Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Non-SS Earrings, Bracelet

For those of you who can wear non-sterling silver earrings, here's a post for you!

These earring hooks are SO cute, and it's a shame they didn't come in sterling silver. These are base metal findings, NOT for sensitive ears! This is why they're significantly cheaper =) See them HERE.

Big Ruby Baroque Earrings:

Big 5-Point Star Earrings:

Simple Flower Earrings:

And a white-gold-plated-over-brass hooks, with Briolette dangles (people are LOVIN these white gold plated hooks!)

Also, the Kawaii Hoops are making a comeback! They first debuted in March of this year :)

Annddddddd a simple, clean, super cute, Dainty Heart bracelet ;)

Quick reminder:
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Elana said...

ahh so many lovely pieces! I cannot wait for the rest of the sailor moon collection! The pieces for it so far were so accurate and lovely!


CATHLEEN said...

love the new earrings. i actually don't know if i'm allergic to non-ss.

so deprived of the internet. i'm actually at my cousin's house posting this since there's no net around my area for some reason.

London's-beauty said...

i didn't know what non ss earrings were so I was a bit baffled ^^ I'm loving these cute earrings. I'm not really sure whether I'm allergic to it. I think I can only wear 100% white gold because if I wear other earrings made out of something else, my ears would kind of turn black and dirty after I've taken the earrings out.

Pop Champagne said...

lovely creations, the AB crystals are really pretty!

MeiBelle said...

I love those Kawaii earrings, i think those were my first purchase from you! <3

stochastic888 said...

Those star earrings are super kawaii!

Calia Yang said...

OMG!! I love the hoops!!

grace said...

are the kawaii hopes on the site somewhere? I can't seem to find them.

grace said...

I can't find those kawaii hoops on the site, are they there?