Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winner, Replies to YOU, + embedded updates!

Thanks to everyone who gave their input last post! I'm going to take your feedback and try to work on those--
I thought I'd do this post a little differently and incorporate my updates + replies to your comments! =)

London's-beauty : Thanks for always dropping by, love! I have done anklets before, wayyyyyyyy back in the day. I will try to make more cuffs in the future =)

D : Thank you for leaving a comment! I stuck to making ONLY sterling silver jewelry for the LONGEST time because I thought I personally couldn't pull off gold-- a fellow jewelry artisan introduced me to the beauty of gold (thanks, STEPH!) and I have been in LOVE. I wear gold earrings all the time now. Lesson learned: you can pull anything off-- just try it. What's there to lose? =)

The Little Dust PrincessThanks!

KIMB! : I've always been an earrings kinda gal-- so it's always hard for me to make necklaces! I'll try to work with my limited necklace skills and see what I can do =)

Elana: YOU are a mind-reader. I've been planning this collection for a while, including using some AWESOME Negamoon (spelling?) charms that I designed myself, and I'm trying to get them cast in sterling silver. I'm so excited for this!! You can be sure these will be unique and super cute :D

Shiseiten : I'll definitely try to come up with more necklaces. The only issue I have with necklaces is that I like to be unique, I hate it when I see people make pendants out of crystals, but I know a lot of people like that-- however, I feel like other jewelry artisans already covered this ground many times over :X. I definitely have a gold/red necklace in the works for the holidays!

Anna : Hi Anna! It's always good to hear from a Soompier!
I made a new phone charm today =)

and thought about you =). I'll have more coming!

Susan: Have you seen the mother of pearl birdie earrings? I wish to make more earrings with these little cuties :D. I will keep a look out for fleur de lis and celtic designs-- I've stayed a bit away from celtic sterling silver items because they tend to be pricier. 

Michelle: Hello Michelle! It's good to hear from you! I PROMISE that I will make some cuffs for the holiday season! Do you have any colors/shapes you'd like to see? Email me!

Kittin : Will do! It seems a consensus that people would like to see more necklaces =)

Jamie: Hello my love. Whenever I think of card captor, I think hearts and wings, lol. I'll try to make some more plain pearl bracelets soon! I'm thinking of coming up with a series of to quality, thick-chained sterling silver charm bracelets-- what do you think?

lee_lena : A while back, I had some moon+heart black/red designs, I'll try to make some necklaces with those combos, hope you'll pick one up ;)

Rachel : I do have bows and star coming, as well as charms! 

KittyBonkers: I make a set of Angelic earrings today!

As well as a cartilage earring version:

Were these what you had in mind? =)
Also, I'll definitely pair up with the wings with other color crystals as well :D

vanity-fashionista: I'll try to make some exclusive gift sets for the holidays! That is an excellent idea =). It's not too complicated to wire-wrap earrings, it just takes time and patience. I notice that you like wire wrapped work!

mint: Hmm... I'm not quite familiar with the term "party jewelry"-- do you mean something a bit fancier?

Anna: Anna, you're getting and HQCD Addict mirror with your next purchase! REMIND ME when you place your next order! I made some BAT earrings in honor of Halloween :D

They come with a special goodie bag..

heehee! I think it'll be fun. I'll be adding more to the Halloween collection, maybe cats, too!
I haven't tried the clamp yet, I haven't been pressing powder, I've been making jewelry these passed few days, and catching up on orders!
Woman, you are a hurricane of ideas!

Rena: Candy corn jewelry just sounds so cute.. .I'll have to see if I can make it with polymer clay :D

I'll also have more angelic necklaces =)

CHEECHUN™: CHEEEEEEe!! Me too. lol 

Crystal.S: Babe, your new site looks fricken amazing. I haven't gotten a chance to personally tell you yet :(. I made some angelic earrings today!

~Lisa : Whenever I think of those shapes, I think of the japanese hime style-- I LOVE that style. You'll see a bit of that in every piece, thought now like... crazy, haha!

MissPukku : Thank you!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven: SWEEEEEEEt. What's his punishment if he doesn't get them for you?

Haha, just kidding ;)

contests and such: I'm on a wing binge, too! I think these certain motifs overwhelm the jewelry world in waves-- it's very in at the moment =)

Emmeline L.: Have you seen the PEGASUS necklace, or GOLD necklace? They are both double stranded. I tend to not make many of these because they are pricey, and take hours, even days to complete!

lixuehui2yueh: Thank you! Everyone seems to like the volcanic threaders =) When I design the winter collection, I'll keep in mind your ideas!

Anyway... I wanted to thank you all for coming by, I randomly chose a winner, congrats, 
lee_lena!! Your small little thank you prize is as follows:

A cookie mirror, some earrings + a He Qi Eyeshadow in "Plum", one of the more popular colors ^^.
If you could email your address, that'd be great!

I also customized a rockstar bracelet:

I hope this post hasn't been too confusing, haha :X
Thought I'd try something new!

Anyway, HQCD's blog has been live for a year now, and I'd love to host another giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

- Lisa



~Lisa said...

Aww, I find that so sweet how you replied to everyone! ^_^

And that bracelet looks like you spent a lot of time on >_<

Elana said...

Wow! I can't WAIT to see the negamoon charms! I loved how the upside down black crescent moon was used as their symbol, to show how they were the opposites of the white moon! Haha I'm such a sailor moon addict t.t. The collection should be a truly lovely one, since there's a color for everyone! I was so bummed when Pluto was renounced as a planet..sailor moon was the first thing I thought of! haha

Best of luck! =D

D said...

WOW! Thanks for responding back in a timely manner and on your blog too! It was unexpected but I feel like I love you more now! I will give it a try! I am gonna get a pair of earrings and I can't wait until you make more necklaces. I am on the search for some statement pieces!

Shiseiten said...

aww. thanks for the reply! I totally understand about the necklace thing. :) But I am just as happy with the unique and beautiful earrings! good luck with the new items and I can't wait for more updates. :D

Anna said...

OMG!!! those bat + crystal earrings are BATTTTASSSSS...( HAHAHAHA...)

I actually squealed when i saw the goodie bag...i love cats (and stars - kinda eyeballing the bracelet... but i'm not a bracelet girl more of an earring person.. but im sure that will change... soon)

...infact last night i had a dream about a fat tabby was about giving it a name... i named it Ha Gao ( shrimp dumpling... dimsum dish)

what about spider...threader earrings...(GASPS) the thread would be like the web coming out of the spider's butt...


black crescent moon + cat or star(if you've ever seen a full moon on's actually creepy...)


PUMPKINS! - bibbidy boppidy boop =P


witches on a broom -hmm seems too generic...

Lisa... remember to get lots of fresh air...enjoy the summer...and don't be coped up inside making up orders ... patience is a virtue I'm sure many of us can wait a little bit longer =P

i enjoy looking forward to your blog postings - seeing what you've crafted up each week wither its jewelry or makeup or soaps...I've been a long time leeker=P reading your blog and Jen's blog before work begins brings color into my grey cubical....

i don't understand how companies insist that designers need to be more creative when they stick us in Grey colourless uniform cubes...with no natural light!!!( because all the executives and project manager get the window seats...'s midnight for me...tgif

Kittin said...

=D the cartilage earring is deff very tempting...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lisa♥.

bettyb0o said...

i have a cartilage piercing and im so bored of having a hoop or stud. the cartilage piece is FAB!!!!! im in loveeeee with it :D cant wait to see the other colors

KIMB! said...

Aw, can't wait to see more of your jewelry! I do agree, making necklaces are kind of hard. I am more like phone charms and bracelets gal :)

London's-beauty said...

Thanks for your reply! Replying must be long, you had to link it to everyone's blog. Really appreciate it :)
The cartilage earring looks awesome! Beautiful, I wish I had my cartilage pierced.
ooh it's nearly halloween X) can't wait! The vampire desire cascade earrings look hott. :)

mint said...

yep, what I mean is more extravagant jewelery that you would wear to parties, but not so much for the everyday. I think with christmas parties and clubbing, it's nice to have something more bling bling than usual. haha.
I hope you like the idea. :)

contests and such said...

This is really cool that you replied to us all! It must have taken a LONG time, I appreciate it!
Those Angelic earrings are beautiful!
I like the bat earrings too!
And I'm in love with the rockstar bracelet!!

Anna said...

at the office we have to beep ourselves in to get to our section of the floor in the building... ( we have to beep through he front door... in the elevator...floor doors...department doors... while walking back from the washroom ( thank GOD we don't have to beep to go to the washroom)... i walked into my department door... the whole department heard.. it was like one of those " a blonde walks in to a bar" jokes/situations... don't mean to offend anyone... with that comment...

im pretty sure i beeped myself in...but realistically i think i thought i had super powers and go through the door...

to get to the point... you have a design with feathers... and it's very elegant/ one feather has it's unique characteristic never is there 2 feathers the same a flock ( not sure what the term for many feathers is...)

so im kinda wondering and egging you to look into more feathery designs...what you made initially for Jen has both simplicity and elegance ... and feathers come in different shapes,length fluff... and color

on the theme of Halloween (dark and mystical...and back then before we hit the age cap...the only day where it was encouraged to accept a lot of candy from strangers) like i can really see a black wispy feather contrasting a pearl or even accentuating a vivid crystal color... combination...what not...

what do you think?

and how does walking into doors on a Friday afternoon and feathery earrings correlate... i have no idea lisa...

IS FRIDAY!!! The company hosts free ICE CREAM on Fridays * anna runs off ( and perhaps into a few doors) to nab her free ice cream sandwich*

xoladiihoneyxo said...

ooooooooo! cartilage earrings =] You should make one that don't need cartilage pierced ;]

Rachel said...

This post was a great idea!! Can't wait to see everything! I think stars are probably one of my favourite things ever! It's even in my blogname! (preciousxing - xing means star!)

I love the halloween pieces, they are so cool! =)