Friday, October 15, 2010

He Qi FB Giveaway + NEW items!

Come join my first Facebook Giveaway HERE!

Don't forget to tell your friends!

I also made a couple of new earrings and a new necklace today!

Another OOAK pair of earring, they're really big, bigger than most of my stuff. Also loaded with quality materials.

Some Volcanic Leaves earrings:

And sort of a matching set? I don't do matching sets often enough, so here's one.

Peaceful Autumn Earrings:

Peaceful Autumn Necklace:

I'll be MIA probably until next Wednesday. There's a lot of school stuff I need to attend to.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Thanks dropping by :D

Oh yea, I've been drooling over this costume:
uhhhhhhh $130. If I order it now, it'll come in time for Halloween, and I can definitely wear it to Comic-Con in the future... but... SO MUCH MONEY. But it looks so nice...
I didn't like the story line of FFXIII, but thought the graphics were beauuuuutiful.
Random nerd moment, sorry.

- Lisa



missy joey said...

I'm loving the fact that you're having so many giveaways this month (I think 3 as of now if I recall correctly).

Thanks Lisa for hosting such lovely and great giveaways! <3

KI said...

the first pair of earrings is AMAZING lisa
we totally need to do another bead swap haha i've bought some new things ~
- A

xoladiihoneyxo said...

eww. Facebook. j/k.

*gasp* Love the new creations! =D

grace said...

LOVE the new creations, especially the hoops. I love hoopy stuff :D

And Comic-con eh? Which one? San Diego? :)

CATHLEEN said...

I love your set for the earrings and necklace. love silver stuff.
I saw the costume through your twitter account. pretty.

London's-beauty said...

your skin looks perfect! I lovee the earrings ^.^

stochastic888 said...

The necklace is awesome! I love the colors!

Saving Capulet said...

oh wow, the necklace looks stunning! all of them are just gorgeous!