see more of your works!

The Little Dust Princess said...

The Wild Heart is SO pretty! I'm not sure how I would look wearing a gold chain though!

xx The Little Dust Princess

CATHLEEN said...

the helio star pair earrings are absolutely gorgeous. i love the design of it.
Will be MIA for the next 3 weeks. I think after my exams i'll reward myself with another one of your jewelry. have my eyes on the tuxedo mask inspired necklace. (sailor moon fan!)

Amanda said...

I'm in love with the stars earrings!!!