Monday, August 23, 2010

Angels, Everyday Classics, Celtic

Jen's Feather Earrings are SOLD OUT for now, sorry! I'll have more in stock in about 2 weeks time. Thank you for your patience an understanding =)

I added to my angel series (finally got more mother of pearl wings...)

Enjoy them!

Some new Celtic earrings!
And new additions to the Everyday Classic series. I can't possibly stress just how beautiful these White Gold plated hooks are! Such simple and classic pieces.

A closeup of the hook design, accented with Cubic Zirconia!

I also wanted to do my FIRST youtube contest... SOON.!

- Lisa



~Lisa said...

Oh, they're gorgeous! I love those hooks. How is it that you always find such great pieces??

And you have a YouTube account? What is it? I'll subsribe ^_^

Anonymous said...

Those White Gold plated hooks look amazing! Love the teardrop earrings! X♥

xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty prettyyy! Wow, youtube contest =]

Rachel said...

Those white gold hooks are stunning!! =) They are absolutely gorgeous, you always find and make the most beautiful pieces ^.^ Can't wait to see the YT comp! =)

London's-beauty said...

Look how shiny they are. preddy ^^

Anna said...

I've been staring at the Everyday Classic series...very sophisticated and elegant.

these a beauties Lisa...
these make me miss your chic bow + pearl/or crystal... do you have plans to bring those back? or have you vaulted them and we have to wait a a few years =P (like the Disney vault)

contests and such said...

Those hooks with the Cubic Zirconia are gorgeous! I love how they are delicate and small but it really adds to the piece. My favorite is the first piece you have up and I believe it is an aurora borealis(?) So beautiful and you give me so many lemmings for your jewelry!

Erin said...

Everything you make is so beautiful and I love the quality of your pictures!

Susan said...

LOVE the new hooks with the Cubic Zirconia! The Everyday Classics are one of my favorite collections - these are my favorite to use for work. The Celtic Design and color is absolutely AMAZING!!!!