Wednesday, November 03, 2010

oodles of new goodies! Snowflake necklace =)

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well so far-- we're more than halfway done with the work week! *high five*.

I've been busy busy busy for the last couple of days-- Can you believe it? The quarter will be over in a month!!! That means I need to study study study!! Which also means.. get your order in quick quick quick! In time for the Holidays =) Remember to check out the promos page-- the early bird deal expires very soon.

I would appreciate if you would check out the CLEARANCE section. Most of the stuff there really needs to go-- and they're all in stock, and ready to ship.... and at a great price. There are TONSSSSSS of clearance items.

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On to new work!
A necklace in honor of upcoming winter/ Holidays:

Triple strand chandeliers are back!

More jade coin flower earrings =)

(Thanks for the coins again, LOVE THEM, Alyssa!)

Clover earrings:

Mesh pearls & Bows:

More Autumn Leaf earrings:

- Lisa



Samantha said...

The snowflake design is so cute! Definitely a hit this upcoming season. As always, amazing work!

InsideOut Elle said...

Aww the gold birds + red flowers are beautiful! They look very Christmas-y :)

Amy said...

the earring are gorgeous!

missy joey said...

Such pretty pieces, Lisa!

But once again, I find myself attracted to the clover pieces (love the earrings!).

Penelope said...

love the jade coin flower earrings. Gorgeous!

KI said...

the pink/red flowers with the gold birds looks fantastic!
totally jealous of the design :( wish I thought of it haha

- A

The Little Dust Princess said...

The triple strand chandelier is really pretty!!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Nat said...

I love the mesh bow with pearl earrings ^_^ so simple and cute!

Erin said...

I really like the jade coin flower earrings :)