Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sailor Pluto Earrings, Doggie Update!

I made some Sailor Pluto earrings on Friday, but couldn't get them up till today due to a busy weekend.

Here they are! Pretty close to the Anime, I think. Made with polymer clay =), and also glazed for shine.

See them HERE, along with the other Sailor Moon collection. Also, I will have Sailor Moon's FIRST pair of earrings up, soon! I'm still waiting on some materials.

And thanks to everyone who wished the doggie good luck! I was talking her out for a short walk today, and we ran into her owner!! YAYYYYY Pickles is back home and happy.

And quick reminder:
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Calia Yang said...

I'm really loving your sailor moon series!!!!

YAY for pickles!! so happy that you ran into her owner!!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Yay! I'm so happy for Pickles!!


Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...
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MeiBelle said...

I read your entry about Pickles and I'm so glad that you ran into her owner! Yay! Someone was looking out for that doggy =)

I can't wait to see the Sailor Moon earrings!

stochastic888 said...

Yay for Pickles! I love Sailor Moon anything! xD

CATHLEEN said...

aww that's good news that the pickles founds its owner. did you ever get the name of the puppy?

love how you have a sailor moon jewelry collection.

London's-beauty said...

aww yaya for pickles^^

missy joey said...

congrats on Pickles finding her owner! what were the odds?? AMAZING! I'm glad everything worked out. :)

oooooh, I've always wanted to learn how to use/mold the polymer clay (for nail art/deco) so it's pretty awesome that you were able to do them for the earrings. :)

mint said...

yay to puppy :D