Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jen's Feather earrings, IN STOCK

Hello all~!
A quick update to let you know, Jen's Feather Earrings are IN STOCK.
Please get them QUICK. I only have 8 pairs, and 3 of those are already reserved... so 5 pairs left?

They are lower in price than the original ones because I downgraded the GOLD LINKS-- many of you expressed that you were not interested in gold filled links as this doesn't make the piece look any different. The hooks are STILL gold filled!

I am also working on a BUNCH of new designs-- watch out for that!

- Lisa



~Lisa said...

Ooh! Lovely!

lee_lena said...

These earrings are so cute and Jen looks lovely with them on! ^__^ I wish that I could pull them off, but I would look awkward since they aren't my style. ^__^;

London's-beauty said...

It's great to have Jen to model your earrings, she's so pretty!

Rachel said...

These are stunning, very unique style =)

dblchin (double chin) said...

These earrings are truly awesome! They look very very pretty!

Anna said...

feathery goood'ness <3
i can't wait to gawk and gaze and be dazzled by your new design - i also popped out of my chair when i saw that the rockstar themes wing earrings are back up!(mine mine minez!!!)

did you get new gem shapes/ cuts? materials? can't wait lisa!!!!

* sits patiently and twiddles her thumbs*