Saturday, August 07, 2010

Weekend Promo, Blast from the Past, Upcoming, PIC HEAVY

Weekend promo:
Applicable for all orders placed and paid for between August 7, 2010-August 8, 2010
Order over $160 worth of items, and pick any ONE item $20 or less from my shop, FREE of charge. Keep in mind this is any ONE item-- so if your item is only $6, you can not pick 2 more $6 items to make up $20. Choose wisely ;)
Just include the LINK of your free item in the comments section during checkout!

** Also, for those of you who have ordered eyeshadows, your order comes with a free mini eyeshadow brush! =)

And since I'm a the bf's house, I haven't been working, so there's no new stuff to show. However, I think it's fun every once in a while to look back on really early work from years back just to remind us all He Qi has changed.

I used to make a lot of these cross-stitched charms for sale. I stopped making them because they were very time consuming and hard on my hands :(

I'm thinking of offering these again... but it's one of those things I'm not sure about :X

I also did a lot of paper roses with chocolate kisses inside... this is one of my fav. bouquets I've customized:

This was my first really "busy" phone charm:

My first beaded item:

I also used to do double-pierced earrings:

I may consider doing double pierced earrings again-- anyone interested? Leave me a comment if you are, with specific shapes/colors you'd like to see =)

Double pierced sets were very popular on Soompi forums a couple years back-- I'm not sure if they are right now since I haven't been on there in forever. So were cuff earrings sets:

Upcoming in the next week or so:
PRESSED Eyeshadows, Blushes, Powders!! =) I'm super excited. The compacts I got are SO CUTE.

If you haven't seen this yet, I'd love for you to check out the official He Qi Facebook Page HERE.
Once I reach 100 "likes", I'll be holding a giveaway on there!

Also, don't forget, there's still time to join the current giveaway, details are on the sidebar!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

- Lisa



London's-beauty said...

Those earring cuffs look dead gorgeous! loveee it, spesh the ones with the star on. :P

Aww stitching does take a while, I always poke my fingers with a needle while stitching my dress for textiles. Those phone charms look lovely :)

Tammy said...

Awww the double earrings are so cute! Sometimes it makes me wish that I had more piercings on my ears lol

Esther said...

I really like the idea of double pierced earrings. I saw some in an accessory store the other day and was very tempted to buy them. I'd prefer more simple ones though.

The pillow phone charms are absolutely adorable. I'd definitely order one in a heartbeat (assuming sufficient funds.) I really hope you decide to sell them! But please don't feel pressured if they're just too much!

Stephanie said...

I think you should do double pierced earrings again! I also thought those stitched charms look cute but they look like intense hand work.
anyways, PRESSED makeup?? woo! I was gonna ask you about pressing your shadows!! Can't wait to see what you've got!! :)

kalai said...

double pierced earrings are so cool^^ but i'd need to get a second hole pierced.. those cuff earrings are cute too.. i want some like those~ xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, I still remember those cross-stitched charms and the earrings you sold on soompi back then. I think you were one of the most popular seller haha. It would nice to see some blast from the past ;)

hana said...

Those stitched charms are so cute! If the price is right, I would definitely be ordering some :D

As for those double pierced earrings omg they are mad gorgeous it makes me want to get a cartilage piercing. Assuming its for cartilages cuz I do have double piercings but they are all on the earlobes :C

Should have did the cartilage now I think about it D:

~Lisa said...

Wow! Even back then, your pieces were just as nice! The stitched products are really cute!

And your version of the beaded heart is sooo much better than my version!!

Erin said...

the cross stitched charms are adorable!

Kittin said...

=D double pierced earrings are so hard to find...
i ordered a pair from you before.. it was pink flowers.. and they're really awesome.
seeing them back again would be nice... i remember seeing a blue set with stars and moons in your album before. =D really liked that one but u never seemed to make anymore double pierced earrings

Chanthida said...

i love double pierced earrings!!!! I would like to see purple crystals used and maybe red, green and definitely black, oh who am i kidding i would like to see any colors and shapes, i am sure it will still turn out make some!....ok?!?!?! :D haha

contests and such said...

The paper roses are pretty!
I'm not a double earring kinda gal.
I like that beaded heart! Very cute!