Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Earrings & Bracelets!

mannnn I am so bummed. I tried photographing this piece:

For 15 minutes!!! And could NOT somehow manage to capture the pink opal color.
SO BUMMED. I might try again on a sunnier day or something....
But it's an opaque, light pink. Very feminine. Fail at photography, sorry :(

And another emerald clover bracelet.
Someone on formspring keeps asking about it, and was unhappy that it wasn't shorter. Here's a similar one, though not exact. I hope you're reading, whoever you are! I made this one just for you =)

But it's about 7 inches.

Also, I fricken love you, Alyssa.

She sent me these beautiful coin (glass? jade? something else?) flower beads and I'm addicted.
She's an AMAZING earrings crafter-- her designs are unique, so so so so so cute and many of them I'm sure are one of a kind-- check her out!

Also thinking of making a series of simple pearl bracelets with just a charm or two dangling off.. Here's one w/ an Eiffel tower!

Simple, clean, classic.

Nothing else exciting going on really.... NOT YET...
I have a midterm tomorrow in my English Lit (Children's Lit) class- I need to read a couple of books tonight... darn procrastination!

The housemates & I have exciting Halloween plans-- I'm dying for the even to come quicker so I can take photos and share them with you all ahhhhhhh! I'll be making a couple of food items worth noting for future parties ;) stay tuned!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! See you all soon <3

- Lisa



Erin said...

the series of simple pearl bracelets is a great idea. Pearls are always in style and suitable for any occasion. Not to mention beautiful!

missy joey said...

I really like the new emerald piece and the jade/coin glass earrings. <3

The Little Dust Princess said...

The Formspring asker might be scared you'll find out who she is now that you're calling her out. LOL I can't wait to see your Halloween pics!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Amy said...

I am a huge fan of Paris & I think that bracelet is absolutely beautiful!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty pretty! Every girl should have a set of classic jewelries... even if it has a little twist to it ;]

London's-beauty said...

both those earrings are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love bracelets with a single charm dangling from them.

I'm seriously thinking about doing some Christmas shopping through your site. Your pieces are so cute!

KI said...

Hey Lisa thanks for the shout out ^^ I love all the pieces your making with the beads~ I would never have thought of utilizing some the way you do!

They're jade :)


Chanthida said...

Wow I realized I haven't commented here in a long time...nothings changed you still make cute unique pieces ;D but I just have to say the OOAK Birdies & Yellow Flower Coin Earrings are very gorgeous, they remind me of a beautiful morning sunrise but I'm not really sure why. Speaking of Halloween I'm going to be Sailor Moon, haha can't wait to see those awesome pics.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

No, I'm not injured... when I was running on the treadmill, I thought I was fine at first and then my right ankle started to hurt really badly and I started to feel cold air through my bones at the arm again! So I stopped, sat on the bench and try to rub it away which took about 5 minutes then I decided to go back on the treadmill to just walk at normal pace and faster pace but not running/jogging. Then, it started to hurt again so I just got off and went to the elliptical (it's not that machine really... similar, the one that only triggers the four main muscles from the butt down with the arm movements). I like the elliptical but that was at a different campus which I use on Fridays.

Amanda said...

Cute new pieces! I like the first pair in silver and pink.