Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sailor Jupiter Rose Studs, Super Nova, more Cuffs!

Here's a quick post to show you the new things I've made recently:

Sailor Jupiter Studs!
Handmade polymer flowers by yours truly =)

I really love how these turned out!

A photo of my own pair:

And Sailor Jupiter wearing her earrings ;)

More Super Nova earrings, in Aquamarine this time!

ANNNDD more cuffs!

 I've been asked on formspring, and I wanted to address:

you shuld make more jewelry under 10

Hmm...  due to the nature of my materials (sterling silver, SWAROVSKI, 14K gold fill), I can't really make an under $10 line, but I'm trying to "downgrade" some designs. I wanted to focus on making more QUALITY products. It is possible to price some items under $10, but that would defeat the point of having a business. :X
I know it's hard for some of us to afford jewelries over $10, but.... that's kind of just the way it has to be, sorry! :(

Tomorrow is my 22nd Birthday-- I'm planning to hold a giveaway in honor of that, so come back and check!

- Lisa



Rachel said...

Those polymer flowers are stunning! Your so talented =) And they are so acurate aswell! Even in size, compared to the sailor moon ones! =) Love the super nova ones also!! Great work =)

And happy birthday for tomorrow!! Hope you have an amazing day!!! <3

Elana said...

The supernova earrings are GORGEOUS!!! One of the prettiest pairs of earrings I've seen in a while! I also love your sailor jupiter earrings, when I was little I always wanted a pair just like hers! Great work with the scout collection so far! It's so exciting to see the new pieces for each scout ^^

London's-beauty said...

im loving the ear cuffs and the supernova earring!!! woww, it's so beautiful. More innovative designs here :) Loving it all!

Anonymous said...

Your handmade polymer flowers are amazing!!

KittyBonkers said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!

Gorgeously designed jewelry as always!!

Kitty x

Calia Yang said...

OMG I'm a huge Sailor Jupiter fan!!! She was the BESTEST!!! loving those earrings!

reene said...

I love your Sailor Moon themed pieces. :D They bring back such memories.. Mars was my favorite, then Jupiter, then Saturn, then Pluto. ^^

lee_lena said...

I'm having a really hard time choosing between the black Sailor Pluto earrings and the Sailor Jupiter earrings! ^__^; Your style is very unique, I feel like I have to wait a while for new jewelry so that I can think carefully about choosing. Happy birthday tomorrow!

Florence said...

I'm loving the Jupiter earrings! And your Sailor Moon jewelry in general. It brings back memories.

And happy early birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the shade of pink you chose for the Jupiter stud earrings. Vibrant but remains soft so it's not tacky or cheap looking.

mint said...

happy birthday!

Anna said...

Jupiter studs are beauties.
i love the radiance of the pink
it screams... BUY ME!!!

I received my order, Jen's feather earrings are magnificent! i received alot of compliments from work =P

Ty for the sample of bubble gum!
it's amazingly sparkly - i kinda feel it's a tad bit translucent but at the same time... its enough...i dusted some on my lips( over my chap stick - it gave a nice glow)

Happy birthday! bless you and hope you enjoy today with family and friends =]

stochastic888 said...

About 2 months ago when I discovered your website and saw the Floral Radiance earrings, I thought to myself "I wish it came as a stud, just the rose part without the pearl" and lo and behold you created the Sailor Jupiter Rose studs. Lol, it's almost you read my mind Lisa! xD

~Lisa said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe you made those!! And loving these new cuffs you're doing!

contests and such said...

Those roses are adorable! I love rose earrings...really rose anything!