Saturday, October 09, 2010

FOUND DOG: A random dog walked into our apartment!

Yes, she literally just walked in.

My roomie's brother knocked on our door to pick up my roomate-- and next to him was an adorable dog.
The dog just walks in. We thought it was HIS dog, but he said it was just outside out house, and just walked in while our door was open. No collar, SKINNY as heck! Her claws are long and unkept. The guess is that she's been out a while.

We're calling her Pickles for now... and we're going to put up flyers around town & at Petco. Will bring her into the SPCA in Woodland in about 2 weeks if we don't hear anything from anyone. Meanwhile, we'll keep her and try to get her back to a healthier weight.. so that she won't just be ribs and a backbone. Poor dog. We also have no idea how old she is. She's very quiet, but very social and loving. Potty trained (YES!!!), loves being held. Not your average small, stereotypically yappy dog.


We've already picked up some food & toys to keep her amused and comfortable in the meantime. She's been adapting well to our apartment, but we CAN NOT keep her, no matter how fricken sweet she is.

So if anyone in Davis knows anyone who's lost a chihuahua mix, LET ME KNOW HERE. Or email me at: , title: PICKLES. I won't be responding to any irrelevant emails.

Thanks, everyone!

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Calia Yang said...

what a cute puppy!!! glad you found her and are nursing her back to health. Hopefully you'll be able to find her owners!!

CATHLEEN said...

wow i can't believe the dog just walked in. i've never heard of that happening before. It's so nice of you to be taking care of it in the mean time. lets hope the owners will find it.

stochastic888 said...

awww...poor doggy. I hope someone comes to claim her. If not, I hope she'll find a happy home, I bet she will. She looks so sweet.

CutieCocoChanel said...

WOW poor doggy :( its disgusting how people can just disgard them like they're nothing, but Pickles is very lucky that they found someone that is going to take care of her!
Being chinese we have many superstitions, my grandma always told me that if a dog comes into your house on their own will it will bring you luck!
SO hopefully this is true and it brings you plenty of luck!
Much love Chanel! xxx

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Awww, too bad you can't keep her =[ Damn, potty trained!? Obviously a lost dog... maybe she ran out the door or the fence and didn't know her way home. That's so sad, poor little dog. It's a good thing you're taking care of her to be healthy again.

April said...

Aww you have an AMAZING heart for nursing that precious dog back to health!!! :)

xDLeslie said...


In chinese superstition, it's good luck for a dog to come into your those who literally just walk in! :D

Luck must be coming your way! :D

London's-beauty said...

omdaiss CUTEE!! and cute name too ^__^ pickles :P yeah i agree, it's lucky when a dog just randomly walks in your house :)

kan said...

Awe! I wish a dog like that walked into MY home =)

I hope she finds her home or a good loving home. I would love to adopt her but I'm far from where you live =(

Joy said...

You guys are so awesome to take her in and nurture her. I hope you guys find the family she belongs to or find a family for her. Good luck!