Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Input on Packaging Tuxedo Mask and Wee Lil Stars n Bows

I recently received a feedback that said:
could have wrapped the item a bit better...and left the samples out of the gift box

Because I take every feedback to heart (I am constantly striving to improve), I want to know:
1. Does it bother you that I put samples into the gift box of the item? If this is an issue I'll stop doing it starting from orders I'm doing today. I think I'll start packaging them separately anyway. I just thought it was a cute surprise to open your gift box, and a see a little something else, as well! But let me know, I'm completely flexible.

2. Is my packaging crappy? I stopped using bubble wrap because:
    a. it's fricken terrible for the environment, kills tons of animals when it gets thrown away
    b. the boxes I buy are plenty sturdy enough to withstand at least 13 oz-- which is generally the max weight for small jewelry packages.
If you deem it necessary and have found that your packages are DAMAGED during shipment, you need to personally let me know! Send me an email! If you want to request bubble wrap for your item, I can do that, just leave me a note in the comments section during checkout. This was the first person who has ever brought this up, so I want to address it.
I used to use POLY BUBBLE-lined bags-- they didn't cost much more (maybe a couple of cents, which I don't worry about at all), but... plastic is much harder to biodegrade than paper, and I try to do my part for the environment, at least what I can. So let me know!

If you have something to tell me that you don't want to comment here, you can email me: Your input is GREATLY appreciated!!

All right, on to the jewelry stuff =)

I made a tuxedo mask necklace last night!
I grew up watching sailor moon, and still watch sailor moon on Veoh whenever I'm making jewelry. I seem to not be able to get tired of it!

Most of the gals I knew had a tiny crush on Tuxedo Mask, haha. Me included.

The necklace designed in his honor:

Handmade polymer clay rose, black mask, AB star =)
If you want it in sterling silver, I can do that, as well!
See it HERE.

And some Wee Lil' Stars & Bows Earrings!

These are less than $10, which makes them wonderful gifts for anyone =)
They also make great stocking stuffers for the holidays ;).
Yes, I plan on making these a permanent part of the collection.

- Lisa



Blair said...

I do like to do my part for the environment and the way you package your jewelry seem to be very earth friendly, do keep up with what you are doing right now =D

Awww, a Tuxedo Mask necklace!!! I was sooooooo obsessed with Sailormoon memorabilia when I was younger..

Halifax said...

I don't have problems with the way you packed either. And it's thoughtful of you to think about the environment

London's-beauty said...

That tuxedo mask necklace is lovelyy :)

Florence said...

I've never had problems with your packaging. I actually like the cute little boxes they come in. And doing your part to protect the environment is a plus, so I personally think you should keep the boxes :)

And the Tuxedo Mask necklace is gorgeous!

Kittin said...

The packaging is fine.
the necklace looks awesome =D.

Calia Yang said...

I think that anything that is earth-friendly is the best. You are one of the few companies that really think about these things. ^_^ *thumbs up*

OMG!! TM was like THE HOTTEST guy ever!!! (back in the day) LOL I totally was crushing on him when I was younger. eheheh
The necklace is PERFECT!

Anna said...

tuxedo mask...*he still makes me blush*

i think it's great that you have the environment in mind. there's always the paper strip shreds as can get messy fast...

i always get a warm fuzzy feeling when i see mail outside my room door ...half the time i forget what i ordered... so it's like a nice surprise...

i can't wait to get all the goodies from this month's order!!!it'll be like a early Christmas...

lee_lena said...

When I first got my jewelry, I thought it was a bit strange that the free sample was inside the jewelry box. However, it was wrapped in plastic so it didn't harm the jewelry and it was a nice surprise. If it wasn't in the box, I would have not seen it because I just go straight to what I ordered. ^__^; I believe that there is no need for the bubble wrap since the box looks clean and classy. Bubble wrap is for more fragile items and to me it won't look like handmade products, but as items made from machines due to the way they are packaged. And on another note, I used to have a crush on Tuxedo Mask as well. ^__^ Love the new permanent earrings!

Rachel said...

Love the tuxedo mask necklace, those rose charms are so pretty!! I think it's great that your trying to do your best for the environment =)

Elana said...

Your packaging is cute and lovely, I don't think there's anything wrong with it!

Yay! Sailor Moon stuff! <3 I'm excited to see the charms you're working on! I was in LOVE with tuxedo mask! LOVE! Haha, oh darien <3. Till this day my ideal picture of a guy is still one with black hair and blue eyes! haha =)

MeiBelle said...

I think that your packaging is fine and quite elegant. I always like when I open a package and there is more to it than what I thought. It's more love in a package! ^^

Meme said...

I just absolutely love those small little stars

Tammy said...

I do like that u don't use bubble wrap. I work at a restaurant and I feel so bad whenever ppl cant finish their food and have to get a takeout container (that's Styrofoam!!) AND a bag. Btw, the tuxedo mask necklace is so cute! I use to have a crush on him when I was little. yes, I was aware he is a cartoon XD

Dhara said...

I love that necklace!

Stacey said...

I think your packaging is fine, the box is very nice and useful.

However, I wish that a separate box(such as for gift giving) wouldn't cost extra... let me know if I got this bit wrong though! :)

I think it's great that you put multiple items in one box(saving materials and being environmentally friendly), but people should have the option of having their jewelry pieces boxed separately.

Keep up the great work! All the jewelry is lovely as usual.

Erin said...

the tuxedo mask necklace is super cute!!

Susan said...

I have had no problem with your packaging or boxes. They hold up through the mail very well. Also, I have had no problem with finding the samples in the boxes. The samples don't hurt the earrings and nothing has ever leaked.

I do like the idea Stacey had of offering single boxes especially if someone is giving a gift. Maybe you could offer that during the Holiday Season.

The Tuxedo Mask Necklace is Gorgeous! I remember watching Sailor Moon with my daughter and we both loved when Tuxedo Mask appeared!

Glad the wee lil stars and bows will continue to be in your store. I need to save some money before my next order.

Clover said...

I received today my first order from you. Now I am a huge fan!!!
I like your packaging (and as someone who studied a lot about packaging and advertissment, I can say that it is really good!). So keep it =)

your products are so lovely! Thanks a lot!

contests and such said...

I haven't ordered from you, but I think that instead of bubble wrap to use newspaper? Definitely environmentally friendly.
I never watched Sailor Moon but I love that necklace and the bow earrings are super cute!