Monday, August 16, 2010

A couple of new pieces of jewelry =) & Your Thoughts!

I got some new supplies in, and have already put together a few pieces.
The actual designs for these have been determined long ago, and finally, the parts are here!

I found these ADORABLE wing charms, and they took 3 weeks to arrive-- they're slightly smaller than I'd hoped, but they make the perfect cute and dainty necklace.

This one is called "angelic"

And some Princess Royalty earrings:

^ these came out much cuter than I'd thought they would :X

Cosmic Circle of Love earrings:

Volcano Starburst threaders:

Another color combo of the My Galactic Romance:

I want to hear from YOU. What do you want to see more of? Specifics, please! Also, I'm starting to get ready for the holidays-- any special holiday items you'd like to see?
Everyone who answers gets a chance to win some HQCD goodies. Winner will be announced in next post ;)

- Lisa



London's-beauty said...

Volcano Starburst threaders look boom! Love it, it looks unique. Have you tried doing anklets before?
You've done a few cuff earrings, I'd love to see more of that. You should make it with stars or hearts, I love them :P

D said...

WoW... The first two are to die for!! I'd have to say that I have been a reader for a while and your designs have only gotten better and better!! Expect an order from me!I like Princess Royalty colors but I don't think I could pull off the key look! OMG, so gorgeous!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Wow, these are all really nice! I especially love the angelic necklace!

KIMB! said...

Pretty materials!

You made a lot of earrings, but I would love to see more of necklaces with classy materials like pearls mixed with crystals. Hearts! (: But your jewelry are always pretty!

Elana said...

I think you should release a Sailor Moon collection! Maybe a necklace/earring for each scout? Since you already have sailor moon =D. Haha I think it's nice because swarovski has so many color options these days so it should be fun! Plus I think practically every girl of our generation grew up with sailor moon! hehe, or maybe I'm just a dork =x

Shiseiten said...

I love the Cosmic Circle of Love earrings and the new Galactic Romance necklace! They are quite stunning.

I would love to see more necklaces. Maybe darker colors like navy or green. I think they would be very elegant for the holiday season. I also would like to see more detailed earrings like the calla earrings..things with more silver works along with some nice colors. A gold necklace with red crystal would also look really pretty. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with for the holiday season. :D

Anna said...

I've loveddddd your phone charms since your soompi days. I miss those so I'd definitely like to see more of those! :)

Susan said...

Love the Circle of Love Earrings!! I was so hoping you would make a pair to go with the necklace!!! :D
The Volcano Starburst threaders and
My Galactic Romance Necklace are Gorgeous too! Love the colors in both.
I'd love to see more Fleur de Lis and Celtic designs. A;so I'd love to see more jewelry with the sparrow or other bird charms; and as you know I adore anything you make with your bows.

Michelle said...

I like the Princess Royalty earrings! They're cute & girly (:

For the holidays could you pleasepleasePLEASE make some cuff's?
My mom [susan ^] showed me the pictures from your photobucket and I got really excited!
I've honestly never seen those before...
Your jewelry is so irresistible LOL

Kittin said...

the Volcano Starburst threaders look awesome =]
i would like to see more necklaces, new and old.
starting on holidays already?? time flies

Jamie said...

The angelic necklace is gorgeous!! So classy.

I kind of want to see more bracelets: pearl bracelets and maybe some simple charm ones too.

Anything with bows or birds usually have me hooked. Oh, and of course, purple, too!

Or Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired?

lee_lena said...

Halloween is a fun exciting holiday that is coming up so I believe that you should experiment with your lovely creations. I would love to see some dark and edgier pieces especially some necklaces with black hearts dangling on them. On the other hand, I'm currently obsessed with crescent shaped ab swarovski crystals. So combine black hearts and ab crescents into your jewelry, it will be a huge hit with me. I'm Lena by the way. Hi! ^__^

Rachel said...

Everything is stunning =) I would love to see some more phone charms! I always love things with bows and stars! Keys are gorgeous too =)

KittyBonkers said...

OMG I wish I had some money so I could stock up on your gorgeous creations!! I would love to see more dainty wing items, maybe a set of earrings with wings related to the elements? So wing charms with red, green, yellow, blue ect stones? IDK thats probably lame xD

vanity-fashionista said...

Really love your new creations, especially My Galactic Romance :)

For the holiday season, it'll be be great to see you do gift sets?
I love your necklaces where you add the crystals and beads onto the chain (like the fancy vampire desire necklace) and maybe you could do matching earrings or/and bracelet? I don't know if that's too complicated?


baby-kk said...

Aww ^^ the new wing charm is cuteeee! :]
hmm, i wanna see more of hellokittyy charms :) & bows :] they just give a cute touch to pieces =D

mint said...

I like the Princess Royalty earrings, very cute :) I want to see some designs for Christmas. particularly some party jewelery ^^

Anna said...

...I'm ordering something every week Lisa... Im becoming an Hqcd junkie!!!/jk

I really enjoy how simplistic each design is - every gem combination it well thought out.

Falls around the corner - and i love the how leaves change colour ( especially maple leaves up here in canada) i would like to see some subtle earthy/leafy creations

*I'm actually planning a trip to new york just to see the leaves fall in central park...just like in the movies ... =P*

Halloween should be fun =P black cat earrings...a series of funky spooky and glam - punk?

christmas - your going to have so much fun during this season... there are so many combination of pendents... and crystal shapes...with family and friend gatherings during the wintery months( in Vancouver it just rains...and apparently out here in Ottawa... its freezing rain... ) I know you'll be inspired where ever you go... from snowflakes to candy candies to icicles to potlucks and food comas...

I think you'll notice this trend ... if you put a star... there's a 95% chance you'll see my name as a purchaser...

... your signature bow + pearl earrings are no longer available... /weeps

hows the powder pressing going? have you tried a c clamp yet?

Anna said...

There's also ...
remembrance day - the classic poppy( red + black as an inspirational direction...) im sure you can embrace peace/sacrifice/ and remembrance

perhaps rather than looking at western holidays - take inspiration from holidays within various cultures and countries... trying to think what my family celebrates other then mooncakes... and red pocket goodness...

{I just smoooshed frozen raspberries... in nutella...having a major sugar rush atm... my co workers...have yet to figure out where i get burst of energy...esp since i don't bother with coffee...if only they knew how much nutella i go through in a day...-__-;;) school didn't give me freshmen +15... work did!!! V_V

Rena said... about a Halloween necklace with an orange heart pendant, a green leaf pedant, and a white kind of reminds me of candy corn too. LOL
Or maybe another Angelic necklace that has a wing, pearl, and white heart pendant for X-mas?


<33 Rena

CHEECHUN™ said...

omg lisa... i am in love love loveeeee with the angelic necklace. like seriously in LOVE. lol!

Anonymous said...

How about some "angelic" earrings? :)

~Lisa said...

Everytime I read your blog, I fall in love again and again and again ^^

Well, I personally really like pieces with BOWS, crowns, and keys. I really lik dainty and sweet pieces of jewelry.

MissPukku said...

I loveee the Volcano Starburst threaders. Very beautiful!!!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I love thread earrings. My birthday is the 30th, and I'm definitely putting a pair of those on my wish list. My husband better get them for me! :oP

contests and such said...

LOVING that cute necklace with the wings and the circle of love earrings!
I'm really into winged jewelry right now. :)

Emmeline L. said...

The wings are super cute!! And those threaders - going on my wish list!

I think double stranded necklaces of some sort would really stand out (:

lixuehui2yueh said...

Wow! Those volcano starburst threaders are beautiful! And so is the angelic necklace! I love threaders and winged items...maybe winged threaders? And really, although I love stronger colors like the dark green and reds in some of your jewelry, it would be nice to see some more large pendant necklaces or clusters in aquamarine, reminiscent of snowflakes or shining water, for the upcoming winter =3