Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Promotions and New Items!

Hello all!

I wanted to share today's specials with you today! Only applicable towards orders placed and paid for today! (all the way till midnight pacific time!) Just mention in the "notes" part of the orders that you'd like to qualify for these promotions UNLESS if it says email, then EMAIL, please! Only ONE promotion per order, please!

1. Spend over $50 (excluding S/H) and get a FREE full size Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara, FREE! Only one available.

2. Get the BAROQUE phone/purse charm FREE with purchase of ANY baroque item! Either earrings or necklace is fine!

Only one available!

3. Buy ANY pegasus crystal necklace, and get matching pegasus earrings for ONLY $26 + S/H! (Save $6!) ------ This is my FAVORITE deal. EMAIL me to get this discount! This is TODAY only! I know lots of you have fallen in love with the pegasus, so this is a great opportunity to get those matching earrings for a discounted price!

4. Buy ANY necklace, and get $3 off any pair of earrings. Again, email me to get this discount so I can send you the total.

5. Spend over $150 (excluding S/H), and get 15% off your entire order! Also email me to get this discount!

6. Get this SWAROVSKI twist style bracelet for a mere $15 SHIPPED. This is an AWESOME deal. You'll NEVER see something like this again! Someone customized this like..3 months ago. And just... left me hanging. This is one of the reasons why I take payment up front for custom orders now! Sorry!
Email me to claim it!

7. FREE facial mask with EVERY order! This can be combined with any of the other promotions =)

8. Buy any PURPLE necklace, and get a free pair of purple earrings (of my choice)
Email me to claim it!


New Work... made last night at the boyfriend's.

^ I love Cinderella's Carriage. I've ordered some GOLD ones for you guys... for those gold lovers =)

Funny story.....
I held up a bracelet to my bf's roomate's cat, Achilles, he looked at it... backed up a step, and then threw up -_-. Guess he didn't like the bracelet, lol.

Till next time,

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Marie. said...

Cute new stuff.

The cat threw up?!? Wth haha how weird! My cat runs from me when I eat fries. She scrunches her face at the smell of salt. My dog on the other hand, loves salt lol.

Stephanie said...

hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I think you are doing pretty well at taking photos of your jewelry! If you want to get rid of the harsh shadow on the white background I would suggest making a box, line it with white paper, and shine a couple of lights in there. That should eliminate the harsh shadows. google diy lightbox :) Or you can take them in the morning or before sunset. Your outdoor photos are looking good! But watch the background. Try not to include the table; you fixed this in the current post. Those are my tips!

rhaindropz said...

hi sweet lisa,

hope you're doing fine.. i always visit your page.. and still eyeing on all of your creations haha.. loved them