Monday, October 04, 2010

Praise for Seche Vite, 2 OOAK Earrings

I've been browsing a lot of nail blogs lately and catch myself wondering how long it takes for these gals to create beautiful manicures, and how they manage to make it look so darn perfect, without a single smudge or scratch!

When I do my nails, I can never sit long enough for my nails to completely dry before the urge to do things overwhelms me, I end up typing, writing, or making jewelry, and alas, a nail becomes smeared.
I was watching Jen's basic nail polish tutorial, and noticed for the first time that she used the Seche Vite top coat. Yea, I've tried top coats before, and I didn't realize how DIFFERENT they can be. I used to use AVON's uhh something about freeze dry thingy that was supposed to help the polish dry faster, glossy & smooth.  .... It sucked. Still took at least 5 minutes before the nails were touchable without smudging :\ I picked up a bottle of Seche Vite from CVS when it was on sale for aprox. $8, with free nail stickers (haha). Just when I thought I'd given up on topcoats, I decided to give this one a go.

** This is a random note, but I've been a nail-biter all my life. The only time I DON'T chew on my nails is when I have polish on. In an effort to make my nails longer and more beautiful, I have decided to invest in beautiful polishes and top coats so I will eventually (ideally, hopefully) be able to give myself amazingly cute manicures ;)

One word for Seche Vite: Genius.
WHY did I not use this before?!
I LOVE THIS TOP COAT. It actually makes the polish dry SUPER fast, and by super fast, I mean, within a minute or so, you can touch your nails. Within 5 minutes, it's DONE.
The formula doesn't smell very nasty, is quite THIICK, and goes on beautifully. I like putting it on my entire nail, and let it kinda of seep onto my skin-- I can then easily it peel/pick it off, along with any other imperfect nail polish that got on my skin. It leaves your polish looking AMAZINGLY glossy-- I'm constantly rubbing my nails because I love that feeling.

The final verdict:
Would I buy this over, and over again? Heck yes. I think every single nail-painter has got to have this. Saves you tons of time/frustration-- plus, you get beautiful results. I am finally inspired to paint my nails all the time.
GO BUY THIS. I might even buy a bottle to give away soon, because I like it so much ;)

BTW, Seche has a whole line of nail stuff- not just top coats. Base coats, fillers, etc. I can't wait to check the rest of the line out!

If you've tried other products from Seche, let me know what you think! If you also have the Seche Vite top coat, how do you personally like it?

Okay, so I made 2 pairs of OOAK earrings last night.
OOAK = One of a kind. This means there is only ONE pair of such a design ... EVER. You're guaranteed a unique piece. Some of the components for these designs are either hard to find, or come from swaps with fellow jewelry artisans.


^ I really love these, and am seriously contemplating keeping these for myself :X
If no one claims them within a week, I think I'll keep em. They're very long, dangly, beautiful, obscenely cute.

^ These are girly, quite magical. Perfect for your inner-faerie.

See the new earrings HERE.

How should I hold my Facebook giveaway? Make a post on there? Get you gals to model He Qi Jewelry and see who gets the most likes? Suggestions much needed!

- Lisa



InsideOut Elle said...

I love the second pretty! I've never seen a design like that :D

Pauline said...

I LOVE SECHE VITE TOO! You could've gotten it cheaper on ebay if you didn't mind waiting XD BUT YES, I LOVEE THAT TOP COAT. now my nail polish never smudges :)

I agree, that first pair of earring is really cute! It reminds me of spring! It's so rainy and cold in NYC this week :(

I lack creativity so I can't help you with the facebook giveaway idea, but if you do decide to go with the modeling idea, it might become a "looks" contest. Something that has to do with your jewelry would be nice, perhaps something that will showcase how He Qi has grown over the past few years, since its soompi stage? But then again, not everyone owns He Qi Jewelry and it might be unfair to them.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I've tried it at a nail salon and surprising, I don't like it as much as other people rave it O_O I guess everyone is different or the technique of the girl who did it since I'm so picky. Maybe I'll take a look at it since Revlon nail polish are practically on sale for 99 cents this week. hehe...

Anonymous said...

I NEED to get Seche Vite! I always want to paint my nails, but I'm so impatient. I can't just sit still for nails to dry; I have too much to do!

stochastic888 said...

I love doing my nails...I should give Seche Vite a try!

stochastic888 said...


For the FB contest, I think you should do like what you do on your blog: like where we're from, our names, and what are our favorite products from your shop, etc. I'll brainstorm some more ideas, and will post them on your blog. :D


rhaindropz said...

love your pieces hun.. keep on creating more ^_^

hugs and kisses

The Little Dust Princess said...

I must try that Seche stuff! Your post was convincing enough. LOL

As for your Facebook giveaway, you can do what you normally do and have people comment and you randomly choose a winner. : )

xx The Little Dust Princess

KI said...

the earrings are beautiful, i'm happy you're using the beads! <3333

Kae said...

I can't live without Seche Vite either! I always have 3 bottles of it lying around haha. I stop using it when it gets to half and move onto my new bottle. When that bottle is half done, I pour it into the other half used bottle and it's like a new bottle! Otherwise you need to thin it because SV gets so thick at about half.

Love the earrings! (^-^)

London's-beauty said...

ooh i finkk jen uses it :D Seche Vite seems really good, I might try it. :P

Erin said...

I don't blame you for wanting to keep those earrings to yourself, they are totally cute!

Calia Yang said...

I'm the same as you!!! can't sit still LONG ENOUGH for my nails to dry...I always end up smudging it or ruining it !! T_T i totally feel you on that!!
Never heard of seche vite!! might have to get me some now! that way I won't smudge my nails!

gorgeous pieces as always!!!

contests and such said...

I LIKE Seche Vite, but I don't LOVE it. It has a lot of tipwear soon into wearing polishes. I really like Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat in the red bottle. So much better than Seche + cheaper!
Also you can buy Seche Vite much cheaper at Sally Beauty Supply, especially if you are a member.