Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quickie! Teeny Cuff, Sailor Pluto studs + sapphire stars n bows!

Upon request, I have made blue Wee Lil' Stars & Bows!

I also made a simple cuff, just to dangle off the ear. I think it's quite cute =)
These are made with NON sterling silver wire, but the guage is thicker so it'll be stronger =)

I really, REALLY like how this turned out <3

Some Sailor Pluto studs. These were modeled after her human form-- not her Sailor form... I used to have these in a smaller size in my shop, but I realized how perfect it was to continue the Sailor Moon collection!

Super classic, even though the reference is Sailor Moon ;)

Okay, that's all for tonight!
Sorry for the late responses as of late, people are moving in/out of the apartment so I'm a little more occupied.

- Lisa



xoladiihoneyxo said...

haha, I never noticed Sailor Pluto's earrings before.

Rachel said...

I love the simple cuff and the Sailor Moon inspired earrings are gorgeous!! =) They are so elegant you would never think they are inspired by that although they fit perfectly ^.^

Elana said...

LOVE the cuff and pluto earrings! I wish I could wear cuffs, but I ordered one from a different jewelery maker before, and it just wouldn't stay up on my ear! t.t.

Yay for sailor scout collection! <3

London's-beauty said...

the person who modelled your earrings has such nice skin!! :) I haven't seen that kind of cuff before, pretty cute ^^

~Lisa said...

Oh lala! BOWS!! I think I have some of those bows in my kit too! =P

And the cuff is very pretty!

Susan said...

Love the new bows with the blue crystal!

contests and such said...

Not too into the SM but those are different and cool earrings!